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Volume Four Finale: The Only Two Rules That Count

She feels Black, and is down with da struggle. What?

Rule #1: An enemy of my enemy is my friend, even if they run game on me, too.

Rule #2: I am whoever and however I feel I am, and you are who I feel you are. Society is to affirm me in it.

Those are the two most prevalent rules in society today. The first rule is the easiest to follow. All it takes is knowing how to say the right things to the right folks. It helps a lot if you’re already a celebrity or originally perceived to be an antagonist. As long as you rail against others as much as you con your own clique, then conning is actually forgivable.

Now, the second rule is a lot like the first. But a change in identity runs the risk of change in ideology, which makes the need to maintain the party line take on greater meaning. As long as they do that… well, see the last sentence of the previous paragraph. You can be who you want, so long as you at least publicly keep the same groupthink patterns of your past life.

Consider Rachel Dolezal, President of the NAACP’s Spokane branch. For years, she presented herself as a female with at least one Black parent. By her actual parents, White people living in Montana, to use the words of Atlanta’s 11Alive, Rachel was “outed as a White woman”. Anger and outrage over her years of her attempted black face ensued. But this, too, shall pass.

You see, Rachel was merely adhering to rule #2: she truly feels she is Black. She feels it, and therefore she is it. Wasn’t that what made the previous blog’s subject a courageous hero? Besides, if rule #2 fails her, she can always rely on rule #1. Yeah, her faux light-skinned Blackness was a ruse, but hey, she’s down with da struggle.

So yes, for now, Rachel Dolezal will be criticized for appropriating Black culture and victimhood, or have people insist her trans-racial identity mocks the trans-gender movement. But sooner or later, some common threat’s going to say… something to make Ms. Dozelal’s critics call for an armistice. After all, getting played from within isn’t half as bad as being threatened from without.

The main reasons why all these “rights” groups are so damned popular anyhow are pretty simple. They’re churches for the “virtuous”, safe havens for the maladjusted, and hen houses for foxes. The NAACP is just a prime example. When the smoke clears, Rachel Dolezal will still be standing as a trans-racial champion of social justice… and the hustler that got away with it.

The two golden rules demand it.

This is the end result of adherence to them, and those who tout them have no right to get mad when they’re used against them. And by the way, if a trans-racial movement sounds absurd, think about laws passed in 1996, and see what’s on the plate today.