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Volume Five, Chapter Eleven: You Love Him, He Likes You

Originally, this chapter was going to be about the anonymously created petition to get actor Jesse Williams fired from the hit ABC show “Grey’s Anatomy” after his BET Awards speech.

In light of the chaos over the week of July 4th, a slight change of subject is in order. Actually, it’s more of something I said for three years in the first three Volumes of this blog… updated for 2016, and the worst day for law enforcement since 9/11.

The petition post will follow this one.

Contrary to popular belief, Black Lives Matter, and all these other folks reciting the exact same lines every time they get near a mic, do not hate White people. They LOVE them, with all their mind, body and soul.

Every utterance from these people will ultimately revolve around White people. That’s also who they seek constant attention from, and work hours on end to be able to live and lay with when they go home at night… as far from the Trayvons as possible.

Any anger they express, be it a rant or even violence, is more about being spurned than being shot. Those slave memes they post all over the Internet are guilt trip devices; if Whites won’t love them, they’re supposed to at least pity them.

All that rioting, and shooting, like what happened in Dallas, is actually a lethal temper tantrum from a lover scorned. Police, who by law have to challenge them when they erupt, are symbolic of White rejection, thus prime targets.

The easiest way for Black communities to curb police brutality it so curb police necessity. The easiest way to curb police necessity is simply for citizens to be more active in watch over their own communities, as almost all other neighborhoods do.

But it won’t happen. Diligence and responsibility leave too little time for their flesh to glory through interviews. It also cuts out the one thing those crying “RACISM!” want more than anything: a White scapegoat…or savior.

No matter how much they convince themselves otherwise, those in the “conscious” Black movement are not a riot, speech, or slavery meme away from unconditional White acceptance, a lifelong goal for many in that realm.

With large groups of people often in conflict among themselves, it’s foolish, absurd, and arrogant to believe an entire ethnic group will set aside their differences to patch up differences with people they may tolerate or like at best…

…even if said other group loves them mind, body, and soul.

Falling in love with somebody, or the very idea of them, in no wise requires them to do the same in return.  You’ll never see marital relationships survive when one half only likes, but the other one loves. Race relations are no different.


Volume Five, Chapter Four: Beware of Bust Downs Conclusion

I’ll make the conclusion to the bust-down tribute short and simple. The only thing that rivals a religious hustler in terms of evil is a parent-for-profit. Their fruits are far more obvious in their children.

When a parent turns a child loose to let the streets and meds raise them, knowing they’ll never have enough time to learn decent conflict resolution skills, but wants to cry over their corpse, they’re not just bust-downs. They’re negligent, if not accessories to murder.

When you have a parent who refuses to provide a stable home, but lives better based on how that child dies, then no, that child’s life does/did not matter.

And when a person can live said improved lifestyle based on somebody else’s child dying after a self-incited confrontation, but teaches their own child not to do such things, that dead child’s life matters even less… if that’s even possible.

Next time: the invitation I had to turn down.