Volume Five, Chapter Six: Random Thoughts

With a new year, it’s as good a time as any for a Random Thoughts post. The first ten things that pop up in my head are getting posted…

People who like guys threatening to “upset the establishment” are just too damned lazy to do it themselves.

If Bernie Sanders’ policies don’t do him in, the BernieBots will kill off his voter base. Expect a Ron Paul encore.

f you plan on a siege, it helps to have food packed. All the guns in the world won’t win a war against hunger.

If we have a problem with this, that, or the other, than I want to know when to move into our house and pick up our car.

The Bible being taken out of the schools would go unnoticed if it was actually being used anywhere else.

Unless you’re a Mennonite, you are in no position to rail against evil corporations and rich executives. You’re using technology they built, and you paid them for it.

Three people won the historic Powerball lottery. Even though they don’t have to, they’re giving their money away the same way Mark Zuckerberg did to random Facebook users.

You see what I did with “they’re” and “their” back there? Do people still do stuff like that? Its hard to tell.

Isn’t it odd to see a group calling itself by ethnicity or nationality wishing for a day when race won’t matter? They don’t mean it; they know that would leave them unemployed.

Eat as healthy as possible. Avoid processed meats, cigarettes, and alcohol. And ride a bike everyday. Somebody’s bound to say something nice about you at your funeral.

Next time: The most influential people of my life in 2015…

(I was going to dedicate an entire blog to Bernie Sanders, but politics burns me out nowadays. Instead, he’ll just be a part of the 2016 Random Thoughts chapter. Two and I’m through with full blogs about them, barring some spectacular change.)

Volume Five, Chapter Five: Starrcade ’16


Much like the Black Scorpion 25 years ago, Donald Trump is being promoted solely to lose.

Throughout WCW’s 12-year existence, Sting was what would later describe John Cena: the energetic, likable, attractive hero whose love of the business could compensate for any shortcomings in the ring, not that Sting had that many.

It’s a good thing fans were so devoted to him. Otherwise, Sting’s career would have been over after his very first World Title reign. He and the belt were at the heart of one of WCW’s worst story lines ever: 1990’s Black Scorpion Saga.

To summarize, the Black Scorpion was presented to WCW fans as a past Sting acquaintance intent on destroying him and taking the World Title from him.


Sting’s popularity saved his career, but not his first World title reign.

Sting won the WCW World Title from Nature Boy Ric Flair at July’s Great American Bash pay-per-view. The next month, a masked, fully clad man claiming to be a former tag team partner, possibly a star new to WCW, began taunting Sting.

Sting and the Scorpion finally faced off at the September Clash of Champions show. Sting easily beat the Scorpion, and went for his mask… only to have another Scorpion to appear on the entrance ramp. He had only beaten one of many Scorpion clones.

The next three months saw somebody calling themselves the Black Scorpion playing tricks, like literal, David Copperfield tricks, to rile him up. Sting played along, loyal guy that he was, but fans were getting annoyed, and just wanted it over with.

Starrcade would be the final Scorpion/Sting World Title match, in a cage with Dick the Bruiser as the referee. The mask HAD to come off the Scorpion; the storyline had run its course. When Sting won, he finally unmasked THE Black Scorpion. It was…

Nature Boy Ric Flair!?

To be fair, the match at Starrcade was fun to watch; Flair and Sting always had great bouts. But the idea that a legend like Flair would need to use parlor tricks and a mask to get a World Title match seemed ridiculous.


It was only after WCW’s demise in 2001 that the whole origin of The Black Scorpion Saga came to light. Originally, it was to promote an outside guy to the World Title scene and ultimately lose, which nobody who wore the mask wanted to do.

It was also WCW’s Executive Vice President Jim Herd’s attempt to get somebody, anybody, to replace his nemesis Flair as Sting’s top opponent. The potential Scorpions’ careers, the WCW World Title, and even the fans were not the top priority.

At the very least, fans expected to see a new face on the title scene, even if he did wind up losing. Jim Herd expected to keep Flair out of the main event. In the end, nobody got anything they wanted out of it.


Jim Herd would wreck WCW just to get back at Ric Flair.

Herd put the belt back on Flair in January 1991. But the damage had been done; the Sting/Flair rematch drew poorly, and Herd wound up firing Flair from WCW, only to be fired for firing Flair, who took the WCW belt to the WWF with him.

Four months were spent desperately building up an alleged outside challenger. The Black Scorpion character was center stage in WCW, only to lose in the end. And the loss was taken by the only guy who could afford it.

For five months, Donald Trump’s every utterance and facial expression is treated like a prophetic word from Elijah. Some in the Political Church are afraid of him and some are on his bandwagon.

He’s apparently speaking some people’s minds. That in and of itself is not wrong, but these same people would rally around pretty much any soothsayer calling themselves an outsider.

Trump’s really just the modern-day Black Scorpion, a character being built up by talking heads solely to lose. He’ll be the easiest candidate to beat. Luckily, he’s a billionaire, so he can afford it.

I recently declined to participate in a book on minority conservatives declined, citing time restraints. That this man is capable of being center stage suggests I should stick to looking at life through the eyes of a wrestling fan. I know the story line too well.

Volume Five, Chapter Four: Beware of Bust Downs Conclusion

I’ll make the conclusion to the bust-down tribute short and simple. The only thing that rivals a religious hustler in terms of evil is a parent-for-profit. Their fruits are far more obvious in their children.

When a parent turns a child loose to let the streets and meds raise them, knowing they’ll never have enough time to learn decent conflict resolution skills, but wants to cry over their corpse, they’re not just bust-downs. They’re negligent, if not accessories to murder.

When you have a parent who refuses to provide a stable home, but lives better based on how that child dies, then no, that child’s life does/did not matter.

And when a person can live said improved lifestyle based on somebody else’s child dying after a self-incited confrontation, but teaches their own child not to do such things, that dead child’s life matters even less… if that’s even possible.

Next time: the invitation I had to turn down.

Volume Five, Chapter Three: Beware of Bust Downs Part One


Recently, this woman I live near was praising Kim Davis, the Rowan County (Kentucky) county clerk who refused to grant marriage licenses in retaliation for gay marriage legalization. She claims her faith won’t allow her to do that part of her job.

Ms. Davis, a four-time bride and Apostolic Christian, ran as a Democrat for the county clerk position in 2014. After the June 26, 2015 decision legalizing gay marriage, she stopped signing off on all marriage licenses.

I’m sure people feel really good about themselves taking up sides over this woman. Mike Huckabee has taken her up as a cause on his Presidential campaign. Gay rights groups have a bogeyman to justify their existence and obsession with Christianity.

But the case of Kim Davis is not about gay marriage or religious freedoms. This is just another example of somebody praying themselves out of having to work. Where I live and work, reformed bust downs, religious old h*s like Davis are a dime a dozen.

These are the type of men and women who, in their heyday, had their choice of friends and lovers to do things for them. They also had a way of creating drama that brought strife to other people but always benefited the sh!t disturber in the long run.

Well, people like that can only pull such things off for a while before people catch on and drop off. That’s especially true if there are enough newer, younger players. After a while, such people find themselves by themselves.

But then, right as they’re running out of options and suckers, they find Jesus Christ. Old hustlers tend to wind up in prosperity or tongue-talking outfits like the Apostolic or Pentecostal Churches, that incidentally also invite drama for profit.

Well, old habits and good hustlers never die young. Decades of manipulating and drama can’t be baptized off, and before long, they start plotting on folks again… only now, in the name of the Lord.

Kim Davis knew long before she ran for County Clerk that same-sex marriage was inevitable. She also knew the Democratic Party’s stance on the subject. But she ran as a Democrat anyhow.

When gay marriage became the national law, Davis decided to piously refuse to sign any marriage licenses, leaving her subordinates to issue them. She wound up in jail, but the contempt charges were dropped.

In short, Kim Davis, the reformed bust down, knew how to create a drama that lightened her load, garnered her attention and sympathy, and let her get paid all at the same damned time, knowing she can only be voted out of her job.

This is not some religious, social, or political Armageddon. This is just another seasoned holy hustler creating drama for sympathy, attention, and to get her subordinates on her job to do her work for her. EVERY job has somebody like her on it.

It’s no coincidence that slick people find religion when times are hard or when they go to jail. It’s just another means to their shady end. This makes things hard not just for their victims, but for those who seek faith to truly become better people.

In the conclusion, the focus will be those who use their own sons for their own gain.

Volume Five, Chapter Two: The No Wonder Twins

abdulroof1On June 17, 2015, Dylan Storm Roof walked in a mostly Black church in Charleston, South Carolina, sat through a Bible study, and shot nine people, including a U.S. Senator.

On July 16, 2015, right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, one Muhammad Youssef Abdulahzeez shot up two military recruitment centers, killing five soldiers. He was killed in a gunfight with responding police.

I’ve seen all the “experts and analysts” that cite things they don’t like as the causes of these monsters. It’s apparently the sight and love of the Confederate flag in Roof’s case, and Islamic martyrdom complex in Abdulahzeez’s case.

Nobody and nothing anywhere made them do anything. Either savage could have declined, but didn’t. Dylan Storm Roof and Muhammad Youssef Abdulahzeez became murderers because they wanted to.

If the Confederate flag drove Roof to murder, then how did I survive cabbing in places like Rossville, Georgia, whose state flag includes the Stars and Bars? If Islam drove Abdulazeez to murder, then some critic needs to tell all the people in the mosques that they’re behind schedule.

Those two killers were merely products of the era: emotionally challenged punks who refused to grow up, replacing their coping skills deficiency with drugs, determined to punish people for not affirming their fantasy world. White Nationalism and Islamic martyrdom eased their conscience just enough to act.

Thus, Dylan Storm Roof and Muhammad Youssef Abdulahzeez, encouraged by manipulative supporters who risk nothing, and justified in their own drug-addled minds- the only place that matters to such animals- have left their footprints in the sands of time, and blood on the ground.

If desire, weapons, a “depression” diagnosis, and self-justification are all one needs to throw a lethal hissy fit, it won’t be long before a murder’s significance, and the value of the life taken, will be determined primarily on the social stances and identity of the people involved.

Oh, wait…

Next up, it’s time to deal with the alleged motivation for Dylann’s rampage… and the “S” word.

Volume Five, Chapter One: 2015- The Year Dream Matches Happen… and Disappoint

game sting Mayweatherwar

2015’s featured bouts have been years in the making. Many of these matches were believed impossible, which made their possible outcomes, and how they played out, even more anticipated. But the actual battle couldn’t match the hype. Once the winner was announced, that was it.

When Vince McMahon purchased WCW in 2001, WCW’s most steadfast star was expected to join WWE. Instead, Sting went to WWE’s closest wrestling rival company, TNA Wrestling. Debuting in 2006, at 48, Sting remained the lone major wrestling star that never worked for Vince.

In 2014, Sting finally made his WWE debut at the 2014 Survivor Series, and had his first match with Triple H, at WrestleMania 31(March 29, 2015). The buildup was good, but Sting’s losing, and immediate absence from WWE television, made his debut seem like much ado about nothing.

2008 saw boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather become the champ in several weight classes, and Manny Pacquaio dominate former champion-turned-promoter Oscar De La Hoya. Rumors about the two undefeated stars colliding began almost immediately.

On May 2, 2015, after six years of waiting, fans got to see Mayweather, the world’s greatest boxer, on defense for twelve rounds against Pacquaio. Despite incredible revenue earnings, the unanimous decision Mayweather win left couldn’t live up to the fanfare.

And then there’s the biggest main event of the 21st century. In 1996, two men in Hawaii wanted a civil union. Then-President William Jefferson Clinton passed a law forbidding federal recognition for such unions. In 2003, Massachusetts began recognizing gay couples, while other states refused.

For the next dozen years, churches with ever-increasing divorce and illegitimacy rates waged war with progressive activists obsessed with destroying Christianity. On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriages federally recognized. The outcome was way too forgone.

Christians knew in 2013 they had lost. But for the winners, no victory that follows can match this one. People are fairly indifferent, just glad the worst of it is over. It was hardly a bout people wanted to see, anyhow. America can move on now, and will, even though the warriors can’t.

In addition, the Christian defeat did not and could not mean the end of religion. There are plenty of things to make sacred, and either Christians or atheists can find them. For more information, see politics or the latest veneration of, or blasphemy against, the Rainbow or Confederate flags.

In the age when the impossible will be made possible, and rhetoric sells a non-show, disappointments will surely abound.

One thing about it, the 40th Annual International Douglas Day wasn’t boring.

Volume Four Finale: The Only Two Rules That Count

She feels Black, and is down with da struggle. What?

Rule #1: An enemy of my enemy is my friend, even if they run game on me, too.

Rule #2: I am whoever and however I feel I am, and you are who I feel you are. Society is to affirm me in it.

Those are the two most prevalent rules in society today. The first rule is the easiest to follow. All it takes is knowing how to say the right things to the right folks. It helps a lot if you’re already a celebrity or originally perceived to be an antagonist. As long as you rail against others as much as you con your own clique, then conning is actually forgivable.

Now, the second rule is a lot like the first. But a change in identity runs the risk of change in ideology, which makes the need to maintain the party line take on greater meaning. As long as they do that… well, see the last sentence of the previous paragraph. You can be who you want, so long as you at least publicly keep the same groupthink patterns of your past life.

Consider Rachel Dolezal, President of the NAACP’s Spokane branch. For years, she presented herself as a female with at least one Black parent. By her actual parents, White people living in Montana, to use the words of Atlanta’s 11Alive, Rachel was “outed as a White woman”. Anger and outrage over her years of her attempted black face ensued. But this, too, shall pass.

You see, Rachel was merely adhering to rule #2: she truly feels she is Black. She feels it, and therefore she is it. Wasn’t that what made the previous blog’s subject a courageous hero? Besides, if rule #2 fails her, she can always rely on rule #1. Yeah, her faux light-skinned Blackness was a ruse, but hey, she’s down with da struggle.

So yes, for now, Rachel Dolezal will be criticized for appropriating Black culture and victimhood, or have people insist her trans-racial identity mocks the trans-gender movement. But sooner or later, some common threat’s going to say… something to make Ms. Dozelal’s critics call for an armistice. After all, getting played from within isn’t half as bad as being threatened from without.

The main reasons why all these “rights” groups are so damned popular anyhow are pretty simple. They’re churches for the “virtuous”, safe havens for the maladjusted, and hen houses for foxes. The NAACP is just a prime example. When the smoke clears, Rachel Dolezal will still be standing as a trans-racial champion of social justice… and the hustler that got away with it.

The two golden rules demand it.

This is the end result of adherence to them, and those who tout them have no right to get mad when they’re used against them. And by the way, if a trans-racial movement sounds absurd, think about laws passed in 1996, and see what’s on the plate today.

Volume Four, Chapter Eleven: The Jenner Saga- Proof That America Is Doing Quite Alright

William Bruce Jenner was an Olympic athlete, sports commentator, and actor. He was best known for starring in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality show. Recently, Mr. Jenner all but disappeared. His achievements are on the public record, but the man himself no longer exists.

Jenner’s final act is what the media and lots of people are calling heroic and courageous. He didn’t give competing against the world’s greatest athletes another shot. He didn’t look for cars submerged in the Texas floods to rescue people from, either. Bruce Jenner, at 65, decided to live the rest of his life as a woman named Caitlyn.

As such, the former Bruce Jenner has decided to brave the single greatest fear imaginable. Caitlyn will now rock stilettos in public at the risk of people possibly laughing or saying something unflattering. There it is. Somebody might “judge” Caitlyn, and merely facing that possibility is a courageous and heroic act.

For this, the now Ms. Jenner is to receive an ESPY award for courage*, beating out an Iraq vet and a young lady basketball player who died from cancer. Hollywood stars are flooding cyberspace with their “support” (after mocking Bruce for years). And only the cruelest transphobe wouldn’t give Kris Jenner’s ex-husband props for not looking better than her.

Apparently, risking the ridicule of others in public is a heroic and courageous act. Hurt feelings is the greatest fear Americans face. America is doing quite alright if a man living as a woman is this courageous and the catalyst of yet another great and noble cause. That also means that Wal-Mart, block parties, and the mall are chock full of heroes.

*The same award was given last year to recent CFL recruit Michael Sam, who courageously told people he was gay, also heroically risking judgement and hurt feelings.

Volume Four, Chapter Ten: The Dirtiest Player in the Game

slick ric

At WrestleMania XXIV, Nature Boy Ric Flair, clearly crying on camera, demanded his biggest fan give him the Sweet Chin Music superkick to end his career. “I’m sorry, I love you”, replied The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, and he did it. The dirtiest player in the game, at 59, was finally done. After 36 years of evildoing, he got to go out fair and square.

Ric Flair is arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all time. Hogan and Austin made more money. Rock and Cena have more mainstream appeal. Shawn and Bret had better matches. But Ric Flair was successful for a longer period, the bulk of that time spent as a villain… who fans loved. His ascension was a clear sign of the times.

For years, wrestling fans knew to cheer good guys, jeer villains, and whistle at the pretty ladies. But by the mid-1980’s, the deaths of brothers David and Mike Von Erich, the beacons of wrestling purity, and Vince McMahon’s televised confession that wrestling was scripted, kayfabe- keeping story line continuity, even outside the wrestling enviroment- was dying.

Vince’s confession was what most fans already knew. The attempts by Fritz Von Erich to downplay his sons’ flaws were what insulted fans’ intelligence. In this atmosphere arose the self-professed dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair. Above all else, Flair never, not even as he faced villains, pretended to be a nice guy. He was honest about his dishonesty.

Flair on the mic didn’t hold back and enjoyed himself. He wanted the fans to be the same way. Decked out in custom-made attire, a Rolex watch, and a ten-pound NWA World Heavyweight Championship, he played the dozens with fans and opponents like the guy at the barber shop. Love him, hate him, or imitate him, Flair was the life of the party.

He ruled the industry for over two decades, but the transition from a full-time wrestling career hasn’t been easy; to walk away from a 36-year career as spectacular as Flair’s seems impossible. After WrestleMania XXIV, he continued to wrestle in other promotions besides WWE. Financial and marital woes are easier to handle with a steady income.

Flair’s youngest son, Reid, died of an overdose at only 25 in 2013. Afterwards, Flair seemed to enter the darkest stage the public had ever seen him face. Yet he managed to survive it, just as he had all those years with the NWA belt. In the last few years, he’s seen his youngest daughter succeed in WWE, and made peace with old business rivals, including Bret Hart.

For all the triumphs and tragedies, Flair accepts the consequences of his own actions, and makes no excuses or expresses guilt or regret, which would change nothing. He may try to make amends with those he may have wronged, but he doesn’t justify his deeds with some fake, selfless motive, either. Richard Morgan Fleihr lives to be Ric Flair, and he admits it.

I can deal better with people who just say or do as is than somebody who pretends to be virtuous, and the Flair persona seems to play a role in that. He didn’t hide or get trapped behind some great and noble cause; he was Ric Flair,and he enjoyed being the villain, as did his fans.

Volume Four, Chapter Nine: Random Thoughts

I constantly hear people talk about 1/3rd of men in a certain demographic dare likely to end up in jail. Some use it as a criticism, others use it as an excuse. NEITHER side dares bring up the 2/3rds that never go. That’ll kill the conversation.

Depending on who kills you, you can matter a lot more dead than you ever could alive.

Incidentally, many who mourn the police brutality death of another demographic would never do so for one of their own. Why? Because they know to disdain their own criminals.

The ultimate “supremacist” move? Leave the thug worship to lesser beings, and feel sorry for them when they do. They can’t help themselves.

To publicly say what other people say privately has a 50/50 chance of getting you paid-or fired. Telling people EXACTLY what they want to hear, and holding your laughter until you’re someplace private, is job security.

It’s a damned fool who would trust a chef they just sued to cook anything for them.

If your religion prohibits you from doing something, another person’s religion may demand it.

Ever notice how selective “nonjudgemental” people are about what they eat and who they mingle with?

Truth and kindness are seldom used simultaneously.

There should be marked differences between self-described opponents. Otherwise, one of you is just a store brand version of the other. And that’s about the only thing you two can debate.

Next time, what two guys named Richard taught me about being a hero- or more specifically, NOT being one…


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