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Volume Three, Chapter One: Hip-Hop and the House Painter

Since the engrafted White man George Michael Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Black teenager Trayvon Brandon Martin, it is now time for another “discussion on race. Apparently, we still have… something to discuss. Seeing all these biracial families and Token Negroes in White neighborhoods, I can’t imagine what that “something” is. In 1992, with people watching in shock at the carnage in L.A. following the Rodney King/LAPD trial, people went for that. A LOT has happened since then. And most of the shifts do not involve race, but culture.

These days, Indians and Asian immigrants maintain their own communities, create opportunities for themselves, and send their children to excellent schools. And much like our Freedom Century ancestors, they all started out with virtually nothing. They do so often without a major political presence; they rarely go without, regardless of whom the President is. Their ethnic and cultural identities also include some level of achievement. That’s why you seldom see a call for an Asian “discussion on race”.

NOBODY can point to a single positive aspect of Thug culture. Its trademarks, such as Black misogyny, bastard children, and Black-on-Black crime, have never previously been a celebrated part of our history, not even during slavery. (There goes the “legacy” lie.) And yes, it breeds discomfort in those who know its uselessness, because most of the problems with thug life are internal, not external. Most history taught today only focuses on an oppressor/victim standpoint, and  rarely focuses on the actual anthropology or socio-economic models. Otherwise, the modern Afrocentrist would have to admit that the hip-hop culture takes its class structure from a very dubious source: National Socialism.

Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany had a small ruling class of intellectuals, politicians and celebrities. The working poor, mainly their voters and audiences, supported them. The Nazis were portrayed as protecting the people from their enemies and lifting them up from defeat. (It should be noted that the “enemy” was anybody against Nazism, and successful, non-Aryan groups like Jews. Also, it was the Germans’ own arrogance that got them into World War I, and the defeat that followed.) The Nazi leaders encouraged and allowed Germans to indulge themselves; after all, the people were impulsive animals compared to their superiors, and the superiors had an obligation to live apart from their contemptible subjects.

Germans soon believed that when their leaders prospered, so would they. In gratitude, many of them became “useful idiots”, as Hitler called them, crushing anyone who dared interrupt their joy. They were pretty much cut off from others to ensure their continuing loyalty to the Nazis. The few that did get to intermingle were to do so ONLY when it benefited the Nazis. Over 6M Jews were viciously executed by those they still thought were their friends. The Germans then had no great enemy to defeat, so they turned on each other. And then the Allied forces brought their entire existence down around their ears.  Adolf Hitler, the house painter turned dictator, died the way he wanted, something not even his subjects had the option to do.

The “hip-hop” cultural power structure is led by intellectuals, politicians and celebrities (Jesse, Dr. Eric Michael Dyson, Maxine Waters, and Hollywood, for example). They are supported by voters and audiences. These people claim to protect their followers from racism and are lifting them up. It should be noted that many of these Black people live in White neighborhoods and are in interracial relationships. They do this with the express purpose of distancing themselves from their wretched followers. Interracial interactions are encouraged for the masses ONLY if they can “keep it gutter”. And the biggest reason Black people fill prisons is violence against their own.

These same deviants were dead silent as over 3,000 Black people died violently at other Blacks’ hands in a year. They hate Black people more than the KKK or Nazis ever could. Trayvon Martin only matters because for once, somebody Black didn’t do a Black teenager in. If a Black man had shot him, you’d have never heard of him.


About the only time cable news is actually interesting is when cable news commentators themselves become the news .  Rev. Al Sharpton and his overseer, MSNBC, led the charge for this latest “discussion”. Fox News’ top commentator, Bill O’Reilly, responded with a rebuttal of  “African-American” culture embraced and exploited by people like Sharpton. As the featured host on the conservative Fox News, O’Reilly can afford to be volatile, as he was in March with his statements defending same-sex marriage arguments in the Supreme Court case. His most notable supporter in his comments, however, has no such leverage.

CNN commentator Don Lemon, an openly gay Black male, also opined on the matter. For this, Lemon was called an “Uncle Tom”. (People who throw that term around seldom know that Uncle Tom was the only honest character in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book.) He has stood by his statements, much to “hip-hop” apologists’ chagrin. CNN is not as indoctrination-oriented as MSNBC or Fox, but by taking a contrarily moderate stance, Lemon took a major gamble. And he deserves credit for that. Black people have been weighed down by “n*gg*dom” for too long. He said openly what many could only say privately.

While the hip-hop apologists promote a culture they promote but know not to embrace, Indians and Asians are sending their children to the best schools one cigarillo and weave at a time. Gays and lesbians are getting married and providing a stable home for children whose gutter parents never will. And the White power structure is fading. These other people have no sympathy for ghetto Blacks, nor should they. In the end, the Black man will have only themselves to depend on. And it’s better to do that now than later.