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Volume Six, Chapter Two: “The Lesser of Two Evils”

Imagine a guy sitting in a bar at closing time. It’s him and two other women left; everybody else has went home. The lights are on, and the staff is cleaning up.

He talked to the two women earlier that night, but there was no spark there. Besides, neither of them have a very good reputation.

But it’s closing time, and the bouncer is ordering all three of them out. Finally, he chats with one of the women. As his cab pulls up, she gets in it with him, and they leave.

The next morning, he wakes up next to his… choice. She ain’t easy to look at, and she acts a bit odd, but he plays nice as she gets dressed to leave. They promise to keep in touch.

As her friend drives up to get her, he stands in the door, shaking his head. “Oh, well”, he sighs. “Either her or that junkie. I had to go home with somebody…”

“I had to go home with somebody…”

Now, most guys would only mention a really bad hook-up as a war story or even a precautionary tale. Nobody in their right mind would brag about it.

It shows how hard-up they are. After all, only bona fide losers settle for the lesser of two evils, especially in a scenario like the bar scene.

Another reason is the fact that he didn’t have to go home with anybody. As I mentioned last blog, there is ALWAYS a third option, but he refused to even entertain it.

So this screw-up is all on him, and he knows it. He will not and should not expect any sympathy from people. He did what he wanted to; he just didn’t like the consequences.

That scenario plays out every single day somewhere on planet Earth. There’s always some thirsty guy going home with the last thing available to him. But he knows not to brag.

And yet, there are college-educated, six-figure-making, two-car-owning, big-house dwelling people in America who not only settle, but are f*cking proud of it.

Why would a person proudly boast of picking the lesser of two evils to preside over the United States of America? And even worse, why would people applaud such a thing?

If the bottom line on selecting a candidate is “she’s a b!tch, but he’s a d!ck” or vice versa, that is nothing to brag about. It’s pitiful and embarrassing.

I give anybody one time to admit to their spouse that they were chosen as the lesser of two evils, or that they got together because one of them just had to go home with somebody.

I only say once, because I guarantee there won’t be a second chance to do it.

Next time: “Uninformed/Low-Information” Voters.