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Volume Six, Chapter Eight: The Hobosexual Pride Movement


When I see a man taking his feminism to this level, I probably don’t think the same thing others do.

Some of the feminists out there may applaud this, or get all emotional and demand an equally emotional speech.

Some guys may think he’s gay, or just bust out laughing. I want to know how well his hustle is working for him.

Guys that do like that fellow in the pic tend to be just as dramatic and needy as any female activist.

But men like that also tend to be hobosexual. By the way, that’s spelled with a “B”, not an “M”.

Hobosexual men always seem to jump on whatever feminists are into, apologizing for being born a guy, and all that.

They always seem to fall in love with females who have their own income and residence, especially around income tax refund time.

They’ll gladly endure women’s rage and curses. After all, going along with the matriarchy gets their phone bill paid, and a roof over their heads.

Hobosexual guys loiter around feminists because that’s where they find the most gullible women- and least male competition.

Despite all that rage, feminists’ anger is more out of longing than hatred. These men know it.

Hobosexual men are just as predatory and slick as any gold-digging woman, and often more so.

But since their involvement with feminism is seen as some successful “conversion”, they seldom face scrutiny.

Even if they are aware of the hustle, what can those women do? Their life situations force them to accept it, anyway.

Few men can match their income. Their their looks and/or attitudes further limit their options.

Hobosexuality hurts both men and women, especially men. People don’t want to see a female suffering, but feel little pity for a weak man.

A male that manipulates his way through life is often destroyed by age 35. His looks are gone, his game is played out, and his keeper is done with him.

If he’s still able to work and make a living for himself, he pretty much has to. If he’s smart, he won’t have a bunch of babies to feed.

Meanwhile, the female is stuck for life seeking out men to basically raise, even after possibly raising a son of their own. The resentment just grows and grows.

A lot of younger men are opting to stay single, and fend for themselves. Shockingly, a lot of guys are getting into transgendered females.

They’re often more feminine and submissive than the feminists are, with ZERO odds of  unwanted pregnancies or abortions.

Hobosexual men are all in the feminist movement. But they are not in it to infiltrate or destroy it. They WANT it to succeed.

After all, an angry female is the most volatile, but the easiest to hustle the hell out of.

Next time… the common link between two notorious anti-gay preachers, and the pV$$y hat wearers…