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Volume Two Finale: Vince/Austin 2016

In this, the finale of Volume Two, I’d really just like to add more perspective to many of the things I’ve witnessed.

I never, ever feel bad for mocking Afrocentrism. First of all, not everybody Black engages in it. Secondly, seventy percent of its apologists live in middle-class and mostly White suburbs. And they support Afrocentrism to keep inner city Blacks “in their place”. If you really want to know what White liberals think of Afrocentric culture, look no further than who they elected as the so-called First President: a biracial man raised everywhere but the “hood”. Even worse, look at the virtually any statistic for Black people since 2009.

A lot of my LGBTetc. activist animus stems from my experiences with Afrocentrism. Credit should always be given where it’s due; their rise to prominence happened pretty fast. But they, like Afrocentric peddlers, tend to exalt the lowest common denominator in their community. That’s why there’s so much “gift-giving” and domestic violence in a very small community. And allowing it to go unchecked can undermine any progress made. And no, people do not have to others solely because of who they sleep with. Hell, you don’t, so why should anybody else?

Presidential Candidate and former Illinois Senator Barack Hussein “The Long-Legged Daddy” Obama is, in my view, one of the greatest campaigners of all time. But as the 44th President of the United States, he’s one of the worst Affirmative Action hires in history. You know how AA works: find the first non-White you can, promote him like hell, set him up as a figurehead… and let everybody else lead from behind. As author Shelby Steele points out, “President Obama is more of a cultural phenomenon than a political one”.

Even when the Republican Party did not have a sitting President, they were often the steady, trusted, fiscally responsible hand in Washington. The terms of both Presidents Bush killed that notion. The re-election of Obama has sent them absolutely into chaos. The days of riding the coattails of Ronald Reagan and the Christian Coalition are no more. The Tea Party, touted as a return to the old school GOP, have proven to be anything but. They’ve been relegated to mostly state and local  politics, with their most prominent national figures just kicking back. Why not? They’ll be re-elected out of brand loyalty, anyhow… with the Tea Party in tow.

The Religious Right called Mormonism a polygamist cult for years, then claimed that a Mormon elder, as President, could “bring America back to God”. The same fundamentalist who condemns homosexuality can be found all over GayPatriot comment sections, and letting their near-nude preteen daughters hustle grown men at a church car wash. With no sin left to rail against (the same-sex marriage issue is summarily decided), the religious right is rapidly evaporating as a key force in society. 

And since Gay Conservatives seem to be the only ones giving religionists any sympathy, one has to ask: with same-sex marriages federally recognized, is refusing to get one with your lover make you “living in sin” and “shacking up”?

A young guy from Canada recently pointed out something about most American “atheists”. They are actually not atheists, who do not acknowledge an absolute final sovereignty. Because their worship is ultimately either their culture or, more than likely, an all-powerful government that protects them from their ideological enemies and themselves, they are, by definition, Statists. All religions and the main two political parties have embraced it as of late. And much like those who worshiped the Austrian house painter or the Chinese rice farmer, they’ll bring a whole nation down in the abyss.

If you really want to see if things like MulticulturalismBalkanization, or any form of identity politics has ever worked here’s an idea. Ask your local gay, Black, fundamentalist, Muslim, “atheist” and moderate the best time they’ve lived through in their respective movement. NONE of their answers will match.

President Obama is the best thing to ever happen to talk radio. What else would Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin do without him and the Democratic Party? The Advocate Magazine spends over sixty-five percent of its web space railing on Republicans or somebody else that hurts their feewings. But in the end their greatest and most prosperous weapon is… their biggest opponent.

The same people who swear by talk radio and MSNBC ridicule Vince McMahon and WWE. The funny part is, Vince is more honest than they are.When Vince McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin got done beating each other up, they both went out drinking, often to the same bar. But they both knew, and even now openly admit, they needed each other… to draw a happily paying audience. WWE fans know it’s scripted, too, but the whole point is to be entertained. Yeah, they get emotional at times, but eventually the match is over, and you’ve got to go home and get ready for the work week. (Shout out to Vince “Not McMahon” Smetana on that one) . And it’s fine to agree with people like Rush or Rachel Maddow, and buy their merchandise. But every so often, I think like other WWE fans. I can enjoy the spectacle, but recognize it as such… especially when it’s not on.


Volume Two, Chapter Ten: Cultural Senstitivity Week

June 26th, 2013 was the 38th Annual International Douglas Day Celebration. And wouldn’t you know it, it landed right in the middle of a (hopefully)singular occasion: American Cultural Senstitivity Week.  From June 21st until… well, actually it’s going on even as I post this, it’s all about identity politics, aka tribalism. Every little subculture is getting their opportunity to get the most coveted prize in America: a claim to victimhood. If you think about it, it only makes sense that everybody would want to get into the victim business. After all, nobody’s done anything truly great in a while.

Well, the coveted “victim card” is in all kinds of play, in several branches of government. For one group, their victimization will probably have more impact in the future than it does now. For another, their use of the victim card got them what they wanted, and probably more that they didn’t. And for another, well, the victim card has pretty much ran out. And it only took a century and a half to do it.

Regardless of how one feels about groups like the Tea Party, it should definitely be concerning that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted them for harassment. But now it’s been revealed that the last two Presidents have authorized through both the Executive and Legislative branches of the Federal government, massive surveillance programs on private citizens, under the banner of “terrorist prevention”. (Yeah, that helped in Boston.)  Of course, Obamaites see nothing wrong with this; after all, the IRS targeted their ideological opponents. Reason, a libertarian magazine, among countless others, has recently pointed out that EVERY single American has at least one prosecutable crime under their belt, regardless of their political loyalties. If this Democratic Administration was to successfully nullify its Republican and conservative opposition, it would have to make a new enemy. That enemy could be anybody. So what the Tea Party is enduring now could easily be a harbinger of things to come.

Recently, the Supreme Court did NOT demand all 50 states pronounce them Chuck and Larry, but did allow gay couples federal benefits… and additional taxes to go along with what you know is going to be a hell of a wedding.  (But hey, they get to show those Christians a thing or two, so they don’t mind.) Since “federal recognition” is the law, the massive money train carrying both gay activists and religionists from the “marriage war” is now running out of steam.  And how these two groups will rile up their minions over local battles has yet to be seen. Nonetheless, the LGBT dollar has been well spent, and the rejection of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) seemed almost inevitable. The federal judiciary branch, the Supreme Court, made it official.

In the same week homosexuals were extended “rights” to marry, Black activists lost the “right” to hold the sins of the fathers over their sons. A major provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act , which was to penalize states for past voting rights violations, was recently rejected by the Supreme Court. In addition, Affirmative Action is getting increased scrutiny as discriminatory (no kidding).  Further, Black intellectuals living in mostly White suburbs, who promote and encourage ghetto culture in the inner-cities, are now trying to justify it (again) after the ghetto-fabulous  Rachel Jeantel shamed herself during the George Zimmerman murder trial. If Afrocentric Black people can’t do any better than this with a so-called first Black President, with gays making more and Hispanics and Latinos working more, to hell with them.

Cultural Senstitivity Week in and of itself shows the biggest lie of multiculturalism: the “equality” of all cultures. The LGBT and Afrocentric swarms are only equals in excusing inner-community STD’s and crime, inherent victimhood, and absolute political loyalty, with a sympathetic federal Media branch to cover their *sses. But the LGBT community and political lobby are exponentially better organized and self-sufficient. The acceptance of same-sex marriage and the mocking of Jeantel, a product of Black intellectuals’ enabling, (knowing they’d be fuming if their child presented themselves like that in a public venue behaving like she did) highlights a vast difference  between the two groups… as well as others’ perceptions of them. And THAT is the one measurement which multiculturalism will never be able to accommodate.

I’m going to stop right here for this time around. Next month is the finale of Volume Two. And in it, I’ll tell you how it is that politics was so fascinating – and familiar- to me. I think you know where I’m going with this…

Volume Two, Chapter Nine: FINALLY Attaining the Holy Grail

You know, ever since the historic 2008 Presidential Election, the media has been absolutely obsessed with finding “The First”. It was during this election season that America was presented with the most diverse choices for the next Commander-in-Chief ever recorded. There was the first Mormon candidate (former Massachusetts Governor Willard “Mitt” Romney, Republican), the first major female candidate (former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat), and the first major “Black”, or actually Biracial, candidate (Illinois Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Democrat). The media’s ever-present identity fetish was in overdrive. After eight chaotic years of statist conservatism under Republican George W. Bush, the voting public wanted anything but another Republican, so Romney was out of the running early. The real battle was between Hillary and Obama. One of them would be “The First” of their kind. And when the inexperienced Obama had the White women voters in Iowa sighing at his every word, the “Long-Legged Mack Daddy” pushed Hillary out of the way. The media had their “First”. And the eventual GOP candidate, 72-year-old Arizona Senator John Sidney McCain, never stood a chance, even with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate, trying to woo female voters.

Well, we’ve seen several “Firsts” since then. Televangelist T.D. Jakes became “The First” Black Spiritual Counselor to a President. Eric Holder became “The First” Black U.S. Attorney General. And Sonya Sotomayor became “The First” Wise Latina Woman on the Supreme Court. But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the perhaps the most coveted “First” in modern “journalism”, which was handed to the media on April 30th, 2013. It was the announcement that Jason Collins, an obscure NBA basketball veteran, is gay. He is now “The First” openly gay male athlete in a mainstream team sport.

Don’t get me wrong here. I think it’s great that the NBA and America are welcome to an openly gay professional athlete. It’s very possible “The First” gay Michael Jordan could emerge from all this, with the focus he draws going to where it should, his talent, and not on his personal life. That’s assuming, of course, the media allows for it.

The Collins affair highlights the main problem with people steeped in identity politics, and people who center their entire life on one aspect of their life (or in the case of the media, everybody else’s). I’ve said this about online dating services for years, and it’s just as true in everything else: if all you want is somebody Black, pretty much anybody Black will do. It’s the same way with gay, White, blonde, on and on. It doesn’t matter that Jason Collins doesn’t average 4 points a game, went to three different teams this past season, and is not even currently signed to a team. It doesn’t matter that he was on the down-low for eight years with his blonde girlfriend (an everyday sight in Atlanta, and we know what’s happened to the Black community because of that). It doesn’t matter that something outside the game of basketball is pretty much the only reason to even sign the 34-year-old to a team, even if a more deserving athlete is cast aside. Jason Collins is “The First” openly gay pro athlete. The sacrifice required for a potential pro athlete’s love of the game is trumped by the love of the d*ck and a headline.

This is contrary to the legacies of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the guy Collins is constantly being compared to, Baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson. These two men broke barriers and SET EXAMPLES for others of all races to follow. As is the case with any major social movement, the few people who benefit from it will have to assimilate and validate themselves through the content of their character. Those willing to follow those examples were better off; those who didn’t were cut off. In a way, it’s wise for the media to pump up Jason Collins. Promoting a down-low marginal pro athlete presents a reachable standard. The LGBTetc. activist crowd is constantly looking to the media and celebrities to present for them the “role models” they’ve never been. By pushing Collins, there’s finally somebody to take the critical eyes of the general public off them, and somebody’s coattails they can ride. However, this will make the emergence of an outstanding gay athlete cumbersome. When this guy arrives, others will have somebody to compare them to on and off the field or court. People will now see there’s more than one kind of gay person, and will welcome the ones they like, and jettison those they don’t. It happened with Dr. King and Mr.Robinson, and will inevitably happen again. That’s part of the problem with pro sports, anyhow: we know more about their exploits outside the game (sex life, arrest record, financial dealings) than is really necessary.

I guess, as a gay person, I should be happy that President Obama took time out of his… busy schedule to personally call Jason Collins regarding his announcement. Never mind that the families of those in the Texas explosion or the Boston Marathon attack weren’t. And don’t get me started on his hometown of Chicago, the American murder capital. It’s all about being gay. Nothing else matters.

Volume Two, Chapter Five: The Freedom Century

On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln formally made the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed virtually all Black slaves. After the Civil War, the former slaves set out to make it on their own. Thus began the spectacular “Freedom Century”. It spanned from 1865 to 1965, and was perhaps the most decorated time in all of Black history. Blacks created their own jobs and schools. Booker T. Washington’s Tuskegee Institute, whose academic standards rivaled those of Yale and Harvard, were founded. Robert Johnson’s Ebony Magazine highlighted and nigh demanded this excellence. And many Northern communities were integrated. More importantly, the Black community had values that even the “non-believer” knew worked. The bastard birth rate was a mere 20%; those that had illegitimate children were often told to leave town. Black people policed themselves to avoid police brutality, making crime virtually unheard of. When Blacks dealt with Whites, they made sure to put their best foot forward; the threat of harm to their entire race often depended on it.

Unfortunately, the banished rogues eventually began to outnumber the law-abiding Black folks. As a result, many of the strides made in Black America and interracial relations were nullified, particularly in the North. As Black economist and author Thomas Sowell points out in Black Rednecks and White Liberals, a life centered on touchy ethnic pride, sexual escapades (like making numerous babies), and blowing money through riotous living was common in both the African and “Fighting Irish” colonialist (cracker) culture. Nonetheless, it’s what caused the White man to get all in their business. And he’s been there ever since.

Black people today constantly bring up the wrongs done to their forefathers. There was actually more affluence in the Freedom Century, even with Jim Crow Laws and the Ku Klux Klan looming ever near, than there has been following President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”. The modern Black middle class exists largely because of Affirmative Action and labor unions. The biggest argument for these things is that Blacks just can’t meet the standards of Whites. This admission of racial inferiority is actually agreed upon by Black leaders like Jesse and Al. Yet Tuskegee was not started with minority loans. In addition, Black people of that day respected themselves and other people equally. The “Afro centric” crowd, with all its emphasis on cultural loyalty, respects (and often emulate and envy) White people, knowing they can’t make it without them. Consider this: two men have erroneously been called the “First Black President”. Yet Black people accomplished more under the White one (William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton) than the biracial one (Barack Hussein Obama).

The Cracker/Black Redneck culture that resulted in the South’s defeat in the Civil War is now known as multiculturalism. Its emphasis on ethnic or collective pride cuts minorities off from the rest of society, preventing them from seeing what other cultures have in common that make them thrive. Its emphasis on sexual prowess explains why AIDS is so rampant in Blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, and gay men more than other people. (There has never been an AIDS epidemic among monogamous spouses who didn’t shoot up dope.) Its muddled priorities keep poor people and minorities as an exploitable non-threat to the Black middle class and White liberals. In South Africa, it was more widely known as apartheid.

This is not implying that Blacks and Whites should disassociate. It is merely stating that Black people do not need White clemency as a crutch. They are as capable as the Asians and Hindus of self-sufficiency. People like Harlem’s ATLAH Church Pastor James David Manning and Dr. Condoleezza Rice survived the Jim Crow era. They know firsthand how well Black America can do, even under the worst conditions. So when Pastor Manning slams President Obama as a “Long-Legged Mack Daddy” rather than worship him, he’s earned that right. The same can be said for post-Jim Crow commentators like Star Parker, David Webb, and Minister Derrick “TMOT” Grayson. They point out the things Black people do and Black leaders condone for their own gain, but can rarely find Black audiences honest enough to take note. The United States, for better or worse, were forged from men who started out with little or nothing more than a will to make it. When President Lincoln set Black slaves free, they also had that will, and flourished. Black people of the Freedom Century, be it a college professor, grocer, or a sharecropper, had values-honor. If having and neglecting babies or killing your brother was wrong even under Jim Crow conditions, how is it acceptable today? How are Black leaders and those who allow and encourage such things not traitors? And to think, a young Black Pastor named Martin Luther King, Jr. marked the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation with the legendary “I Have a Dream” speech. His plea for recognition based on the content of character rather than the color of one’s skin was also the goal of the Freedom Century. As the 50th anniversary of that speech approaches, it should be ours, too. We owe our predecessors that much.