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Volume Six, Chapter One: “A Vote for… Is a Vote for…”

(Note: Since Volume Six will begin in the middle of a Presidential Election season, the first four Chapters will focus on the four sayings I hear, and loathe, the most during such times. Chapter Four will be posted the weekend before Election Day.)

If you go by these polls out here, the two main Presidential candidates have the lowest credibility and trustworthiness scores ever recorded. Nonetheless, you have people in the two candidates’ parties relentlessly urging undecided voters to pick their pick.

With such low-rated contenders, it only makes sense that it would not only be a tight race, but it would be one where people refuse to just throw in with a questionable candidate. Undecided voters are now the target of party loyalists, and this, in my view, is wrong.

One popular plot used is the allegation that “a vote for X is a vote against/for A”. One should keep several things in mind when they hear that. First and foremost, consider the source. Look at the person saying that. Chances are, it’s a party whore.

We all know people who kick up dust for some newfangled person running under their banner, fancying themselves as revolutionaries.But when the new idol is defeated by a party mainstay, they then throw in with whoever the party’s nominee is.

They NEVER support fringe candidates if they run as independents, only if they join their club. Yet here they are, laying up with whoever their party laid down beside them, and they have the nerve to shame somebody who won’t do the same?

That comes back around to independent, or as they’re sometimes called, protest votes.  Both major political parties routinely insist they help their enemies. An independent vote is just that. It is NOT a vote for either of the two; it is against both.

I’ve voted independently because I didn’t like either of the two top candidates. I didn’t give a damn who won; I just didn’t want it said that I voted for either. And I didn’t. As a result, people I didn’t like won regardless, but I didn’t win or lose it for them.

I let it be known that I was against them both… by voting for somebody else. There have been cases where one of the two I refused to vote for turned out to do pretty good. In that case, I would vote for their re-election. Otherwise, I didn’t.

The good thing about voting independent is that you don’t have to jump in bed with a third party. You can just go out on a date and keep your clothes on, rather than just lay there and wait for the next piece. No pressures there.

It’s also worth noting that many of the “Big Two” platforms were originally proposed by independent politicians.

Voters have a right to select a third option- which is always available. Party whores just don’t like knowing somebody’s not as easy as they are. Some people would rather just say no to something than settle for anything, which bothers them.


Next up: “The Lesser of Two Evils”.