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Volume Five, Chapter Ten:The Brexit Harbinger



51% of Brits can see the writing on the wall. No progressives, you’re not running sh!t the way you believe.

I woke up Thursday morning to quite a surprise. The majority of Britain voted to leave the European Union. A thin majority yes, but a majority all the same. That’s how a vote works, folks. The Brexit is on.

The chief concerns Brits had involved control of their economy and borders. EU membership doesn’t allow them a lot of either. The desire for border control, of course, elicited cries of “XENOPHOBES!” and “ISLAMAPHOBIA!”

Well, the attempted guilt trip didn’t work. The UK wanted a divorce, and are willing to pay the cost to be their own boss. So be it. Besides, many of those Brits know something’s about to go down concerning the large influx of Syrian refugees entering Europe.

Following the Orlando Massacre, people have been all over President Barack Hussein Obama to refer to the religion Omar Mateen subscribed to as “radical Islam”. Actually, the Long-Legged Mack Daddy is 100% right to not do that.

In the Middle East, the point of origin and largest area for practicing Islam, it’s not radical at all to see homosexuals tossed off buildings, women stoned to death, and something exploding every hour on the hour. That’s a Saturday in the park, really.

What you see on the news is exactly how Islam rolls, and has rolled for centuries. That original, anti-Western, stomp-down, Eastern version, and not the West-assimilated, so-called moderate flavor, is the fastest-growing ideology on the planet today.

Even now, Muslim apologists, particularly Western, White progressives, have this idea that the world is shaping up into one big happy family, naturally with them running it. Their biggest assumed obstacle was the church.

In addition to their own aging roster and lack of young people to succeed them, Christianity was brutalized by the rise of Islam, feminism, and gay rights. Christians are now reduced to building hopes on toilet laws and a Donald Trump Presidency.

But it bears repeating that the Islam progressives vehemently champion is anti-Western. Yes, that includes Christians, but it also includes feminism, homosexuality, and atheism. As long as they could agree on Christianity, the two at least had one common bond.

Well, that bond is summarily broken, as is the unholy alliance between the two. It doesn’t really matter if progressives admit it or not. The next major culture war has already been joined. It’s East vs. West.

The British who voted to leave the EU saw it coming. They know these progressives were able to defeat an aging, dwindling adversary. Now they’re facing somebody that’s not the least bit afraid of them, and can play a lot rougher. The prospects of survival are slim.

Even more so, unassimilated Muslims from the Middle East can beat progressives at their own game. Progressives now know their place, and make sure to never offend somebody that can go toe-to-toe with them.

No, friends, the world is not going to be some giant tossed salad. The biggest obstacle to some Western-ran Utopia was never Christianity, an idea propelled primarily by the West.

The most obvious obstacle to the West was in the most obvious place all along: the East. Such Muslims were embraced by Westerners who thought they could just use and discard them at their pleasure.

The June 26, 2015 defeat of Christianity in the Supreme Court over gay marriage left a void. Since then, Chattanooga, Paris, San Bernadino, Brussels, and Orlando, all Western cities, have come under major Islam-related attacks.

If that’s not a clue as to where things are headed, all I can recommend is that progressives better readjust their eating and dressing habits. They’re going to have to anyway before long. There may be a lot more Brexits to come, though.