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Volume Five Finale: “Let’s Work Together to Cut Each Other’s Throats!”


Here’s the latest Speech of the Year candidate, activist Jesse Williams.

As of June 26, 2016, the only thing I knew about Grey’s Anatomy was that McDreamy was dead. I have never watched an episode of the show. Even after one of its stars, one Jesse Williams, gave his speech on the BET Awards, I don’t plan to.

I tend to forgo too much TV, and especially awards shows, at all costs. Greg Gutfeld accurately calls them funerals for the living. I only watched the BET Awards for the Prince tributes. But Williams stole the show.

His was the mandatory struggle speech every affluent Black person has given when accepting an award since 2009. He caught fire because he’s Whiter and better-looking than, say, Marc Lamont Hill or Steve Harvey. Sound familiar?

Well, a person created a petition to get Williams fired from Grey’s. The person who created it goes by the name of “Erin Smith”, and she accuses Williams of spewing “HATE SPEECH!” “But he doesn’t look like those other Black guys”, I bet she said.

An anonymous person petitioning to get somebody fired from a job over hate speech? And nobody stops to query about such a person? I’d want to know more about them than their target.

This… Erin cites another Grey’s actor, Isaiah Washington, being fired after using gay slurs against a gay co-star, T.R. Knight. He was using such language on the set of the show when Shonda Rimes, who created the show, dropped the hammer on him.

Williams was not on the Grey’s set when he gave what his supporters are calling a fiery speech. This does not involve Shonda Rimes, or even ABC, the network that airs the show. He gave the Official Negro Speech on Black Entertainment Television.

I’m all too aware that people like to use boycotts and petitions to supplant businesses, and especially other people. “Lets work together to cut each other’s throats!” is a good way to describe actions such as these. After all, that’s what it leads to.

Does it ever occur to people if an anonymous person can get others to help them get somebody fired, the same scenario can, and in this litigation and two-face era, will, happen to them? And what do these petition supporters know about this Erin?

I looked further into it, and the Facebook profile for this person has no friends, and only went up over the week after the Williams speech. Twitter gave some very interesting clues as to who came up with this petition.

Google “Twitter, Erin Smith, Grey’s Anatomy” and click on the one that talks about weenie dogs; THAT strikes me as somebody who’s just obsessed enough to take it to a level.

And the whole “HATE SPEECH!” thing… people that hate the things you say call it that. And these are people who sit on their @sses all day long looking for something to be offended by, whatever their ideology or politics may be.

Unlike, say, a body of publicly elected officials, just anybody can’t decide who’s on a TV show cast. Advertisers and sponsors weigh in heavily, but the ultimate call is that of the that is the network and/or show’s executives.

It takes some serious backlash to get somebody off the air or job (see Brandon Eicht, Alec Baldwin, etc.). Jesse Williams has caused no major outcry. Besides, Rimes has stated her stance: Williams is still on Grey’s- because she said so.

For what little people may know, this Erin may be some troll collecting names to create problems on their job, send malware to their computers, or worse. In other words, this could be a spiteful person using others’ own spite against them.

But again, nobody knows anything about this person. I would think if they are that offended by Williams’ words, they’d at least show their face to the people willing to reveal their identities to support them.

Of course, if a person is willing to put that much blind faith in such a shady plot to begin with, maybe it’s best to say whatever happens to them is brought on themselves.

Volume Six begins next time. Thank you all for reading.