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Volume Six, Chapter Eleven: Remember That Kenyan-Born, Down-Low Guy Running for President?



Despite fake news of being a Kenyan Muslim and on the down low, Barack Hussein Obama won two elections with over half the popular vote.

I usually only watch the national news at the gym. There, it’s muted and requires reading closed-captioning.

Nowadays, I only want news in the background of my day and life. It should only be on while I’m busy doing something else.

I gain nothing from sitting around watching the news, or reading a paper anymore. It’s been thus ever since 2007.

It was then that the entire media began deifying a man they were determined to make the so-called first Black President.

Once that was accomplished, they could proceed to either make him a messiah or antichrist, depending on their Political Church affiliation.

But there were tabloid and gossipy rumors that persist to this day…or as some people would call today, “fake news”.

Depending on who you ask, Barack Hussein Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim who attended Columbia University as a foreign exchange student.

Not only that, he’s either a closeted homosexual or former male hustler who married a woman that was once a man.

And yet, despite this onslaught of fake news, Obama won the Democratic candidacy… and became President.

In 2012, he became the first candidate since Dwight David Eisenhower to win over half the popular vote in two Presidential elections.

To be certain, an adoring media and White guilt played a big role in the Obama wins. But fake news clearly did not.

Obama defeated three candidates who voters were lukewarm about at best, ran energetic, compelling campaigns against them, and won.

That’s how it’s happened in virtually every election since 1964. And yes, that’s what happened in 2016.

Incidentally, the most recent election stands out primarily because the top two candidates both had tons of true baggage on display.

Next time, I’ll get into the one group of people who did more damage to Hillary Rhodam Clinton’s campaign than even her Republican rival.

Of course, these people would never admit to spreading “fake news”… or anything else they’re responsible for.


Volume Three, Chapter Eleven: Yes, America DOES Have a State Religion

On Tuesday,September 11, 2001, I was working, and people kept telling me about a bunch of plane crashes in like an hour. Well, when I went home for lunch, images of the two planes hitting the Twin Towers were all over the place. That night, Whitney Houston’s epic rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” from Super Bowl XXV was all over the place.

On Sunday, September 16, 2001, EVERY church parking lot was full. To look at the evening news, every temple, synagogue, and mosque was, too. America had been attacked by Islamic jihadists, and folks just didn’t know what to do. And the question loomed: how could God allow this to happen to this nation? The 9/11 attacks dramatically changed the religious landscape of America, possibly even the world.

9/11 brought Islam to the forefront, and challenged Christianity. The subsequent War on Terror/Islam, prompted incredible debate all over the country. After a while, all three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) were being scrutinized. But by 2007, Christianity and Islam were merely talking points. The next year, a professing United Church of Christ member with a Muslim upbringing became the President of the United States.

The election of Barack Hussein “The Long-Legged Mack Daddy” Obama established identity politics as the official U.S. religion.

And if you’re one of those who still has a strong reaction to his Presidential nickname, thank you for proving my point.

As I said back in 2012, religion allows you to do, say, and believe things you wouldn’t otherwise. Since that time, we’ve seen heroes and heathens come and go with breakneck speed. The bar to decide who’s who is incredibly low. A person can switch sides based on a few words. Identity politics have a lot in common with the other three formerly major religions in America.

Ideological Purity:  Jews, Christians, and Muslims are demanded to believe and do certain things. So are ethnic and sexual minorities. And to hear it from the plurality of tribes to choose from, you’d think they were all different. But the vegan could pass for a Seventh-Day Adventist. Not all Democrats celebrate abortion. And some of the most loyal conservatives are not old White males. Such abnormalities are considered heretics, but they can always redeem themselves… in a way.

Evangelism/Soul Winning: The whole point of a debate, especially online, is not just to say one won. It’s also to get others on their side. The thinking is that the more “converts” one has, the more prestige they’ll get when things fall in place… assuming they ever even do. Or, as they say in church, they’ll have more stars in their crown. The whole point is to hopefully endear one’s self to those in charge of their selected great and noble cause. That goes right along with…

Works Orientation:  As long as you publicly do certain things, you can pretty much live how you want. We’ve all seen the zealous Southern Baptist making sure everybody sees him praying. Then we find out he abuses some family member. The exhibitionist ice-bucket challenger or the guy who quotes some ideologue to promote their ministry cause is right next door to him ideologically. All of them ultimately do it to exhalt themselves and to secure…

“Everlasting Life”: Nobody likes to consider the fact that we’re all going to die one day. So we do what we can to avoid eternal torment and aim for eternal bliss. When you don’t believe in heaven or hell, just aim for “the right side of history” or “what’s best for the family”. The communion in hope of remembrance, the desperate need to be remembered as a pure and noble person, is binding. And blinding, as I’ll show next time in the conclusion of Volume Three.

Volume Two Finale: Vince/Austin 2016

In this, the finale of Volume Two, I’d really just like to add more perspective to many of the things I’ve witnessed.

I never, ever feel bad for mocking Afrocentrism. First of all, not everybody Black engages in it. Secondly, seventy percent of its apologists live in middle-class and mostly White suburbs. And they support Afrocentrism to keep inner city Blacks “in their place”. If you really want to know what White liberals think of Afrocentric culture, look no further than who they elected as the so-called First President: a biracial man raised everywhere but the “hood”. Even worse, look at the virtually any statistic for Black people since 2009.

A lot of my LGBTetc. activist animus stems from my experiences with Afrocentrism. Credit should always be given where it’s due; their rise to prominence happened pretty fast. But they, like Afrocentric peddlers, tend to exalt the lowest common denominator in their community. That’s why there’s so much “gift-giving” and domestic violence in a very small community. And allowing it to go unchecked can undermine any progress made. And no, people do not have to others solely because of who they sleep with. Hell, you don’t, so why should anybody else?

Presidential Candidate and former Illinois Senator Barack Hussein “The Long-Legged Daddy” Obama is, in my view, one of the greatest campaigners of all time. But as the 44th President of the United States, he’s one of the worst Affirmative Action hires in history. You know how AA works: find the first non-White you can, promote him like hell, set him up as a figurehead… and let everybody else lead from behind. As author Shelby Steele points out, “President Obama is more of a cultural phenomenon than a political one”.

Even when the Republican Party did not have a sitting President, they were often the steady, trusted, fiscally responsible hand in Washington. The terms of both Presidents Bush killed that notion. The re-election of Obama has sent them absolutely into chaos. The days of riding the coattails of Ronald Reagan and the Christian Coalition are no more. The Tea Party, touted as a return to the old school GOP, have proven to be anything but. They’ve been relegated to mostly state and local  politics, with their most prominent national figures just kicking back. Why not? They’ll be re-elected out of brand loyalty, anyhow… with the Tea Party in tow.

The Religious Right called Mormonism a polygamist cult for years, then claimed that a Mormon elder, as President, could “bring America back to God”. The same fundamentalist who condemns homosexuality can be found all over GayPatriot comment sections, and letting their near-nude preteen daughters hustle grown men at a church car wash. With no sin left to rail against (the same-sex marriage issue is summarily decided), the religious right is rapidly evaporating as a key force in society. 

And since Gay Conservatives seem to be the only ones giving religionists any sympathy, one has to ask: with same-sex marriages federally recognized, is refusing to get one with your lover make you “living in sin” and “shacking up”?

A young guy from Canada recently pointed out something about most American “atheists”. They are actually not atheists, who do not acknowledge an absolute final sovereignty. Because their worship is ultimately either their culture or, more than likely, an all-powerful government that protects them from their ideological enemies and themselves, they are, by definition, Statists. All religions and the main two political parties have embraced it as of late. And much like those who worshiped the Austrian house painter or the Chinese rice farmer, they’ll bring a whole nation down in the abyss.

If you really want to see if things like MulticulturalismBalkanization, or any form of identity politics has ever worked here’s an idea. Ask your local gay, Black, fundamentalist, Muslim, “atheist” and moderate the best time they’ve lived through in their respective movement. NONE of their answers will match.

President Obama is the best thing to ever happen to talk radio. What else would Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin do without him and the Democratic Party? The Advocate Magazine spends over sixty-five percent of its web space railing on Republicans or somebody else that hurts their feewings. But in the end their greatest and most prosperous weapon is… their biggest opponent.

The same people who swear by talk radio and MSNBC ridicule Vince McMahon and WWE. The funny part is, Vince is more honest than they are.When Vince McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin got done beating each other up, they both went out drinking, often to the same bar. But they both knew, and even now openly admit, they needed each other… to draw a happily paying audience. WWE fans know it’s scripted, too, but the whole point is to be entertained. Yeah, they get emotional at times, but eventually the match is over, and you’ve got to go home and get ready for the work week. (Shout out to Vince “Not McMahon” Smetana on that one) . And it’s fine to agree with people like Rush or Rachel Maddow, and buy their merchandise. But every so often, I think like other WWE fans. I can enjoy the spectacle, but recognize it as such… especially when it’s not on.

Volume Two, Chapter Eleven: MORE Senstitivity Issues

I though this was it for Volume Two, but the hits just keep on coming.

Last posting, it was all about Cultural Senstitivity Week. It began a news cycle centered around virtually every little niche of society airing their grievances with everybody else. Well, the beat goes on. White Hispanic George Zimmerman’s trial for killing Black teen Trayvon Martin is still drawing huge attention for some reason. The immigration reform battles in Washington are now full scale. In addition, the celebrity and scholastic realms have had some culturally insenstitive riptides, too.

The biggest meltdown is easily the trials and tribulations of Southern-fried Obamaite Paula Deen. Another white female recently sued her for racial discrimination. Soon, the press began to unveil years of Deen using culturally insenstitive language, the most recent occurrence being two years ago (the target of that particular “RACISM!” never sued, but now he probably will). Her teary, mascara-smeared apologies have brought her under the tutelage of identity politician par excellence, Reverend Jesse Jackson. Between the massive endorsement boycotts and departure from the Food Network, and Jesse’s toxic touch, Ms. Deen is now the entree.

Volatile actor Alec Baldwin recently called an antagonist male reporter a “queen”, which is  “HOMOPHOBIA!”  Conservative groups, among whom several are also gay, are demanding Baldwin be fired as a spokesman for credit card company Capital One. Their main beef is not the homophobic remarks themselves, but rather the blatant double standard of leftists, who crucify conservatives for anti-gay language. Little do they realize that an apology, a little spare change, and a collective hatred of conservatism heals all LGBTetc.  activist wounds inflicted by their fellow leftists. And nobody’s forgot how much cash they just raised and spent unsuccessfully fighting same-sex marriage while snubbing gay conservative groups. Such people are often their staunchest supporters, despite the vile flack they get from other gay people.

The Democratic Party is built on its multitude of victim groups. Afrocentric Blacks were the preeminent victims from the New Deal until 2008, when the Black community helped pass California’s Proposition 8, banning same-sex marriages. Since then, the LGBTetc. crowd has taken their victim status. On his and Tavis Smiley’s radio broadcast, Afrocentric professor Dr. Cornel West lamented the status loss. Despite LGBTetc. thought police GLAAD’s best attempts  to defuse the situation, Dr. West is actually repeating a refrain commonly heard in Afrocentric circles; he was just wise enough to temper his words to avoid GLAAD’s wrath.

Multitudes of subcultures only gather to fight a common enemy or exalt a common social deity, then revert right back to tribalism. Fundamentalists routinely dominate the conservative GayPatriot come time to rail against Democrats, and stick around to condemn same-sex marriage (If homosexuality is so wrong, you’d think they’d avoid a site called GayPatriot.) Blatant racists comfortably appear at gatherings for Black conservatives like those for Project 21. And because they’re seeking favor with even the lowest common denominator in a political party, they (as well as the Democrat subcultures) have to sit back and take all kinds of sh*t. The highest price of multiculturalism/identity politics of this type will always be your own dignity. 

Contrary to popular belief, most people are not like the MSNBC, Centric, or conservative talk show crowds, who are ultimately whores guided by political or cultural tribalism. Ask the Republican Party. Many White males, their most loyal voting bloc, refused to vote Republican on the 2012 Election Day rather than be associated with fools like GayPatriot’s token religionist, JMan1961. Ask the Afrocentric crowd, who have seen fellow Black people like Tommy Sotomayor and James David Manning become popular by ridiculing Afrocentrism’s guttural culture. Ask the LGBTetc. activist crowd how a guy like Kevin Dujan can openly take on the dubious antics of the “Great Society for Tolerance”.  And ask the Democratic Party if their inculcation is universal. According  to current multicultural doctrine, the Black Derrick “TMOT” Grayson and lesbian Lori Heine are default Democrats and “atheists”.  Instead, both are Christian Libertarians who tend to call out any problem on both far sides of the social spectrum.

In the 2012 Presidential election, 140M people voted. The total United States is 310M. In other words, not even half of the American population allows the political and cultural happenings to dictate their lives. If you’ve already got your mind made up to live a certain way, politics, especially identity politics, have virtually no effect on you. Blind adherence to a “great cause” has led to the rise of many dictators. With such behavior taking place in America,  it’s those who don’t unilaterally adhere to a political or social agenda that are the only wall between true freedom and Balkanization… or worse, apartheid.

Alright, that’s about enough of the whole senstitivity issue. Seeing as though I’m a Black, gay, moderate, Libertarian Deist, I don’t have all damned year to sort out my official niche. And that’s fine, since I tend to reason things out better as simply Douglas Wayne Tipton, anyhow. Next posting will ABSOLUTELY be the Volume Two finale. It’ll involve several guys called… Vince. But in closing, I’d like to bring back a 2012 op-ed found in, ironically, the New York Times, from one of the most universally insenstitive people of all time….

Volume Two, Chapter Seven: Charles Foster Kane vs. Jim W. Gettys

There has to be a specific reason for “minorities” to leave their birthright, the Democratic Party. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT, repeat, NOT, because of “self-loathing”. Let me tell you what self-loathing looks like. It’s raising babies in poverty just long enough to send them to jail and/or the grave. It’s “Hoodie Marches” when a White Hispanic kills a Black teenager, but thinking it normal when Blacks kill Blacks. It’s screaming “Racism!” while living in a White neighborhood. It’s letting somebody spread AIDS in your community and not stigmatizing them. And any minority who excuses or profits from these things is definitely self-loathing. These are the reasons minorities leave the Democratic Party. It’s better to trust those who promise nothing than those who let you do yourself in. It’s predatory, it’s blatant, and nothing good has ever come out of it.

The Republican and Libertarian Parties have never encouraged such bloodletting. But the Republicans in particular are taking on some other Democrat characteristics. It’s not like people have a high standard for Democrats. But the Republicans are held to a higher standard, mostly because for years they’ve been able to meet it. Democratic traits are now commonplace in conservative areas. This has alienated loyal voters, who became conservative to escape these behaviors.

Brand Loyalty: John Sidney McCain is/was a longtime Arizona Senator whose often contradictory stances on issues kept him in politics, but nowhere near the White House. The established GOP members liked him. Voters, his opponents in the Republican primaries, and conservative radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, did not. When he became the 2008 GOP Presidential nominee, conservative media actually urged voters to support him. The Tea Party and conservative media constantly referred to former Massachusetts Governor Willard “Mitt” Romney as “Flip-Flop Romney” throughout the 2012 Election season. When Romney became the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee, it was the conservative media and Tea Party that declared him the “last hope for America”. The Republicans who wouldn’t settle for Romney have a lot more integrity than the two-faced brand loyalists who despised him six months prior. Brand Loyalty works great with Democrats, but seldom with more independent-minded adults, the majority in the GOP.

The Leader Lie: The concept of any politician as the “last hope of America” bothers me. America is a group of individuals, or even individual groups, able to coexist, with elected representatives working together when possible. North Korea is a dictatorship, where one man, through self-appointed officials, dictates his whims on the people. LGBTetc. and “Afrocentric” Black activists are constantly crying out for role models and leaders. When left to themselves, the results are usually those mentioned in the first paragraph. To think that entrepreneurs and successful capitalists would embrace such a philosophy is very troubling.

Statism/Identity Politics: This whole tear I’m on right now came from an interaction with a conservative statist. You know the type: he’s all about “LESS GOVERNMENT!” when it comes to business, but wants to use the government to decide who’s rewarded federal goodies based on their personal lives. Less government can’t just be less in certain parts, and more in others. The “LESS GOVERNMENT!” shout is just like the Democrats’ “EQUALITY!” or Ric Flair’s “WHOOO!”: it’s familiar, stimulating, and, after watching the government’s size explode under both parties consistently for decades, actually pretty pointless. The Democrats have mastered using politics as a platform for “social justice” and “identity politics”. The GOP may claim otherwise, but they’ve just tried it with the DOMA-supporting Romney, and lost big time. The 1990’s welfare reform, devised by House Speaker Newton Leroy Gingrich and signed by President William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton, is an excellent example of how well a conservative plan can work when executed with class and respect.

Hustlers vs. Hypocrites: In Orson Welles’ most famous film, Citizen Kane, the protagonist, Charles Foster Kane, ran for New York Governor. His opponent was the incumbent, Jim W. Gettys. Gettys was a lot like President Barack Hussein “the Long-Legged Mack  Daddy” Obama. He was a true hustler: you knew what he was, and he never really hid it. He also knew the virtuous Kane had some shade about him, too. And by the time Election Day arrives, the voters know it as well. As in real life, the hypocrite Charles Foster Kane ultimately lost to the hustler Jim W. Gettys. In modern terms, the hypocrite in GOP circles is not necessarily the candidate, but those promoting him after destroying him for months prior.

Since the biracial Obama is the “first Black President”, there will be no novelty for Republicans to compete with (unless Hillary Rodham Clinton runs). But politics has become less about policy and more about ideology. A candidate’s stances, supporters, and detractors, now shape them. That’s why Ron and his obsessive PaulBots with their Obamaite antics tanked. Independent and discerning voters turned on MSNBC or FOX News. They also looked at the progressive and conservatives websites and the comments left by their respective sycophants. Many saw no major difference between them, and therefore saw no reason to vote for either. With the Tea Party crowd ripping two consecutive Republican candidates, promoting them a short while later, and cursing those who didn’t join in on the about-face, what was the voter to do? They stayed home. It wasn’t voter massive fraud. It wasn’t Satan. It was the fact that intelligent people don’t vote for just anybody; they don’t settle for whatever their party sets out for them. They don’t vote for leaders; they lead themselves. They don’t need the government to validate them.They validate themselves. And they know hustlers and hypocrites when they see them… and reject them both. If your strongest case for a candidate is he’s not his opponent, you don’t have much more to offer.

In closing, I’d like to thank Canadian Rattlesnake for bringing conservative statism up, Minister Derrick “TMOT” Grayson for the “Leadership Lie” video, and you for reading.

TMOT- White People: Victim to the Leadership Lie

Volume Two, Chapter Three: Ivy Leaguers Talking in Tongues

It was Mother’s Day, 2001. I was working for Eckard (now Rite-Aid) Drug Stores on their  regional remodeling team. We had been in Dallas for about a month at that point. I had been out all Saturday night, but a coworker decided she just had to go to church. Joanie Allen-Brooks, a retired Air Force SSGT had nobody to go to church with her. It was Mother’s Day, and she was a mother, so I decided to play “son” and go. She chose the Potter’s House as the place of worship. We had to get there an hour early just to get parking on a regular Sunday. Since it was Mother’s Day, it meant getting there two hours early.

Midway through the service, after a quiet period and offering (you ever notice how most megachurches always take up the offering before the sermon? Just saying…), the band broke out in the mandatory praise break. This is when the band just breaks out with a roaring tune, and all the Holy Ghost commotion starts. Joanie and some girl got the doing their thing in the aisle and tried to get me out there. Then this blonde guy came flying down the aisle, and joined in on the action. Twenty minutes later, the music stopped. Then came Bishop T.D. Jakes himself.

I can’t remember what he said verbatim, but I do know it was about the labor pains we all go through to produce something beautiful. With his forceful command to “PUSH! PUSH! PUSH!” the buck dancing and tongue talking cranked up again. Then, Jakes wrapped it up with a benediction, and it was soon all over. We went back to the parking lot, looked for the car for 30 minutes, finally found it, and left.

Ivy League people often frown on holy hootenannies like Jakes, Jimmy Swaggart and Peter Popoff, and view those who engage in such theatrics as trashy and ignorant. Yet they themselves have been emoting all over the place in honor of their new god as well. And to them, it’s the only game in town.

The worship of President Obama is a religious movement second only to the work of Dr. Billy Graham. “Obamaism” has White folks going to “CHUCH!”, showing up two hours early just to see him, throwing money at his feet, buck dancing, and, ironically, has Ivy Leaguers talking in tongues.


Oh, yes, friends. Obamaism allows people to say incoherent things, and blast those who call it nonsense. It’s not quoting some Mid-East mantra or that… whatever it is that’s spoken in Pentecostal churches. It’s usually in English or Spanish. The words are familiar, everyday words, yet they’re often combined with others into phrases  that the speaker will insist are only clear to the “enlightened”/agreeing hearer, much like Hebrew prayers or Latin in a cathedral.

Take the term “Marriage Equality“. This denotes that lesbian and gay male couples should have the same “rights”, i.e. tax breaks and legal recognition, of heterosexual couples. That in and of itself seems pretty innocuous. However, even with all the “rights” in the world, all marriages aren’t equal. Any one of former House Speaker Newton Leroy Gingrich’s three marriages is NOT equal to Dr. Billy and Ruth Graham’s single, 64-year marriage that only ended with Ruth’s passing in 2007. In legal terms, sure. But if all it takes is a nationally recognized wedding certificate to put a couple on par with Newt or the Grahams, that’s uplifting the former, and diminishing the latter. And “right to marry” doesn’t count either, because anybody has the “right” to the government goodies when they marry the opposite gender. But hey, it only has to sound good…

Then there’s “Right to Choose“, or “Pro-Choice“. This describes women’s desire to have access to birth control and abortions. Women, like most sentient beings, have the right to choose pretty much everything, from clothes to where they live. They can even choose to have sex, which increases the chance of getting pregnant. Women have the right to terminate a pregnancy if they choose or prevent one via contraception. Somehow, this translates into complete strangers paying for her safeguards from pregnancy while she’s having sex. If I walked up to you on the street one day and asked you to buy me a box of condoms, would you do it? On top of that, gay guys actually scream loudest for this “right” for women…  then demand permission to adopt a child.

Immigration Reform” basically defines the process of  lowering (or raising, depending on who you ask) the requirements for U.S. citizenship for those that are here both legally and illegally. To the race hustlers and President Obama, this somehow translates to not only open borders, but free education and employment affirmative action to the children of illegals. That’s what they basically got in July, with one million illegals getting work visas, and twenty-three million legal citizens still out of work. It was great for the Obamaites, who often pay illegals under the table. It was hurtful to those unskilled or newly adult workers, who were knocked out of the job market.

Obamaites can turn on MSNBC get their praise on. They can go on pretty much any website, make proselytes, and scourge infidels. Go downtown, and you’re bound to see someone with an Obama vestry on. (You’ll see the occasional PaulBot or Romneyizer, but they’ll come and go with little fanfare.) But be it 2013 or 2017, Barack Hussein Obama will give that final benediction. The Long-Legged Mack Daddy will walk that aisle, as Ric Flair says, for the last time as the 44th President of the United States of America.  The Obamaites will have to find ways to spend their days. It won’t be easy. When the cost of ObamaCare comes due, tax hikes hit the “middle-class” starting in 2013, and foreigners get a job sooner than a person born here can, all the various groups the Democratic Party will turn on each other.

Volume Two, Number Two: The Two Phrases That Excuse Everything

For the last four or five years, the United States have had a very unstable economy. It’s partly the culmination of a century of government expansion that’s treated the United States Constitution as a malleable “living document”. Countless laws and legislation have expanded governmental scope… and costs. All these activities, however, are only a symptom of the problem. The problem lies in the one place no American wants to admit. That fact keeps them dependent on politicians who will shield them from the truth. You see, the problem is NOT ultimately in Washington, D.C. The problem lies in those who send people to Washington to enact policies. And who does that?

The American voters.

Elected officials represent the will of the voting public. But people love to bitch when the negative consequences to their will surfaces. They want a “safety net” to catch them when they fall. And so long as they can quote Jesus from Matthew 7:1 (Judge not, lest ye be judged) when their lusts come back to haunt them, or quote rapper Silkk the Shocka’s 1999 hit, “It Ain’t My Fault”, it’ll all work itself out. Only when somebody is out to pull some slick sh*t would the words of Jesus and a No Limit Soldier be used interchangeably.

On Tuesday, November 4th, 2008,  Americans elected Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America. The hope for many was that maybe, just maybe, the Black community would reignite the upward mobility that it saw under Bill Clinton, the original “first Black President”. They’d finally stop screaming “RACISM!”, and the self-destruction would at least subside a little. Four years later, Black unemployment is 14.3%, twice the national average. And a soldier in Afghanistan is safer than a young Black male in inner cities like Chicago’s South Side. But over and over again, it’s cried out: “We shouldn’t judge the less fortunate. You know how we do. We gotta keep it real.”

The Hindus and Asians that sell Black folks Newports and lottery tickets always start out “less fortunate”, but when’s the last time you heard of  Hindu gang banging? Do you see any Asian “baby’s mammas”. They usually get into college through their parents or grades, not affirmative action. Black people are holding “hoodie marches” for a Black teen killed by a “White Hispanic”, yet are quick to justify Blacks shooting each other. (BTW, do you know anybody anywhere who used “White Hispanic” prior to 2012?)  The election of the biracial Barrack Hussein Obama, who was raised as far away from the “Black experience” as one can get, is the most damning indictment on the whole “Afrocentric” mentality.

If you get through one comment thread on an LGBT website without the mention of the religious right or Republicans, you’ve hit paydirt. Yet many gay people see through the facade, and know where the bulk of fault lies.When it comes to light, here we go: “We’re born this way.” “There’s more AIDS cases in Africa than in America.”

Behavior (the content of one’s character, as Dr. King would say) is actually the best way to judge people. Liberal males often laugh behind the activists’ back after his emotional Harvey Milk speech. They know that there’s a high percentage of  “hate crimes” that are faked, or instigated by the “victim’s” harassment. Most legislators who pass  favorable LGBTetc. laws pull their children out of the public schools, away from the PC nonsense championed by the sick Dan Savages of the world. And what could the impoverished Africans and the preppy White boy on Grindr have in common? Indiscriminate sexual behavior. A while back, I knew of a guy who was spreading HIV and not disclosing his status, which is actually a punishable crime. I actually got cussed out for saying something to him. Nonjudgmental-ism and ZERO accountability in the LGBTetc. community can, does, and will continue to kill.

Congressman Barney Frank suggested that banks lower their credit standards for home buyers to prevent “redlining”, the real estate practice of over pricing a house to prevent unwanted buyers (i.e. minorities) from residing in certain neighborhoods. Those same people who bought the houses in the 90’s were losing them barely a decade later. In 2008, just months before leaving the White House, President George W. Bush pushed to save the banks that made the bad housing deals from financial ruin. When Obama took over the reins, he gave people just what they wanted: nonjudgmental buck-passing. “You had the right to enjoy your home. These banks had no right to put you in this mess. We’ll get you out of this.”

If we’re being brutally honest here, many of these buyers simply were not in a position to buy houses. The issue was usually their credit history, not racism. Bankers had to do some crazy number-crunching to qualify these high-risk people for a big loan. When you buy a house outside your means just to keep up with the Jonses, only to find out the Jonses are broke, too, sh*t happens. And for people to expect the President of the United States to protect them from their own ignorant, selfish decisions (and for him to actually DO IT) is outrageous. Yet it happens all the time.

Black leaders like Maxine Waters live it up while her constituents gun each other down. The gay rights movement is actually founded on the greatest self-inflicted plague of the last 70 years, and yet activists will let their people get literally d*cked to death. And people living far beyond their means have now had their chickens come home to roost. Yet those who have used government to come in and fix up their personal f*ck ups have brought EVERYBODY down with them. So the issue in this campaign is not actually Barack Obama or Willard Romney. They can only do what he’s allowed to do. “Judge not” and tell people “it ain’t their fault”, then leave innocents to suffer for things they never did.