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Volume Seven, Chapter Four: The Best Time to Go to Church 

Please, folks, go to church before the ball game, not during it.

People have a right to enjoy things without somebody presenting everything as some sort of morality tale or whatever.

If there is some sort of moral in this Colin Kaepernick deal, it does not pertain to Islam, politics, or any other religion.

If anything, it shows why assuming everybody’s going to go along with one’s self-serving drama always fails.

So why did Colin Kaepernick start espousing Islam and kneeling at the national anthem? 

Well, the reason can actually be summed up in two words.

No, not “activist girlfriend”, “racial anything”, “free speech”, or everybody’s point of reference, “Donald Trump”.

His reason has nothing to do with religion, neither Islam nor politics. It all comes down to FREE AGENCY.

A free agent is a player who is off one team, for whatever reason, in search for another.

Free agency allows an athlete more negotiating freedom, and a possible promotion. But it’s risky business.

It hinges on another team actually wanting or needing said athlete, and their will to negotiate.

Colin Kaepernick led the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XLI in 2012, where he cried during the national anthem.

By 2016, though, he was no longer the sure-fire starting quarterback.

With his San Francisco tenure collapsing, Colin decided to spice up his value as a future free agent.

He took a knee.

The plan for Colin was to present himself as so controversial and intriguing that no team could turn him down.

NFL team executives knew full well why he did what he did, and won’t hire him.

Michael Sam, Jason Collins, and (to a degree) Tim Tebow all did the same thing to their ruin.

Colin Kaepernick is another athlete attempting to politicize his way through sports.

When you become an athlete known more for your personal beliefs and behaviors, you’re pretty much done, anyhow.

Win games, win money. Lose games, lose money. Anything outside of that means NOTHING in sports.

Nor should it.