Volume Five, Chapter Seven: At Long Last, the 2015 Inspirations List

It only took two months, but here’s the 2015 recap of Inspirations.

Youthful indiscretions often bleed into adulthood, and can have far-reaching consequences. To the hometown cousin who just graduated college and started an excellent auto restoration business and family, in spite of incredible odds, all I can do is congratulate.

The whole same-sex marriage thing could have been handled infinitely better than it was. If more like the lady in Salt Lake City I know were as tactful, respectful, and empathetic to all those involved as she was, the world would only be better for it.

The July 17 Chattanooga terrorist attacks could have turned this town into a cesspool of rage, theatrics, and suspicion. Instead, everybody here, from Mayor Andy Burke on, remained NoogaStrong. There have been no other major confrontations.

As bad as the co-worker fiasco was on me, the staff at Calvin Donaldson Elementary, and dare I say most school staffs, have it far worse. Yet they get up, brush themselves off, and face it another day. You have to love them; not everybody can do that.

To pretty much anybody in my life I’m grateful, even if we’ve never met. You didn’t necessarily have to be here, but you are, and thank you.

So there you have it, folks. The inspiration list that was supposed to end the last year is the second of the new year. Since I FINALLY have a week off, I’ll get around to one more inspiration, and how his style could prevent a tragedy like next time’s subject.

Yeah, it took me three months to type 275 words. I’m working on it…

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  1. Douglas…..seems like you might have a talent here!!

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