Volume Six Finale: The Origin of the 2016 Fake News?

So I f*cked around and watched the CBS Evening News the other night. Big surprise, it was more on this colluding angle…

If there was concrete evidence that the Russians physically manipulated the ballot count, I’d be the first guy in line to demand impeachment.

But that CBS report, and the entire CNN marathon on this from what I read on TV at the gym, says THE VOTE WAS NOT ALTERED.

The focus of that particular report concerned how leaked emails and (wait for it) fake news affected the 2016 Election.

Common sense tells people that certain conversations shouldn’t be held on an internet-based information system.

This does not excuse the hacking. But it doesn’t excuse somebody talking too damned much about other people, either.

As I’ve mentioned before, neither Trump nor Hillary cleared half the popular vote in 2016. Their baggage wouldn’t allow for it.

But from who and where did the most damning charges against Hillary come from?

No conservative anybody or anything hurt Hillary the most. The greatest damage came from within her own Democratic Party.

Throughout the primaries, Berniebots were more viscous towards Hillary than Bernie Sanders himself… or even Trump.

She was the corporate shill who used her influence to deny the officially Independent Sanders the Democratic nomination.

Her husband was a known womanizer and racist who incarcerated many Blacks.

These statements were sent all over the Internet, and anybody within a Berniebot’s visual or hearing range.

They tore into her all the way up to the DNC Convention, when they suddenly decided to stand with her.

You know, once people free themselves to embrace deviancy, they seldom admit they’re wrong, or keep up with their own antics.

The problem is that non-deviants do take note. Voters remembered all the things these folks said about their former enemy.

They also saw how so many of these people picked fights at Trump rallies, and wrecked college campuses that hosted conservative speakers.

They saw how these people simply jumped on the assumed sure-fire winner’s side, and were leery.

After all, if they act like this during the campaign, what will they do with the Presidency backing them?

One foul-mouthed man as President would be a lot easier to harness than a fascistic group of private citizens enabled by the Oval Office.

And by the way, most of Trump’s talking points on Hillary came from the primary debates and Berniebot posts.

So, were the things said in the primaries about Hillary fake news? Were the rally brawls fake news?

What about the campus riots, and calling conservative minorities slurs? Were those fake news items?

This fake news angle is merely a distraction from the pain of a self-inflicted wound… and an elaborate coping mechanism.

Volume Six, Chapter Eleven: Remember That Kenyan-Born, Down-Low Guy Running for President?



Despite fake news of being a Kenyan Muslim and on the down low, Barack Hussein Obama won two elections with over half the popular vote.

I usually only watch the national news at the gym. There, it’s muted and requires reading closed-captioning.

Nowadays, I only want news in the background of my day and life. It should only be on while I’m busy doing something else.

I gain nothing from sitting around watching the news, or reading a paper anymore. It’s been thus ever since 2007.

It was then that the entire media began deifying a man they were determined to make the so-called first Black President.

Once that was accomplished, they could proceed to either make him a messiah or antichrist, depending on their Political Church affiliation.

But there were tabloid and gossipy rumors that persist to this day…or as some people would call today, “fake news”.

Depending on who you ask, Barack Hussein Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim who attended Columbia University as a foreign exchange student.

Not only that, he’s either a closeted homosexual or former male hustler who married a woman that was once a man.

And yet, despite this onslaught of fake news, Obama won the Democratic candidacy… and became President.

In 2012, he became the first candidate since Dwight David Eisenhower to win over half the popular vote in two Presidential elections.

To be certain, an adoring media and White guilt played a big role in the Obama wins. But fake news clearly did not.

Obama defeated three candidates who voters were lukewarm about at best, ran energetic, compelling campaigns against them, and won.

That’s how it’s happened in virtually every election since 1964. And yes, that’s what happened in 2016.

Incidentally, the most recent election stands out primarily because the top two candidates both had tons of true baggage on display.

Next time, I’ll get into the one group of people who did more damage to Hillary Rhodam Clinton’s campaign than even her Republican rival.

Of course, these people would never admit to spreading “fake news”… or anything else they’re responsible for.


With the sh!t going on at my new job, and my longtime computer finally dying, I haven’t been able to really post anything.

Well, by July 26th at the latest, I’ll have time to get a new laptop, and post. A certain event is reaching its 20th anniversary, and I’ve got to cover that one.

Incidentally, the date of that incident is the same as the most recent major date on my personal calendar…

November 9, 2016.

See you in a few, and thanx for your patience.

Volume Six,Chapter Ten: Bright-Burning Candles

During a Presidential Election season, fiery agent provocateurs can become superstars overnight. Keeping that status after an election is very difficult.

When things begin dying down, people have time to think things through… and check for baggage. If a person is a bigger risk than they are a reward, they’re tossed aside.

Well, the election is now over.It’s time to regroup, win or lose. You can’t keep your car running all damned day and not run out of gas.

Nonstop revolutionary and reactionary habits are being shunned by the vast majority of Americans … including one Colin Kaepernick.

Colin, the 49ers quarterback, suddenly began kneeling for the national anthem to protest racial injustice. He was seen crying during the anthem at his first Super Bowl.

The NFL politicizing saw the sport’s TV ratings drop sharply, and Colin all but forced off the 49ers. He’s vowed to stand for the anthem wherever he next plays.

As a millennial, gay, British man who’s into Black guys, Milo Yianoppolous was the identity politics/conservative rock star many on the right had longed for.

When a video emerged of him describing his affairs with adult men as a teen, he lost a speaking invitation at CPAC, a major book deal, and his job at Breitbart, in two days’ time.

Candles that burn the brightest always burn the quickest. As useful as these two were in their heyday, the minute they became liabilities, they got cut off at the knees.

Who knows, perhaps Colin can finally win a Super Bowl with a new team. Maybe Milo can publish a hot book and a more prominent job.

We’ll see.

Next time: Something.

Volume Six, Chapter Nine: Ed, Ted, and… #NotMyPresident!?

Eddie Long and Ted Haggard did not hate homosexuals. They just railed against men who were open and honest about doing things they tried to sneak and do.

Long and Haggard may have been richer in their heyday than their foes, but they weren’t freer. In the end, they were also revealed as more treacherous.

Because of their duplicity, their congregants turned on them, Churchianity became a joke, and gays got federally-recognized marriage.

Some people will stay with an outed associate. They’re too close to them to leave, or can always bring up the exposed loved one’s indiscretion to their advantage.

Most will just get the hell away from them. Trust and integrity mean more to them than mutual exploitation.

That’s why Eddie Long and Ted Haggard wound up losing so many, but managed to keep a using few. That’s also a lot of what happened on November 8, 2016.

Donald John Trump survived a media maelstrom over his own faults, Republican dissent, and a far better financed opponent to win the 45th U.S. Presidency.

He deserves props for that. But his biggest move was outing his most vocal opponents, particularly Hillary Rhodam Clinton’s surrogate campaigners.

As foul as his rhetoric was, he was able to show that those preaching love and tolerance online were, on the down low, just like him, if not worse.

Social justice warriors routinely called those who disagree with them house niggers, cunts, and faggots. They trashed college campuses and cities over opposing speakers.

They thought others would feel compelled to stay with them out of ignorance, loyalty, or even mutual usury… you know, like Ed and Ted assumed with their congregants.

Well, they didn’t. Many stayed at home or voted for others, including the official super-villain Trump.

What should have been the beginning of a one-brand matriarchy was not prevented by the Russians or moved polling centers.

Trump won from, among other things, Democrats seeing their candidate’s mouthpieces as they were, refusing to be two-faced like them.

Donald Trump is simply a more honest version of the #NotMyPresident crowd. These people should come out of the closet, and embrace who they are.

They hate Donald Trump about as much as Eddie Long and Ted Haggard hated d!ck. Their words speak against him, but their actions prove otherwise.

Next time: Colin Kaepernick and Milo Yiannopolous. Their tumbles prove the election is OVER.

Volume Six, Chapter Eight: The Hobosexual Pride Movement


When I see a man taking his feminism to this level, I probably don’t think the same thing others do.

Some of the feminists out there may applaud this, or get all emotional and demand an equally emotional speech.

Some guys may think he’s gay, or just bust out laughing. I want to know how well his hustle is working for him.

Guys that do like that fellow in the pic tend to be just as dramatic and needy as any female activist.

But men like that also tend to be hobosexual. By the way, that’s spelled with a “B”, not an “M”.

Hobosexual men always seem to jump on whatever feminists are into, apologizing for being born a guy, and all that.

They always seem to fall in love with females who have their own income and residence, especially around income tax refund time.

They’ll gladly endure women’s rage and curses. After all, going along with the matriarchy gets their phone bill paid, and a roof over their heads.

Hobosexual guys loiter around feminists because that’s where they find the most gullible women- and least male competition.

Despite all that rage, feminists’ anger is more out of longing than hatred. These men know it.

Hobosexual men are just as predatory and slick as any gold-digging woman, and often more so.

But since their involvement with feminism is seen as some successful “conversion”, they seldom face scrutiny.

Even if they are aware of the hustle, what can those women do? Their life situations force them to accept it, anyway.

Few men can match their income. Their their looks and/or attitudes further limit their options.

Hobosexuality hurts both men and women, especially men. People don’t want to see a female suffering, but feel little pity for a weak man.

A male that manipulates his way through life is often destroyed by age 35. His looks are gone, his game is played out, and his keeper is done with him.

If he’s still able to work and make a living for himself, he pretty much has to. If he’s smart, he won’t have a bunch of babies to feed.

Meanwhile, the female is stuck for life seeking out men to basically raise, even after possibly raising a son of their own. The resentment just grows and grows.

A lot of younger men are opting to stay single, and fend for themselves. Shockingly, a lot of guys are getting into transgendered females.

They’re often more feminine and submissive than the feminists are, with ZERO odds of  unwanted pregnancies or abortions.

Hobosexual men are all in the feminist movement. But they are not in it to infiltrate or destroy it. They WANT it to succeed.

After all, an angry female is the most volatile, but the easiest to hustle the hell out of.

Next time… the common link between two notorious anti-gay preachers, and the pV$$y hat wearers…

Epic Whitney Conclusion

When I first found out Whitney died, part of me was very angry. Drug overdoses are for mere mortals… like me.

Then it dawned on me: Whitney dying was exactly because she was a mere mortal- like me. That mindset changed everything.

Unless you’ve been strung out before, you can’t and won’t know how hard, bumpy, and disappointing recovery can be.

Losing one’s self in work, politics, church, or any number of things let them forget what f*ck-ups they actually are. The escape can be addictive.

Knowing, and even admitting, that these things, are having a mostly negative affect on one’s life, though, is only the start of recovery.

One must be willing and able to leave behind everything they know. One must recognize the consequences of drug use on one’s self and others.

One must also realize a relapse or new addiction are always possible.

These are the things I had to face once meth and coke nearly killed me in Dallas in 2001. I still have to, 15 years after not doing either substance.

I was willing to leave a town and my friends. I was willing to move back home, and have my every minute accounted for. I did it for six months.

It’s sad to say that I don’t think Whitney Houston stood a chance in the long run. The entertainment world is a very dangerous place for an addictive personality.

She brought a drug habit dating back to her teens with her into a world filled with yes-people, enablers, and users. She had NO place to get away from it all, either.

Neither Whitney Houston, nor anybody else, has ever suffered an “untimely death”. People are not gallons of milk with an expiration date on them.

Life is not, nor should it be, determined by the quantity of years a person has. The quality of life they had in them is what makes the difference.

In the 48 years she was here, Whitney brought a literal soundtrack to millions of people’s lives. She also serves as a precautionary tale against the dangers of drug abuse.

Those are quality things… in her favor, for better or for worse.

Next up: Why so many people fall in love from February to May…

Any time somebody asks my favorite Whitney song, this automatically comes out. The simplicity of the song, with an equally simple video premise, done as only THE VOICE could.

Volume Six, Chapter Seven: Epic Whitney, Part One


Whitney Houston is THE gold standard for vocal and glamour peak, and in the end, one of the most realistic megastars to emerge from the 1980’s.

(Note: The 45th President of the United States is now in office. Neither he nor his alleged critics, who I’ll get to after this tribute and one other post, are going anywhere. Meanwhile…)

A still-record seven straight number-one singles. A huge movie with the best-selling soundtrack ever. And the artist with the most imitated rendition of the U.S. national anthem.

All these achievements took place less than a decade after a debut album, lauded even now as one of the best intro albums ever released.

For the first fifteen years of her career, Whitney Houston could do no wrong. After that, she could do no right. She was the last celebrity I deified.

By February 11, 2012, the only way to redeem her reputation left was her passing. As a fan, I was sad, and in a way relieved. And as a recovering addict, I was mad.

All the things that made Whitney iconic will be here: the music, The Bodyguard, the fashion, that initial pristine image.

That whole package, handcrafted by music mogul Clive Davis, was meant to be loved. It was, and still is.

Now, however, there is absolutely no chance at one more comeback, or one more live, epic performance of I Will Always Love You.

To my personal relief, there will be no more “Crack is Whack!” or “Hell to the naw!” meltdowns, either.

For all the epic songs, and the later epic hi-jinks with ex-husband Bobby Brown, however, there is one other epic Whitney moment I’ll sadly never get to see again…

The 2009 interview Whitney did with Oprah Winfrey was among the most real sh!t I have ever seen from a celebrity.

The often graphic details about her drug use, and the humor she could show about it in hindsight, was sad, honest, and refreshing all at once.

More importantly, she didn’t try to pretend that there would be some storybook ending for herself, or guarantee she would never slip up again.

In other words, the legendary Whitney Houston was willing to face her own mortality and humanity in front of a worldwide audience.

I loved her voice,  and detested her all-too-public downfall. But after that interview, I respected the hell out of Whitney Houston as a person.

That public display of the person also broke me of constantly praising or shredding celebrities and politicians.

Nonstop adulation, excuses, and enabling, or continuous criticisms, are both extremes directed towards what are ultimately mere mortals.

Nonetheless, the entire public life of one Whitney Elizabeth Houston turned out to be an EPIC moral lesson.

Her life vividly shows the greatness a mere mortal can achieve, the tragic capacity for error, and the everyday struggle to live with both. Even if you’re Whitney Houston.

Next time, Part 2: “And as a recovering addict, I was mad”…

Volume Six, Chapter Six: Not Every Woman Can Be Madonna

I actually used no. 45’s name in that last post. That was the first time I typed that name in months. Why? Because I was that tired of it.

Seeing him on television every fifteen minutes for sixteen months got on my damned nerves. But it never made me hate him.

And hatred of Donald John Trump (Presidential nickname pending) was apparently the primary reason I was supposed to vote for Hillary Rhianna Clinton.

I didn’t like her enough, and didn’t hate him enough, so that instantly sounded dumb as hell to me.

The impression I get is that one of Trump’s biggest sins was being the one obstacle to feminists’ greatest goal: a single-party matriarchy.

It’s hardly going to be mentioned anywhere, but we were literally a single election away from just that.

Had Hillary won, and the Senate went to the Democrats, the already demoralized Republican Party would have been greatly reduced.

To females like Madonna, Chelsea Handler, and Amy Schumer, a world ruled by women with minimal dissent seems like a great idea.

But not every woman can be Madonna, with a carefully structured world to escape to.

A matriarchal society is perfect for affluent females used to footing the bill for men, and men who long to be taken care of.

But a woman who can’t, or just won’t, support a man, or a man who doesn’t want to be kept up by women, will ultimately reject the idea. Even in America.

The feminist movement has worked too well for its own good. It’s fueled by very powerful women.

Powerful, angry, lonely, women.

Next Time: All the things the election WASN’T about, and my favorite meltdown moment.

BTW: Here’s Madonna’s legendary American Bandstand debut, complete with her mission statement. Had she offered to blow domes for the Walt Mondale/Geraldine Ferraro ticket in 1984 like she did for Hillary… Walt still would have lost.

Volume Six, Chapter Five: The Watergate Reboot That Almost Was

I’ve said it before, and will stand by it: The 2016 Election was supposed to be Watergate 2.0. Donald Trump was deliberately built up to be a modern-day George McGovern.

He was the politically weakest candidate in that whole Republican candidate pool, and the DNC saw him as a pushover that would lead to a 1972 Richard Nixon-style Hillary landslide.

And just like in 1972, the consequences of any questionable activities done for or by the odds-on favorite were to be stifled until after the historic win- when they’d hopefully vanish.

That was the plan, anyway. But it went awry on so many levels. The pro-Hillary folks, and even more so, the anti-Trump crowds, were sloppy as hell.

Not only did cable news outlets and The New York Times, which are supposed to have some semblance of impartiality, campaign for Hillary, they openly went against Trump.

The keyboard warriors on social media that spout about love online often revealed themselves to just as bigoted as Trump may be when they’re offline.

And they really f*cked up denouncing anybody, mainly blue-collar fellow Democrats, for agreeing with even one point of the Trump platform as ignorant racists.

With a race between two very low-regarded candidates, Democrats were in no position to alienate anybody. They needed others a lot more than others needed them.

But the first chance they got to get away from the psycho ex, just enough people in just enough places took the chance and put some space between them, willing to risk the consequences.

In the end, Hillary won the popular vote, but her most vicious, vocal supporters turned a lot of people against in all demographics against them, not just the White working-class.

Some went for Donald McGovern, others went third-party, and some stayed home, so not to be associated with the election period. Regardless, they could have made Hillary Nixon number 45.

After months of creating the ultimate punching bag, this election was literally theirs to lose. And they did.

Next post: Living in a Material World…