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Volume Seven, Chapter Two: A Pair of Good Weeks

How often can it be said that an eclipse, a fight, and a hurricane brought out the best in people?

Well, over the last two weeks, that’s what has happened. If only for that long, people in America got along really well.

If you turn off cable news and social media often, as I’ve learned to do, you already know that’s not unusual.

But to see people working, joking, and just… being together- on media, at that- is.

Once-in-a-lifetime or freak occurrences tend to do that. They allow us to do or witness things we normally wouldn’t.

Most of us will only see two solar eclipses in our lifetimes. I fell asleep from this last one on the 21st.

I saw all kinds of people lined up outside waiting for it, though. No arguing over those glasses or whatever. Just chatting.

August 26th is a cousin’s birthday, and the anniversary of my stopping drugs.

This year also, Floyd Mayweather fought UFC superstar Conor McGregor, and Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas.

Floyd and Conor had incredibly diverse fans, had an incredible fight, and took home incredible money.

Mayweather will retire 50-0, the greatest professional boxing record recorded. McGregor went 10 rounds with him.

And the people of Houston, Texas, and countless others from across the nation, showed incredible selflessness.

I’m not keeping a diversity scorecard. There’s probably one of everything aiding somebody else.

I know this because that’s what decent people do in times of real crisis. They work together. They help one another.

They can set aside their petty differences to do right because it’s right, as Principal Warren used to say.

I can only applaud and show respect to the many who are willingly going without to help those in need.

There is no one or two to single out for accolades. I’m talking about ALL those doing what they can.

Indeed, Houston, and really the last few weeks, show America at its best. And that greatness never went anywhere.

It’s just more convenient for anal-ists and ex-perts to play it down.

Next time: When Joel Olsteen got caught acting like his critics…