Volume Six, Chapter Five: The Watergate Reboot That Almost Was

I’ve said it before, and will stand by it: The 2016 Election was supposed to be Watergate 2.0. Donald Trump was deliberately built up to be a modern-day George McGovern.

He was the politically weakest candidate in that whole Republican candidate pool, and the DNC saw him as a pushover that would lead to a 1972 Richard Nixon-style Hillary landslide.

And just like in 1972, the consequences of any questionable activities done for or by the odds-on favorite were to be stifled until after the historic win- when they’d hopefully vanish.

That was the plan, anyway. But it went awry on so many levels. The pro-Hillary folks, and even more so, the anti-Trump crowds, were sloppy as hell.

Not only did cable news outlets and The New York Times, which are supposed to have some semblance of impartiality, campaign for Hillary, they openly went against Trump.

The keyboard warriors on social media that spout about love online often revealed themselves to just as bigoted as Trump may be when they’re offline.

And they really f*cked up denouncing anybody, mainly blue-collar fellow Democrats, for agreeing with even one point of the Trump platform as ignorant racists.

With a race between two very low-regarded candidates, Democrats were in no position to alienate anybody. They needed others a lot more than others needed them.

But the first chance they got to get away from the psycho ex, just enough people in just enough places took the chance and put some space between them, willing to risk the consequences.

In the end, Hillary won the popular vote, but her most vicious, vocal supporters turned a lot of people against in all demographics against them, not just the White working-class.

Some went for Donald McGovern, others went third-party, and some stayed home, so not to be associated with the election period. Regardless, they could have made Hillary Nixon number 45.

After months of creating the ultimate punching bag, this election was literally theirs to lose. And they did.

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  1. Two things. I’ve never detected any bigotry in Trump. Trump was never “low-regarded”. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been nominee for the GOP & wouldn’t have won the election. The low regard false narrative was a typical Leftist talking point that was also picked up by the NeverTrumpers on the Right. Hillary was low regarded; however. Except that she was all they had. Bernie, the Socialist pig, was never going to be an option. As far as bigotry, Trump is just a normal Northeasterner. They’re not politically correct, especially the Lefties. He’s just a normal man with a common stream of thought say what you think mentality, that really does need a filter at times. Mentioning race of exaggerating issues of race doesn’t mean one is racist or bigoted. Good to hear your views on the election.

    Watergate? That was a perspective on the Left? I didn’t see that from my perspective. Narratives only work if they’re constructed to convince the middle, otherwise it’s an echo chamber & preaching to the choir. I can see the summer thing with the locker room vulgar talk out of Donald being seen as a turning point. That wasn’t.

    Hillary never had a chance, her rallies showed that to be obvious. But people that supported her were in denial. Even going in, I knew that no one was excited & few liked her. Remember all the GOP candidates that started out? Trump won that. That’s popularity, no matter what people say to negate it.

    • As far as the low regard goes… neither one got 50% of the vote, and turnout stunk. And yes, I do believe that the Hillary camp sought to push Trump because they saw him as the politically weakest opponent they thought they could beat (just like Nixon’s CREEP outfit did with McGovern)… and they were dead wrong on that point. And I said he MAY be racist. Hell, I may be a lot of things. I’ve heard leftists say far worse than what he’s been accused of or even actually said when there are no “likes” or selfies to be had.

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