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Volume Five, Chapter Six: Random Thoughts

With a new year, it’s as good a time as any for a Random Thoughts post. The first ten things that pop up in my head are getting posted…

People who like guys threatening to “upset the establishment” are just too damned lazy to do it themselves.

If Bernie Sanders’ policies don’t do him in, the BernieBots will kill off his voter base. Expect a Ron Paul encore.

f you plan on a siege, it helps to have food packed. All the guns in the world won’t win a war against hunger.

If we have a problem with this, that, or the other, than I want to know when to move into our house and pick up our car.

The Bible being taken out of the schools would go unnoticed if it was actually being used anywhere else.

Unless you’re a Mennonite, you are in no position to rail against evil corporations and rich executives. You’re using technology they built, and you paid them for it.

Three people won the historic Powerball lottery. Even though they don’t have to, they’re giving their money away the same way Mark Zuckerberg did to random Facebook users.

You see what I did with “they’re” and “their” back there? Do people still do stuff like that? Its hard to tell.

Isn’t it odd to see a group calling itself by ethnicity or nationality wishing for a day when race won’t matter? They don’t mean it; they know that would leave them unemployed.

Eat as healthy as possible. Avoid processed meats, cigarettes, and alcohol. And ride a bike everyday. Somebody’s bound to say something nice about you at your funeral.

Next time: The most influential people of my life in 2015…

(I was going to dedicate an entire blog to Bernie Sanders, but politics burns me out nowadays. Instead, he’ll just be a part of the 2016 Random Thoughts chapter. Two and I’m through with full blogs about them, barring some spectacular change.)