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Volume Seven, Chapter Five: Nicholas Cruz and Tide Pods

My last post on this site was in September, at the height of the NFL/National Anthem furor. I had already seen through the whole thing, and was done with it. ALL of it.

The “national debates” are distractions from someone f*cking up. The anthem drama started because a struggling quarterback wanted a raise.

Fading beauties who used to trade on their looks but could no longer do so began screaming “ME TOO!” in hopes of one final attention and money grab.

And in the wake of a Florida high school shooting, parents are proudly sending their teens to Washington to protest gun violence and seek more gun laws.

But Adam Lanza and Nicholas Cruz, among many others, are NOT the products of lax laws or public policy.

Everybody slams millenials and young people for their shooting, eating Tide Pods, and all the other dumb sh!t they do.

Why do they insist on such things? Because they want attention. Why do they need this attention? Because they seldom get proper guidance and attention at home.

And why are they not getting attention at home? Ask the adults around them… assuming they’re not too busy with more “important” matters.

There are parents in America who know all about a President’s sex life, yet have no idea who’s been in their daughter’s room.

They can spend all day flagging videos on YouTube, while their son is joining some rogue outfit that’s not on mainstream outlets.

And many of the kids eating Tide Pods, especially the boys, started out on behavioral pills given to them by pill-addicted adults too “busy” for them.

In those cases, children only become a focal point when either they can allow their parents some glory, or interrupt their parents’ day.

The next time an elected official point blank says “it starts at home” will be either the first or last time for most people to hear such words.

To say that does not allow for flesh to glory, offends potential voters, and more importantly, puts the blame where it actually belongs.

All these people committing these atrocities starts out with a home life. A cursory look at their backgrounds will show the roots of their madness.

All the marches in the world won’t hide the fact that American parents, have failed, indeed neglected, their children.

Blaming politicians, laws, entertainment, and anything else for a teen’s actions is in fact a sweeping indictment on those who do it.

To seek an outside scapegoat alone signifies their own dereliction of duty.

Junkie and lazy parents pass on their bad habits, then run to politics to avoid facing their own indiscretions. Or so they believe.

Then adults have the nerve to feign shock and outrage when a young person acts just like them.

But Nicholas Cruz and the Tide Pod crew are as American as apple pie, merely spinoffs of the examples and license given to them.

Next time: Why a prominent White Nationalist is giving up his gimmick.