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Volume Seven, Chapter Five: Nicholas Cruz and Tide Pods

My last post on this site was in September, at the height of the NFL/National Anthem furor. I had already seen through the whole thing, and was done with it. ALL of it.

The “national debates” are distractions from someone f*cking up. The anthem drama started because a struggling quarterback wanted a raise.

Fading beauties who used to trade on their looks but could no longer do so began screaming “ME TOO!” in hopes of one final attention and money grab.

And in the wake of a Florida high school shooting, parents are proudly sending their teens to Washington to protest gun violence and seek more gun laws.

But Adam Lanza and Nicholas Cruz, among many others, are NOT the products of lax laws or public policy.

Everybody slams millenials and young people for their shooting, eating Tide Pods, and all the other dumb sh!t they do.

Why do they insist on such things? Because they want attention. Why do they need this attention? Because they seldom get proper guidance and attention at home.

And why are they not getting attention at home? Ask the adults around them… assuming they’re not too busy with more “important” matters.

There are parents in America who know all about a President’s sex life, yet have no idea who’s been in their daughter’s room.

They can spend all day flagging videos on YouTube, while their son is joining some rogue outfit that’s not on mainstream outlets.

And many of the kids eating Tide Pods, especially the boys, started out on behavioral pills given to them by pill-addicted adults too “busy” for them.

In those cases, children only become a focal point when either they can allow their parents some glory, or interrupt their parents’ day.

The next time an elected official point blank says “it starts at home” will be either the first or last time for most people to hear such words.

To say that does not allow for flesh to glory, offends potential voters, and more importantly, puts the blame where it actually belongs.

All these people committing these atrocities starts out with a home life. A cursory look at their backgrounds will show the roots of their madness.

All the marches in the world won’t hide the fact that American parents, have failed, indeed neglected, their children.

Blaming politicians, laws, entertainment, and anything else for a teen’s actions is in fact a sweeping indictment on those who do it.

To seek an outside scapegoat alone signifies their own dereliction of duty.

Junkie and lazy parents pass on their bad habits, then run to politics to avoid facing their own indiscretions. Or so they believe.

Then adults have the nerve to feign shock and outrage when a young person acts just like them.

But Nicholas Cruz and the Tide Pod crew are as American as apple pie, merely spinoffs of the examples and license given to them.

Next time: Why a prominent White Nationalist is giving up his gimmick.


Volume Seven, Chapter Four: The Best Time to Go to Church 

Please, folks, go to church before the ball game, not during it.

People have a right to enjoy things without somebody presenting everything as some sort of morality tale or whatever.

If there is some sort of moral in this Colin Kaepernick deal, it does not pertain to Islam, politics, or any other religion.

If anything, it shows why assuming everybody’s going to go along with one’s self-serving drama always fails.

So why did Colin Kaepernick start espousing Islam and kneeling at the national anthem? 

Well, the reason can actually be summed up in two words.

No, not “activist girlfriend”, “racial anything”, “free speech”, or everybody’s point of reference, “Donald Trump”.

His reason has nothing to do with religion, neither Islam nor politics. It all comes down to FREE AGENCY.

A free agent is a player who is off one team, for whatever reason, in search for another.

Free agency allows an athlete more negotiating freedom, and a possible promotion. But it’s risky business.

It hinges on another team actually wanting or needing said athlete, and their will to negotiate.

Colin Kaepernick led the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XLI in 2012, where he cried during the national anthem.

By 2016, though, he was no longer the sure-fire starting quarterback.

With his San Francisco tenure collapsing, Colin decided to spice up his value as a future free agent.

He took a knee.

The plan for Colin was to present himself as so controversial and intriguing that no team could turn him down.

NFL team executives knew full well why he did what he did, and won’t hire him.

Michael Sam, Jason Collins, and (to a degree) Tim Tebow all did the same thing to their ruin.

Colin Kaepernick is another athlete attempting to politicize his way through sports.

When you become an athlete known more for your personal beliefs and behaviors, you’re pretty much done, anyhow.

Win games, win money. Lose games, lose money. Anything outside of that means NOTHING in sports.

Nor should it.

Volume Seven, Chapter Three: He’s Only Sinning Like His Critics

The Joel Olsteen controversy is just another chapter in the battle between America’s top two religions.

Political Church members hate to see Christianity one up them.

This is especially true of the equally shady Prosperity brand. And both prosper through 501 (c) 3 status.

The “nonprofit” hustle has flourished for decades, particularly when they’re aimed at the inner cities.

Churches and charities don’t pay taxes, so long as they can claim to be helping someone.

“Helping” is the key word there. To eradicate a problem entirely could hurt the money flow.

This allows their executives to live lavish lifestyles, while volunteers and cheap workers do the actual labor.

In the case of churches, it’s the members, mostly affluent females, that openly encourage pastors to live big.

Thus a Joel or a Creflo, fueled by lustful congregants and tax exemption, can live the life fandango.

It should also be noted that offerings and donations to churches and charities can go towards individuals’ tax breaks.

They bless God’s man, and God’s supposed to bless them. Just one greedy hand washing another, really.

This is why I’m not feigning outrage over Joel Olsteen. His not opening his church doors isn’t shocking.

He’s just another tax exempt hustler doing what comes naturally.

Next Time: Marvel Comics malaise and “message movie” madness.



Volume Seven, Chapter Two: A Pair of Good Weeks

How often can it be said that an eclipse, a fight, and a hurricane brought out the best in people?

Well, over the last two weeks, that’s what has happened. If only for that long, people in America got along really well.

If you turn off cable news and social media often, as I’ve learned to do, you already know that’s not unusual.

But to see people working, joking, and just… being together- on media, at that- is.

Once-in-a-lifetime or freak occurrences tend to do that. They allow us to do or witness things we normally wouldn’t.

Most of us will only see two solar eclipses in our lifetimes. I fell asleep from this last one on the 21st.

I saw all kinds of people lined up outside waiting for it, though. No arguing over those glasses or whatever. Just chatting.

August 26th is a cousin’s birthday, and the anniversary of my stopping drugs.

This year also, Floyd Mayweather fought UFC superstar Conor McGregor, and Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas.

Floyd and Conor had incredibly diverse fans, had an incredible fight, and took home incredible money.

Mayweather will retire 50-0, the greatest professional boxing record recorded. McGregor went 10 rounds with him.

And the people of Houston, Texas, and countless others from across the nation, showed incredible selflessness.

I’m not keeping a diversity scorecard. There’s probably one of everything aiding somebody else.

I know this because that’s what decent people do in times of real crisis. They work together. They help one another.

They can set aside their petty differences to do right because it’s right, as Principal Warren used to say.

I can only applaud and show respect to the many who are willingly going without to help those in need.

There is no one or two to single out for accolades. I’m talking about ALL those doing what they can.

Indeed, Houston, and really the last few weeks, show America at its best. And that greatness never went anywhere.

It’s just more convenient for anal-ists and ex-perts to play it down.

Next time: When Joel Olsteen got caught acting like his critics…

Volume Seven, Chapter One: The Charlottesville Spit Shine

For the three weeks now, people have been trying to dig up some morality from a situation that had none.

There were no good guys running things in Charlottesville. Not a one.

Charlottesville was nothing but a Whiter, better dressed, and better funded episode of inner city gang violence.

That statue, that people drive by everyday en route to an $80K a year job, was just a spilled drink: a petty @ss reason to fight.

The city of Charlottesville was the mutually-agreed upon place for the brawl, just like a hood gas station or park.

Just like with the Bloods and the Cryps, there were people who didn’t give a f*ck about anybody involved egging them on.

Then apologists came out to defend the “good people” who died and participated in the violence when it ended.

And in the end, nobody, save the ravenous audience that sat back watching and profitting, has anything to show for it.

Now, I don’t expect a person to refer to their loved one as a thug, even if they do live and possibly die as one.

But to see people dress that thuggery up would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.

That was not a damned free speech rally on August 12, and those were not peaceful counter-demonstrators.

And they weren’t fighting for civil rights, either. 

Half those “free speech advocates”, including the event’s organizer, were recently Occupiers and Obamaites.

These were two packs of thugs descending on a town with the mutually express purpose of violence and destruction.

An anti-fascist movement using SA and SS tactics to silence opponents? 

A bunch of White guys blaming every other race for policies they championed to impress women?

Nobody can name how groups like Antifa or White Nationalists have added to society, or sucessfully defended anything. 

But these are heroes?


The fact that some of them had a degree, a job and came from good families, is irrelevant.

That they gathered in the name of their. respective Political Church does NOT sanctify their actions.

If anything, it makes them less than the hood gangbanger.

Next time: some actual heroes, many of them from the same area. And they don’t seek glory, either.

Volume Six Finale: The Origin of the 2016 Fake News?

So I f*cked around and watched the CBS Evening News the other night. Big surprise, it was more on this colluding angle…

If there was concrete evidence that the Russians physically manipulated the ballot count, I’d be the first guy in line to demand impeachment.

But that CBS report, and the entire CNN marathon on this from what I read on TV at the gym, says THE VOTE WAS NOT ALTERED.

The focus of that particular report concerned how leaked emails and (wait for it) fake news affected the 2016 Election.

Common sense tells people that certain conversations shouldn’t be held on an internet-based information system.

This does not excuse the hacking. But it doesn’t excuse somebody talking too damned much about other people, either.

As I’ve mentioned before, neither Trump nor Hillary cleared half the popular vote in 2016. Their baggage wouldn’t allow for it.

But from who and where did the most damning charges against Hillary come from?

No conservative anybody or anything hurt Hillary the most. The greatest damage came from within her own Democratic Party.

Throughout the primaries, Berniebots were more viscous towards Hillary than Bernie Sanders himself… or even Trump.

She was the corporate shill who used her influence to deny the officially Independent Sanders the Democratic nomination.

Her husband was a known womanizer and racist who incarcerated many Blacks.

These statements were sent all over the Internet, and anybody within a Berniebot’s visual or hearing range.

They tore into her all the way up to the DNC Convention, when they suddenly decided to stand with her.

You know, once people free themselves to embrace deviancy, they seldom admit they’re wrong, or keep up with their own antics.

The problem is that non-deviants do take note. Voters remembered all the things these folks said about their former enemy.

They also saw how so many of these people picked fights at Trump rallies, and wrecked college campuses that hosted conservative speakers.

They saw how these people simply jumped on the assumed sure-fire winner’s side, and were leery.

After all, if they act like this during the campaign, what will they do with the Presidency backing them?

One foul-mouthed man as President would be a lot easier to harness than a fascistic group of private citizens enabled by the Oval Office.

And by the way, most of Trump’s talking points on Hillary came from the primary debates and Berniebot posts.

So, were the things said in the primaries about Hillary fake news? Were the rally brawls fake news?

What about the campus riots, and calling conservative minorities slurs? Were those fake news items?

This fake news angle is merely a distraction from the pain of a self-inflicted wound… and an elaborate coping mechanism.

Volume Six, Chapter Eleven: Remember That Kenyan-Born, Down-Low Guy Running for President?



Despite fake news of being a Kenyan Muslim and on the down low, Barack Hussein Obama won two elections with over half the popular vote.

I usually only watch the national news at the gym. There, it’s muted and requires reading closed-captioning.

Nowadays, I only want news in the background of my day and life. It should only be on while I’m busy doing something else.

I gain nothing from sitting around watching the news, or reading a paper anymore. It’s been thus ever since 2007.

It was then that the entire media began deifying a man they were determined to make the so-called first Black President.

Once that was accomplished, they could proceed to either make him a messiah or antichrist, depending on their Political Church affiliation.

But there were tabloid and gossipy rumors that persist to this day…or as some people would call today, “fake news”.

Depending on who you ask, Barack Hussein Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim who attended Columbia University as a foreign exchange student.

Not only that, he’s either a closeted homosexual or former male hustler who married a woman that was once a man.

And yet, despite this onslaught of fake news, Obama won the Democratic candidacy… and became President.

In 2012, he became the first candidate since Dwight David Eisenhower to win over half the popular vote in two Presidential elections.

To be certain, an adoring media and White guilt played a big role in the Obama wins. But fake news clearly did not.

Obama defeated three candidates who voters were lukewarm about at best, ran energetic, compelling campaigns against them, and won.

That’s how it’s happened in virtually every election since 1964. And yes, that’s what happened in 2016.

Incidentally, the most recent election stands out primarily because the top two candidates both had tons of true baggage on display.

Next time, I’ll get into the one group of people who did more damage to Hillary Rhodam Clinton’s campaign than even her Republican rival.

Of course, these people would never admit to spreading “fake news”… or anything else they’re responsible for.


With the sh!t going on at my new job, and my longtime computer finally dying, I haven’t been able to really post anything.

Well, by July 26th at the latest, I’ll have time to get a new laptop, and post. A certain event is reaching its 20th anniversary, and I’ve got to cover that one.

Incidentally, the date of that incident is the same as the most recent major date on my personal calendar…

November 9, 2016.

See you in a few, and thanx for your patience.

Volume Six,Chapter Ten: Bright-Burning Candles

During a Presidential Election season, fiery agent provocateurs can become superstars overnight. Keeping that status after an election is very difficult.

When things begin dying down, people have time to think things through… and check for baggage. If a person is a bigger risk than they are a reward, they’re tossed aside.

Well, the election is now over.It’s time to regroup, win or lose. You can’t keep your car running all damned day and not run out of gas.

Nonstop revolutionary and reactionary habits are being shunned by the vast majority of Americans … including one Colin Kaepernick.

Colin, the 49ers quarterback, suddenly began kneeling for the national anthem to protest racial injustice. He was seen crying during the anthem at his first Super Bowl.

The NFL politicizing saw the sport’s TV ratings drop sharply, and Colin all but forced off the 49ers. He’s vowed to stand for the anthem wherever he next plays.

As a millennial, gay, British man who’s into Black guys, Milo Yianoppolous was the identity politics/conservative rock star many on the right had longed for.

When a video emerged of him describing his affairs with adult men as a teen, he lost a speaking invitation at CPAC, a major book deal, and his job at Breitbart, in two days’ time.

Candles that burn the brightest always burn the quickest. As useful as these two were in their heyday, the minute they became liabilities, they got cut off at the knees.

Who knows, perhaps Colin can finally win a Super Bowl with a new team. Maybe Milo can publish a hot book and a more prominent job.

We’ll see.

Next time: Something.

Volume Six, Chapter Nine: Ed, Ted, and… #NotMyPresident!?

Eddie Long and Ted Haggard did not hate homosexuals. They just railed against men who were open and honest about doing things they tried to sneak and do.

Long and Haggard may have been richer in their heyday than their foes, but they weren’t freer. In the end, they were also revealed as more treacherous.

Because of their duplicity, their congregants turned on them, Churchianity became a joke, and gays got federally-recognized marriage.

Some people will stay with an outed associate. They’re too close to them to leave, or can always bring up the exposed loved one’s indiscretion to their advantage.

Most will just get the hell away from them. Trust and integrity mean more to them than mutual exploitation.

That’s why Eddie Long and Ted Haggard wound up losing so many, but managed to keep a using few. That’s also a lot of what happened on November 8, 2016.

Donald John Trump survived a media maelstrom over his own faults, Republican dissent, and a far better financed opponent to win the 45th U.S. Presidency.

He deserves props for that. But his biggest move was outing his most vocal opponents, particularly Hillary Rhodam Clinton’s surrogate campaigners.

As foul as his rhetoric was, he was able to show that those preaching love and tolerance online were, on the down low, just like him, if not worse.

Social justice warriors routinely called those who disagree with them house niggers, cunts, and faggots. They trashed college campuses and cities over opposing speakers.

They thought others would feel compelled to stay with them out of ignorance, loyalty, or even mutual usury… you know, like Ed and Ted assumed with their congregants.

Well, they didn’t. Many stayed at home or voted for others, including the official super-villain Trump.

What should have been the beginning of a one-brand matriarchy was not prevented by the Russians or moved polling centers.

Trump won from, among other things, Democrats seeing their candidate’s mouthpieces as they were, refusing to be two-faced like them.

Donald Trump is simply a more honest version of the #NotMyPresident crowd. These people should come out of the closet, and embrace who they are.

They hate Donald Trump about as much as Eddie Long and Ted Haggard hated d!ck. Their words speak against him, but their actions prove otherwise.

Next time: Colin Kaepernick and Milo Yiannopolous. Their tumbles prove the election is OVER.