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Volume Five, Chapter Three: Beware of Bust Downs Part One


Recently, this woman I live near was praising Kim Davis, the Rowan County (Kentucky) county clerk who refused to grant marriage licenses in retaliation for gay marriage legalization. She claims her faith won’t allow her to do that part of her job.

Ms. Davis, a four-time bride and Apostolic Christian, ran as a Democrat for the county clerk position in 2014. After the June 26, 2015 decision legalizing gay marriage, she stopped signing off on all marriage licenses.

I’m sure people feel really good about themselves taking up sides over this woman. Mike Huckabee has taken her up as a cause on his Presidential campaign. Gay rights groups have a bogeyman to justify their existence and obsession with Christianity.

But the case of Kim Davis is not about gay marriage or religious freedoms. This is just another example of somebody praying themselves out of having to work. Where I live and work, reformed bust downs, religious old h*s like Davis are a dime a dozen.

These are the type of men and women who, in their heyday, had their choice of friends and lovers to do things for them. They also had a way of creating drama that brought strife to other people but always benefited the sh!t disturber in the long run.

Well, people like that can only pull such things off for a while before people catch on and drop off. That’s especially true if there are enough newer, younger players. After a while, such people find themselves by themselves.

But then, right as they’re running out of options and suckers, they find Jesus Christ. Old hustlers tend to wind up in prosperity or tongue-talking outfits like the Apostolic or Pentecostal Churches, that incidentally also invite drama for profit.

Well, old habits and good hustlers never die young. Decades of manipulating and drama can’t be baptized off, and before long, they start plotting on folks again… only now, in the name of the Lord.

Kim Davis knew long before she ran for County Clerk that same-sex marriage was inevitable. She also knew the Democratic Party’s stance on the subject. But she ran as a Democrat anyhow.

When gay marriage became the national law, Davis decided to piously refuse to sign any marriage licenses, leaving her subordinates to issue them. She wound up in jail, but the contempt charges were dropped.

In short, Kim Davis, the reformed bust down, knew how to create a drama that lightened her load, garnered her attention and sympathy, and let her get paid all at the same damned time, knowing she can only be voted out of her job.

This is not some religious, social, or political Armageddon. This is just another seasoned holy hustler creating drama for sympathy, attention, and to get her subordinates on her job to do her work for her. EVERY job has somebody like her on it.

It’s no coincidence that slick people find religion when times are hard or when they go to jail. It’s just another means to their shady end. This makes things hard not just for their victims, but for those who seek faith to truly become better people.

In the conclusion, the focus will be those who use their own sons for their own gain.