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Volume Four, Chapter Two: Why the Sudden Change?

 I’ve quit smoking. It took a decade to finally decide to quit for good. Not cut back. Not “social smoking”. Just DONE. I can think of a hundred different things I can be doing besides spending a grand a year on a coping mechanism that goes- literally- up in smoke.

In order to quit, you have to be prepared for setbacks, physical changes, and having to change personal habits, and possibly even acquaintances. This will be harder to deal with than the meth addiction.

Changing habits and acquaintances is never an easy thing, but in this case it’s worth it. Cutting back on eating is a no-brainer, now that I realize how much I’m actually capable of putting away. That brings me to the final two sentences of Volume Three.

Simply put, around this time last year, a lot was going on that I never saw coming. I got the chance to meet my half-sister, and to attend my 20th anniversary high school reunion. 2013 ended with a furor over, of all things, the ethnicity of Santa Claus and some Church of Christ duck caller. Damn.

That paved the way to start getting away from social media. It’s become the haven for those in constant need of f*cking hugs. People like that, even if they’re not in the room with you, can suck the air right out of it.

We all know my three main targets since Spring 2013. I’ve pointed out example after example that those three hate each other over similarities, not differences. My big mistake was naming them, highlighting them, and actually giving them a uniqueness they didn’t really deserve. Thus “Ghetto Tendencies”.

Volume Four will not target any particular group; again, that would give them credence. Instead, I’ll just rip into the types of people that we all know, and relate them to the archetypes found in the world of professional wrestling. If your feelings get hurt… well, you know who I’m talking about then, even if I don’t.

The original title of this blog was “Wrestling with Reality”. Current events seem to come fast and loose, so I never got to get into one of my favorite pastimes the way I wanted to. “Montreal” was actually one of the very first blogs I did on WordPress, but never published it until recently.

Montreal was perhaps the root of my “Devil’s Advocate” tendencies to question things, even if the answers make me very uneasy. And that’s just one incident in wrestling I can relate to.

In addition, with 40 coming up, and me not expecting to see it until recently, I think a look back, and ahead would help. A lot of things shape us as people, and I’d love to let you know what some of those things are. And they’ll probably be set to music…

In closing, I’d like to thank all of you who continue to read this blog. Nobody made you do it, but I’m all too glad you did. Any comments, questions, you name it, post them, I won’t remove them. There may be less blogs as well, but it doesn’t mean I’m done. Not by a long shot…