Volume Six, Chapter Four: “Undecided” Voters and the 2016 Election- Random Thoughts


You can have ’em. Neither got my ballot, but I don’t mind betting on the underdog…


I’m making this last post before the 2016 Election a Random Thoughts edition. I’m SO over it, and have a ton of stuff going on personally. I’ll cover that in the year-end post.

I have never, ever longed for an election to be done as I have with this one. It’s the most desperate, negative, and outright contrived campaign season I’ve ever seen.

The GOP candidate is absolutely right that this election is rigged. And his ascendancy to main super-villain is the clearest example of that.

The DNC candidate had to have said super-villain as an antagonist, but SHE’S her own toughest opponent.

The last 16 months have had an obvious story line in play. The woman is supposed to slay the evil man-dragon. What if America breaks character, and the dragon wins?

The DNC has their woman, and the GOP has their loose-cannon pop culture star. Together, they’ve been in the public eye for over 60 years, and have the baggage to prove it.

Are the days of slowly building candidates into national winners over? It worked as recently as eight years ago.

Are people all over the Internet praising their candidates because they actually like them, or because they want to drag others down with them as they make bad choices?

And why is it that most of the defense of one candidate consists of tearing down the other?

Are “undecided” voters actually such, or are they, as is so often the case this time, just too ashamed to admit who they like?

And finally… Who’s going to be the next great bad guy in 2020? Mike Rowe? Caitlyn Jenner? Jake from State Farm?

Well… go on and vote. Enjoy. And by the way, we all know the narrative demands the woman win, but just for the hell of it, I’m putting money on the orangeman. Any takers?

Volume Six, Chapter Three: Too Much Information

President Richard Milhous Nixon’s White House staff deliberately interfered with the Democratic primaries in 1972 to get the easiest opponent possible.

As a result, the lackluster George McGovern ended up with the DNC nomination, but lost to Nixon by, until 1984, the biggest Presidential landslide ever. And then Watergate erupted.


As I said in Starrcade 2016, the whole point of the media pushing the Orangeman was to give Hillary Clinton the easiest ride to the Oval Office as possible.

So the GOP Presidential Candidate got caught talking nasty in a 2005 video. And? His every word has been televised every 15 minutes for over 16 months. Where is the news in this?

The desperate, feigned “outrage” over her opponent’s latest (older?)antics shows that the attempt to choose an easy bet won’t work as well when the one betting is also sketchy.

We all know there’s an endless amount of coverage of the GOP candidate. The problem is that there’s also plenty on Clinton.

There is absolutely NO SUCH THING as an “uninformed/low-information voter” concerning the 2016 Presidential Election, not with constant coverage of one and 40+ years with the other.

Much like Nixon, Hillary Clinton enters her second run at the White House with a lot of baggage. An easy opponent will not overshadow that fact.

Hillary’s political career started with the very thing that ended Richard Nixon’s: Watergate. She served on an investigative committee handling the matter, beginning circa 1973/4.

For the last 40+ years, it seems like Hillary Rodham Clinton’ s career has been built on waiting for the other shoe to drop. What all is she off in, exactly?

She called young Black men “super-predators” who need to be brought to heel as First Lady of Arkansas and the U.S. She and Bill had some fishy Whitewater property deals.

She’s head of some foundation that takes money from rival and even terrorist-friendly nations. And then there’s this Benghazi and careless email business as Secretary of State…

I can even disregard her drinking from the “birther” wells in the 2008 campaign, and her routinely dead friends. The thing is, all this stuff has taken place before she even gets elected President!

It’s not a coincidence that an obscure Senator with a Negro dialect was able to defeat a former First Lady and Senator in the primaries. Voters didn’t know him that well. They knew Hillary all too well then. That’s why she’s not blasting her opponent out of the water now.

It took a lot of assassinations and social upheaval to get Richard Milhous Nixon into the Presidency. What will be Hillary Rodham Clinton’s cost?

And if the best line of defense for her is “At least she’s not HIM”… well, that says a lot about her supporters, who’d throw in with just about anybody under those auspices.

This is the first time since I was able to vote in 1994 that I have yet to find a compelling reason to vote for a major Presidential candidate.

 On the one hand, at least you know what you’re getting with the guy… for better or for worse, With her, you just don’t know, period.


Volume Six, Chapter Two: “The Lesser of Two Evils”

Imagine a guy sitting in a bar at closing time. It’s him and two other women left; everybody else has went home. The lights are on, and the staff is cleaning up.

He talked to the two women earlier that night, but there was no spark there. Besides, neither of them have a very good reputation.

But it’s closing time, and the bouncer is ordering all three of them out. Finally, he chats with one of the women. As his cab pulls up, she gets in it with him, and they leave.

The next morning, he wakes up next to his… choice. She ain’t easy to look at, and she acts a bit odd, but he plays nice as she gets dressed to leave. They promise to keep in touch.

As her friend drives up to get her, he stands in the door, shaking his head. “Oh, well”, he sighs. “Either her or that junkie. I had to go home with somebody…”

“I had to go home with somebody…”

Now, most guys would only mention a really bad hook-up as a war story or even a precautionary tale. Nobody in their right mind would brag about it.

It shows how hard-up they are. After all, only bona fide losers settle for the lesser of two evils, especially in a scenario like the bar scene.

Another reason is the fact that he didn’t have to go home with anybody. As I mentioned last blog, there is ALWAYS a third option, but he refused to even entertain it.

So this screw-up is all on him, and he knows it. He will not and should not expect any sympathy from people. He did what he wanted to; he just didn’t like the consequences.

That scenario plays out every single day somewhere on planet Earth. There’s always some thirsty guy going home with the last thing available to him. But he knows not to brag.

And yet, there are college-educated, six-figure-making, two-car-owning, big-house dwelling people in America who not only settle, but are f*cking proud of it.

Why would a person proudly boast of picking the lesser of two evils to preside over the United States of America? And even worse, why would people applaud such a thing?

If the bottom line on selecting a candidate is “she’s a b!tch, but he’s a d!ck” or vice versa, that is nothing to brag about. It’s pitiful and embarrassing.

I give anybody one time to admit to their spouse that they were chosen as the lesser of two evils, or that they got together because one of them just had to go home with somebody.

I only say once, because I guarantee there won’t be a second chance to do it.

Next time: “Uninformed/Low-Information” Voters.

Volume Six, Chapter One: “A Vote for… Is a Vote for…”

(Note: Since Volume Six will begin in the middle of a Presidential Election season, the first four Chapters will focus on the four sayings I hear, and loathe, the most during such times. Chapter Four will be posted the weekend before Election Day.)

If you go by these polls out here, the two main Presidential candidates have the lowest credibility and trustworthiness scores ever recorded. Nonetheless, you have people in the two candidates’ parties relentlessly urging undecided voters to pick their pick.

With such low-rated contenders, it only makes sense that it would not only be a tight race, but it would be one where people refuse to just throw in with a questionable candidate. Undecided voters are now the target of party loyalists, and this, in my view, is wrong.

One popular plot used is the allegation that “a vote for X is a vote against/for A”. One should keep several things in mind when they hear that. First and foremost, consider the source. Look at the person saying that. Chances are, it’s a party whore.

We all know people who kick up dust for some newfangled person running under their banner, fancying themselves as revolutionaries.But when the new idol is defeated by a party mainstay, they then throw in with whoever the party’s nominee is.

They NEVER support fringe candidates if they run as independents, only if they join their club. Yet here they are, laying up with whoever their party laid down beside them, and they have the nerve to shame somebody who won’t do the same?

That comes back around to independent, or as they’re sometimes called, protest votes.  Both major political parties routinely insist they help their enemies. An independent vote is just that. It is NOT a vote for either of the two; it is against both.

I’ve voted independently because I didn’t like either of the two top candidates. I didn’t give a damn who won; I just didn’t want it said that I voted for either. And I didn’t. As a result, people I didn’t like won regardless, but I didn’t win or lose it for them.

I let it be known that I was against them both… by voting for somebody else. There have been cases where one of the two I refused to vote for turned out to do pretty good. In that case, I would vote for their re-election. Otherwise, I didn’t.

The good thing about voting independent is that you don’t have to jump in bed with a third party. You can just go out on a date and keep your clothes on, rather than just lay there and wait for the next piece. No pressures there.

It’s also worth noting that many of the “Big Two” platforms were originally proposed by independent politicians.

Voters have a right to select a third option- which is always available. Party whores just don’t like knowing somebody’s not as easy as they are. Some people would rather just say no to something than settle for anything, which bothers them.


Next up: “The Lesser of Two Evils”.


Volume Five Finale: “Let’s Work Together to Cut Each Other’s Throats!”


Here’s the latest Speech of the Year candidate, activist Jesse Williams.

As of June 26, 2016, the only thing I knew about Grey’s Anatomy was that McDreamy was dead. I have never watched an episode of the show. Even after one of its stars, one Jesse Williams, gave his speech on the BET Awards, I don’t plan to.

I tend to forgo too much TV, and especially awards shows, at all costs. Greg Gutfeld accurately calls them funerals for the living. I only watched the BET Awards for the Prince tributes. But Williams stole the show.

His was the mandatory struggle speech every affluent Black person has given when accepting an award since 2009. He caught fire because he’s Whiter and better-looking than, say, Marc Lamont Hill or Steve Harvey. Sound familiar?

Well, a person created a petition to get Williams fired from Grey’s. The person who created it goes by the name of “Erin Smith”, and she accuses Williams of spewing “HATE SPEECH!” “But he doesn’t look like those other Black guys”, I bet she said.

An anonymous person petitioning to get somebody fired from a job over hate speech? And nobody stops to query about such a person? I’d want to know more about them than their target.

This… Erin cites another Grey’s actor, Isaiah Washington, being fired after using gay slurs against a gay co-star, T.R. Knight. He was using such language on the set of the show when Shonda Rimes, who created the show, dropped the hammer on him.

Williams was not on the Grey’s set when he gave what his supporters are calling a fiery speech. This does not involve Shonda Rimes, or even ABC, the network that airs the show. He gave the Official Negro Speech on Black Entertainment Television.

I’m all too aware that people like to use boycotts and petitions to supplant businesses, and especially other people. “Lets work together to cut each other’s throats!” is a good way to describe actions such as these. After all, that’s what it leads to.

Does it ever occur to people if an anonymous person can get others to help them get somebody fired, the same scenario can, and in this litigation and two-face era, will, happen to them? And what do these petition supporters know about this Erin?

I looked further into it, and the Facebook profile for this person has no friends, and only went up over the week after the Williams speech. Twitter gave some very interesting clues as to who came up with this petition.

Google “Twitter, Erin Smith, Grey’s Anatomy” and click on the one that talks about weenie dogs; THAT strikes me as somebody who’s just obsessed enough to take it to a level.

And the whole “HATE SPEECH!” thing… people that hate the things you say call it that. And these are people who sit on their @sses all day long looking for something to be offended by, whatever their ideology or politics may be.

Unlike, say, a body of publicly elected officials, just anybody can’t decide who’s on a TV show cast. Advertisers and sponsors weigh in heavily, but the ultimate call is that of the that is the network and/or show’s executives.

It takes some serious backlash to get somebody off the air or job (see Brandon Eicht, Alec Baldwin, etc.). Jesse Williams has caused no major outcry. Besides, Rimes has stated her stance: Williams is still on Grey’s- because she said so.

For what little people may know, this Erin may be some troll collecting names to create problems on their job, send malware to their computers, or worse. In other words, this could be a spiteful person using others’ own spite against them.

But again, nobody knows anything about this person. I would think if they are that offended by Williams’ words, they’d at least show their face to the people willing to reveal their identities to support them.

Of course, if a person is willing to put that much blind faith in such a shady plot to begin with, maybe it’s best to say whatever happens to them is brought on themselves.

Volume Six begins next time. Thank you all for reading.

Volume Five, Chapter Eleven: You Love Him, He Likes You

Originally, this chapter was going to be about the anonymously created petition to get actor Jesse Williams fired from the hit ABC show “Grey’s Anatomy” after his BET Awards speech.

In light of the chaos over the week of July 4th, a slight change of subject is in order. Actually, it’s more of something I said for three years in the first three Volumes of this blog… updated for 2016, and the worst day for law enforcement since 9/11.

The petition post will follow this one.

Contrary to popular belief, Black Lives Matter, and all these other folks reciting the exact same lines every time they get near a mic, do not hate White people. They LOVE them, with all their mind, body and soul.

Every utterance from these people will ultimately revolve around White people. That’s also who they seek constant attention from, and work hours on end to be able to live and lay with when they go home at night… as far from the Trayvons as possible.

Any anger they express, be it a rant or even violence, is more about being spurned than being shot. Those slave memes they post all over the Internet are guilt trip devices; if Whites won’t love them, they’re supposed to at least pity them.

All that rioting, and shooting, like what happened in Dallas, is actually a lethal temper tantrum from a lover scorned. Police, who by law have to challenge them when they erupt, are symbolic of White rejection, thus prime targets.

The easiest way for Black communities to curb police brutality it so curb police necessity. The easiest way to curb police necessity is simply for citizens to be more active in watch over their own communities, as almost all other neighborhoods do.

But it won’t happen. Diligence and responsibility leave too little time for their flesh to glory through interviews. It also cuts out the one thing those crying “RACISM!” want more than anything: a White scapegoat…or savior.

No matter how much they convince themselves otherwise, those in the “conscious” Black movement are not a riot, speech, or slavery meme away from unconditional White acceptance, a lifelong goal for many in that realm.

With large groups of people often in conflict among themselves, it’s foolish, absurd, and arrogant to believe an entire ethnic group will set aside their differences to patch up differences with people they may tolerate or like at best…

…even if said other group loves them mind, body, and soul.

Falling in love with somebody, or the very idea of them, in no wise requires them to do the same in return.  You’ll never see marital relationships survive when one half only likes, but the other one loves. Race relations are no different.

Volume Five, Chapter Ten:The Brexit Harbinger



51% of Brits can see the writing on the wall. No progressives, you’re not running sh!t the way you believe.

I woke up Thursday morning to quite a surprise. The majority of Britain voted to leave the European Union. A thin majority yes, but a majority all the same. That’s how a vote works, folks. The Brexit is on.

The chief concerns Brits had involved control of their economy and borders. EU membership doesn’t allow them a lot of either. The desire for border control, of course, elicited cries of “XENOPHOBES!” and “ISLAMAPHOBIA!”

Well, the attempted guilt trip didn’t work. The UK wanted a divorce, and are willing to pay the cost to be their own boss. So be it. Besides, many of those Brits know something’s about to go down concerning the large influx of Syrian refugees entering Europe.

Following the Orlando Massacre, people have been all over President Barack Hussein Obama to refer to the religion Omar Mateen subscribed to as “radical Islam”. Actually, the Long-Legged Mack Daddy is 100% right to not do that.

In the Middle East, the point of origin and largest area for practicing Islam, it’s not radical at all to see homosexuals tossed off buildings, women stoned to death, and something exploding every hour on the hour. That’s a Saturday in the park, really.

What you see on the news is exactly how Islam rolls, and has rolled for centuries. That original, anti-Western, stomp-down, Eastern version, and not the West-assimilated, so-called moderate flavor, is the fastest-growing ideology on the planet today.

Even now, Muslim apologists, particularly Western, White progressives, have this idea that the world is shaping up into one big happy family, naturally with them running it. Their biggest assumed obstacle was the church.

In addition to their own aging roster and lack of young people to succeed them, Christianity was brutalized by the rise of Islam, feminism, and gay rights. Christians are now reduced to building hopes on toilet laws and a Donald Trump Presidency.

But it bears repeating that the Islam progressives vehemently champion is anti-Western. Yes, that includes Christians, but it also includes feminism, homosexuality, and atheism. As long as they could agree on Christianity, the two at least had one common bond.

Well, that bond is summarily broken, as is the unholy alliance between the two. It doesn’t really matter if progressives admit it or not. The next major culture war has already been joined. It’s East vs. West.

The British who voted to leave the EU saw it coming. They know these progressives were able to defeat an aging, dwindling adversary. Now they’re facing somebody that’s not the least bit afraid of them, and can play a lot rougher. The prospects of survival are slim.

Even more so, unassimilated Muslims from the Middle East can beat progressives at their own game. Progressives now know their place, and make sure to never offend somebody that can go toe-to-toe with them.

No, friends, the world is not going to be some giant tossed salad. The biggest obstacle to some Western-ran Utopia was never Christianity, an idea propelled primarily by the West.

The most obvious obstacle to the West was in the most obvious place all along: the East. Such Muslims were embraced by Westerners who thought they could just use and discard them at their pleasure.

The June 26, 2015 defeat of Christianity in the Supreme Court over gay marriage left a void. Since then, Chattanooga, Paris, San Bernadino, Brussels, and Orlando, all Western cities, have come under major Islam-related attacks.

If that’s not a clue as to where things are headed, all I can recommend is that progressives better readjust their eating and dressing habits. They’re going to have to anyway before long. There may be a lot more Brexits to come, though.


Volume Five, Chapter Nine: Omar and ‘Em


Under the right circumstances, this guy could have been as famous as fellow down-low dudes Jim McGreevey and NBA player Jason Collins. What got in the way?

If I was to go by everything that has come out about this Orlando shooter, from the first reports to the Univision interview with his alleged lover named Miguel, he strikes me more like a Muslim on the down low than some ISIS operative.

Of course, that’s not sexy enough. I need to put some ISIS, some gun control, some… whatever somebody’s pet issue is, in it. It can’t be something as simple as wanting revenge over his fetish for Puerto Rican men gone awry after exposing him to HIV.

When you have guys shooting up college campuses over a failure to get laid, or a Muslim couple arguing with a Jew at a Christmas party (George Carlin, miss you much), or whole neighborhoods getting shot up over spilled drinks, yes I do.

I can certainly see a married man who’s doing what to his religion is the only wrong kind of cheating freaking out over bringing something home to Wifey, especially if his dad suspected how he might have got it.

Orlando was a personal vendetta, just like San Bernadino. Just like with Aaron Rodgers. Just like with Tay-Tay and Quadarrius in the hood. Hell, just like last year’s No-Wonder Twins. All were done without orders from somebody else on high.

I can see Omar Mateen pledging to ISIS to a TV station and a 911 operator to save face and set up martyrdom. I can’t see him, a married Muslim on the down-low, confessing to tasting dangerous d!ck from a place he feels the need to wipe off the planet.

Yes, whoever that guy was that exposed Omar to HIV should have disclosed his status. Personal pride is nowhere near as important another person’s health. I have no pity for somebody who deliberately endangers others like that, and truly respect the honest people.

But Omar Mateen wasn’t very honest, either. The odd part about his infidelity is that if he had come out as gay, he would have gotten a touching news segment and a smattering of cheers. Had he revealed some mistress, well, he’d have been crucified.

In either case, he would be, and in fact WAS, cheating on his spouse.

Had Omar not been creeping, he would never have had to risk his cover being blown- through bringing something home with him he got through his own antics.

Sadly, the threat of his own actions came back to haunt him. On June 12, 2016, he selfishly decided over a hundred people should suffer for his indiscretions.

With all that said, why is it that Omar Mateen didn’t pull a Jim McGreevey or Jason Collins? Married men coming out is a top trend nowadays, is it not?

Anybody reading this knows why he didn’t come out. He was part of a religion that is every bit against homosexuality, and perhaps more so, than Christianity could ever be. And yet “progressives” LOVE it, defending it to their literal deaths.

Omar Mateen, closet-case, murderous whore that he was, was first and foremost a MUSLIM. And that will be the subject matter for Chapter Ten.

Before I go any further, I’d like to give a shout-out to one Marc Winger. He was the guy who got me to enjoy doing this again at a point when I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Marc, thank you. The next one’s for you.

The Prince of Chyna Memorial Pancake Breakfast Conclusion- Mr. Nelson



In an era where pop music was full of diverse superstars, Prince was the measuring stick for overall excellence. As much as he deserved the spotlight for his charity and artistry, he often shunned it.


Michael’s mega-stardom and messy personal life just didn’t lend themselves to longevity. I figured if Whitney got into rehab and left Bobby, she’d live at least long enough to write THE book on the pop music business.

But now, Prince? He was the guy EVERYBODY thought would be around forever, even if we never saw a lot of him.

In the 1980’s, Tina, David, and Bruce were back. Michael and Madonna dominated. Whitney and Janet were on the ascendancy. But Prince was THE barometer for artistic excellence.

With 30 released albums, 100M sold, a song for every emotion known to humankind, and a minimum 20 years worth of unreleased recordings locked away somewhere, Prince’s greatest gift to the world, his incomparable music, will never be out of place.

His albums could be found in at least three genres at a record store. He merged the styles of David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, and James Brown, three very diverse artists, with his eccentric, perfectionist own, forming a bold combination of musical and visual brilliance.

While the music is his trademark, his image follows closely. The rear-view, skin tight jeans, high heels, lace, and at least one purple-colored item on stage or clothes often, and deliberately, overshadowed his philanthropy.

Prince frequently kept schools, businesses, and people afloat, all while taking on his first record company, Warner Brothers, for his and other artists’ creative rights. He even refused to use his own name for a time in protest, lest Warner profit from it.

Ironically, even with Purple Rain in theatres and the soundtrack winning Grammys and Oscars, he only appeared when absolutely necessary. That’s the reason why a Prince appearance became such a grand, yet always worthwhile, event.

When Prince passed away at 57 on April 21, 2016, time seemed to stop in its tracks. It only makes sense. People, and most certainly artists, like him are nigh impossible to find today, mostly because he’s far too original to imitate.

Prince Rodgers Nelson could literally do it all: play every instrument set in front of him, wear clothes no man would dare and steal their women, and even at 5’2″, play basketball (yes, the Chapelle’s Show pancake segment is based on a true story).

And yet, he lived for the music, and the artistry. It’s why people in every genre imaginable grieve his passing, even if they weren’t his biggest fans. Talent, style, and philanthropy, all while trying to not be the center of all the attention. What are the odds?

Now, assuming no other major stars die or work doesn’t get off the hook again, I’ll go  further into why my blogs are down to 500 words- and the guy responsible for even making this fun again to me…


Volume Five, Chapter Eight: The Prince of Chyna Memorial Pancake Breakfast, Part One- Ms. Laurer


First female in the Royal Rumble and first female Intercontinental Champion, Joanie Laurer, aka Chyna, was an integral yet understated part of the WWF’s famed Attitude Era.

On April 21, 2016, the world stopped talking about which side to face their $20 bills… in 2020. That same day, people stopped announcing which toilet they should or do use.

That was the day people mourned two of the biggest innovators of their respective fields. Both were notoriously eccentric, revolutionary, and now gone seemingly way too soon.

Prior to February 1997, women in wrestling either competed against each other, or interfered for their man, with the occasional bump from an opponent.

Joanie Lauer, as Chyna, was the not just the mere eye candy/mean woman like Sensational Sherri Martel. She actually competed with men in major matches.

Chyna peaked right as the WWF was becoming THE wrestling company, so such creative booking could be done. And her role in the beloved “Attitude Era” was pivotal.

Physically, she got some work done to look more feminine, but was also taken seriously enough to be in the Royal Rumble, and get the Intercontinental Championship.

Her feud with Chris Jericho for the belt was one of the most fun angles of 1999-2000. But such novelty, even with the WWF at a peak, could only last for so long.

By 2001, Chyna’s real-life relationship with Triple H was crumbling, and Vince McMahon now wanted her to be the Women’s Champion. She was not happy with either situation.

She wound up being released by the WWF that year, and for the next 15 years, the world was privy to one of the saddest downslides this side of Whitney Houston.

She got heavily into drugs, made an infamous porn flick with X-Pac, and made the bitter ex-wrestler talk show rounds after the Benoit murder/suicides.

She had some brief career revivals and highlights. She went to Japan to teach, had cups of coffee with TNA and New Japan Wrestling and was a fairly popular YouTube host.

Joanie Laurer admitted publicly the body-shaming of her youth, the break-up with Triple H at her peak, and the drug abuse plagued her. It finally took her on April 20. She was 45.

When she debuted as Chyna, nobody could have guessed what a revolutionary figure in sports entertainment Joanie Laurer would be.

Sadly, a decade later, the end was all too clear.