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Volume Five, Chapter Nine: Omar and ‘Em


Under the right circumstances, this guy could have been as famous as fellow down-low dudes Jim McGreevey and NBA player Jason Collins. What got in the way?

If I was to go by everything that has come out about this Orlando shooter, from the first reports to the Univision interview with his alleged lover named Miguel, he strikes me more like a Muslim on the down low than some ISIS operative.

Of course, that’s not sexy enough. I need to put some ISIS, some gun control, someā€¦ whatever somebody’s pet issue is, in it. It can’t be something as simple as wanting revenge over his fetish for Puerto Rican men gone awry after exposing him to HIV.

When you have guys shooting up college campuses over a failure to get laid, or a Muslim couple arguing with a Jew at a Christmas party (George Carlin, miss you much), or whole neighborhoods getting shot up over spilled drinks, yes I do.

I can certainly see a married man who’s doing what to his religion is the only wrong kind of cheating freaking out over bringing something home to Wifey, especially if his dad suspected how he might have got it.

Orlando was a personal vendetta, just like San Bernadino. Just like with Aaron Rodgers. Just like with Tay-Tay and Quadarrius in the hood. Hell, just like last year’s No-Wonder Twins. All were done without orders from somebody else on high.

I can see Omar Mateen pledging to ISIS to a TV station and a 911 operator to save face and set up martyrdom. I can’t see him, a married Muslim on the down-low, confessing to tasting dangerous d!ck from a place he feels the need to wipe off the planet.

Yes, whoever that guy was that exposed Omar to HIV should have disclosed his status. Personal pride is nowhere near as important another person’s health. I have no pity for somebody who deliberately endangers others like that, and truly respect the honest people.

But Omar Mateen wasn’t very honest, either. The odd part about his infidelity is that if he had come out as gay, he would have gotten a touching news segment and a smattering of cheers. Had he revealed some mistress, well, he’d have been crucified.

In either case, he would be, and in fact WAS, cheating on his spouse.

Had Omar not been creeping, he would never have had to risk his cover being blown- through bringing something home with him he got through his own antics.

Sadly, the threat of his own actions came back to haunt him. On June 12, 2016, he selfishly decided over a hundred people should suffer for his indiscretions.

With all that said, why is it that Omar Mateen didn’t pull a Jim McGreevey or Jason Collins? Married men coming out is a top trend nowadays, is it not?

Anybody reading this knows why he didn’t come out. He was part of a religion that is every bit against homosexuality, and perhaps more so, than Christianity could ever be. And yet “progressives” LOVE it, defending it to their literal deaths.

Omar Mateen, closet-case, murderous whore that he was, was first and foremost a MUSLIM. And that will be the subject matter for Chapter Ten.

Before I go any further, I’d like to give a shout-out to one Marc Winger. He was the guy who got me to enjoy doing this again at a point when I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Marc, thank you. The next one’s for you.