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Volume Six Finale: The Origin of the 2016 Fake News?

So I f*cked around and watched the CBS Evening News the other night. Big surprise, it was more on this colluding angle…

If there was concrete evidence that the Russians physically manipulated the ballot count, I’d be the first guy in line to demand impeachment.

But that CBS report, and the entire CNN marathon on this from what I read on TV at the gym, says THE VOTE WAS NOT ALTERED.

The focus of that particular report concerned how leaked emails and (wait for it) fake news affected the 2016 Election.

Common sense tells people that certain conversations shouldn’t be held on an internet-based information system.

This does not excuse the hacking. But it doesn’t excuse somebody talking too damned much about other people, either.

As I’ve mentioned before, neither Trump nor Hillary cleared half the popular vote in 2016. Their baggage wouldn’t allow for it.

But from who and where did the most damning charges against Hillary come from?

No conservative anybody or anything hurt Hillary the most. The greatest damage came from within her own Democratic Party.

Throughout the primaries, Berniebots were more viscous towards Hillary than Bernie Sanders himself… or even Trump.

She was the corporate shill who used her influence to deny the officially Independent Sanders the Democratic nomination.

Her husband was a known womanizer and racist who incarcerated many Blacks.

These statements were sent all over the Internet, and anybody within a Berniebot’s visual or hearing range.

They tore into her all the way up to the DNC Convention, when they suddenly decided to stand with her.

You know, once people free themselves to embrace deviancy, they seldom admit they’re wrong, or keep up with their own antics.

The problem is that non-deviants do take note. Voters remembered all the things these folks said about their former enemy.

They also saw how so many of these people picked fights at Trump rallies, and wrecked college campuses that hosted conservative speakers.

They saw how these people simply jumped on the assumed sure-fire winner’s side, and were leery.

After all, if they act like this during the campaign, what will they do with the Presidency backing them?

One foul-mouthed man as President would be a lot easier to harness than a fascistic group of private citizens enabled by the Oval Office.

And by the way, most of Trump’s talking points on Hillary came from the primary debates and Berniebot posts.

So, were the things said in the primaries about Hillary fake news? Were the rally brawls fake news?

What about the campus riots, and calling conservative minorities slurs? Were those fake news items?

This fake news angle is merely a distraction from the pain of a self-inflicted wound… and an elaborate coping mechanism.