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Volume Six, Chapter Six: Not Every Woman Can Be Madonna

I actually used no. 45’s name in that last post. That was the first time I typed that name in months. Why? Because I was that tired of it.

Seeing him on television every fifteen minutes for sixteen months got on my damned nerves. But it never made me hate him.

And hatred of Donald John Trump (Presidential nickname pending) was apparently the primary reason I was supposed to vote for Hillary Rhianna Clinton.

I didn’t like her enough, and didn’t hate him enough, so that instantly sounded dumb as hell to me.

The impression I get is that one of Trump’s biggest sins was being the one obstacle to feminists’ greatest goal: a single-party matriarchy.

It’s hardly going to be mentioned anywhere, but we were literally a single election away from just that.

Had Hillary won, and the Senate went to the Democrats, the already demoralized Republican Party would have been greatly reduced.

To females like Madonna, Chelsea Handler, and Amy Schumer, a world ruled by women with minimal dissent seems like a great idea.

But not every woman can be Madonna, with a carefully structured world to escape to.

A matriarchal society is perfect for affluent females used to footing the bill for men, and men who long to be taken care of.

But a woman who can’t, or just won’t, support a man, or a man who doesn’t want to be kept up by women, will ultimately reject the idea. Even in America.

The feminist movement has worked too well for its own good. It’s fueled by very powerful women.

Powerful, angry, lonely, women.

Next Time: All the things the election WASN’T about, and my favorite meltdown moment.

BTW: Here’s Madonna’s legendary American Bandstand debut, complete with her mission statement. Had she offered to blow domes for the Walt Mondale/Geraldine Ferraro ticket in 1984 like she did for Hillary… Walt still would have lost.