Epic Whitney Conclusion

When I first found out Whitney died, part of me was very angry. Drug overdoses are for mere mortals… like me.

Then it dawned on me: Whitney dying was exactly because she was a mere mortal- like me. That mindset changed everything.

Unless you’ve been strung out before, you can’t and won’t know how hard, bumpy, and disappointing recovery can be.

Losing one’s self in work, politics, church, or any number of things let them forget what f*ck-ups they actually are. The escape can be addictive.

Knowing, and even admitting, that these things, are having a mostly negative affect on one’s life, though, is only the start of recovery.

One must be willing and able to leave behind everything they know. One must recognize the consequences of drug use on one’s self and others.

One must also realize a relapse or new addiction are always possible.

These are the things I had to face once meth and coke nearly killed me in Dallas in 2001. I still have to, 15 years after not doing either substance.

I was willing to leave a town and my friends. I was willing to move back home, and have my every minute accounted for. I did it for six months.

It’s sad to say that I don’t think Whitney Houston stood a chance in the long run. The entertainment world is a very dangerous place for an addictive personality.

She brought a drug habit dating back to her teens with her into a world filled with yes-people, enablers, and users. She had NO place to get away from it all, either.

Neither Whitney Houston, nor anybody else, has ever suffered an “untimely death”. People are not gallons of milk with an expiration date on them.

Life is not, nor should it be, determined by the quantity of years a person has. The quality of life they had in them is what makes the difference.

In the 48 years she was here, Whitney brought a literal soundtrack to millions of people’s lives. She also serves as a precautionary tale against the dangers of drug abuse.

Those are quality things… in her favor, for better or for worse.

Next up: Why so many people fall in love from February to May…

Any time somebody asks my favorite Whitney song, this automatically comes out. The simplicity of the song, with an equally simple video premise, done as only THE VOICE could.

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