Volume Five, Chapter Five: Starrcade ’16


Much like the Black Scorpion 25 years ago, Donald Trump is being promoted solely to lose.

Throughout WCW’s 12-year existence, Sting was what would later describe John Cena: the energetic, likable, attractive hero whose love of the business could compensate for any shortcomings in the ring, not that Sting had that many.

It’s a good thing fans were so devoted to him. Otherwise, Sting’s career would have been over after his very first World Title reign. He and the belt were at the heart of one of WCW’s worst story lines ever: 1990’s Black Scorpion Saga.

To summarize, the Black Scorpion was presented to WCW fans as a past Sting acquaintance intent on destroying him and taking the World Title from him.


Sting’s popularity saved his career, but not his first World title reign.

Sting won the WCW World Title from Nature Boy Ric Flair at July’s Great American Bash pay-per-view. The next month, a masked, fully clad man claiming to be a former tag team partner, possibly a star new to WCW, began taunting Sting.

Sting and the Scorpion finally faced off at the September Clash of Champions show. Sting easily beat the Scorpion, and went for his mask… only to have another Scorpion to appear on the entrance ramp. He had only beaten one of many Scorpion clones.

The next three months saw somebody calling themselves the Black Scorpion playing tricks, like literal, David Copperfield tricks, to rile him up. Sting played along, loyal guy that he was, but fans were getting annoyed, and just wanted it over with.

Starrcade would be the final Scorpion/Sting World Title match, in a cage with Dick the Bruiser as the referee. The mask HAD to come off the Scorpion; the storyline had run its course. When Sting won, he finally unmasked THE Black Scorpion. It was…

Nature Boy Ric Flair!?

To be fair, the match at Starrcade was fun to watch; Flair and Sting always had great bouts. But the idea that a legend like Flair would need to use parlor tricks and a mask to get a World Title match seemed ridiculous.


It was only after WCW’s demise in 2001 that the whole origin of The Black Scorpion Saga came to light. Originally, it was to promote an outside guy to the World Title scene and ultimately lose, which nobody who wore the mask wanted to do.

It was also WCW’s Executive Vice President Jim Herd’s attempt to get somebody, anybody, to replace his nemesis Flair as Sting’s top opponent. The potential Scorpions’ careers, the WCW World Title, and even the fans were not the top priority.

At the very least, fans expected to see a new face on the title scene, even if he did wind up losing. Jim Herd expected to keep Flair out of the main event. In the end, nobody got anything they wanted out of it.


Jim Herd would wreck WCW just to get back at Ric Flair.

Herd put the belt back on Flair in January 1991. But the damage had been done; the Sting/Flair rematch drew poorly, and Herd wound up firing Flair from WCW, only to be fired for firing Flair, who took the WCW belt to the WWF with him.

Four months were spent desperately building up an alleged outside challenger. The Black Scorpion character was center stage in WCW, only to lose in the end. And the loss was taken by the only guy who could afford it.

For five months, Donald Trump’s every utterance and facial expression is treated like a prophetic word from Elijah. Some in the Political Church are afraid of him and some are on his bandwagon.

He’s apparently speaking some people’s minds. That in and of itself is not wrong, but these same people would rally around pretty much any soothsayer calling themselves an outsider.

Trump’s really just the modern-day Black Scorpion, a character being built up by talking heads solely to lose. He’ll be the easiest candidate to beat. Luckily, he’s a billionaire, so he can afford it.

I recently declined to participate in a book on minority conservatives declined, citing time restraints. That this man is capable of being center stage suggests I should stick to looking at life through the eyes of a wrestling fan. I know the story line too well.


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  1. Though I’m not a Trump supporter, I will vote for him if he’s the nominee. I champion Cruz. Trump is at center stage because he’s willing to fight & says things that Conservatives want to hear. Some of them anyway. He’s not so bad. As proved by the thing in the White House, you don’t have to be an Einstein to be president. Trump is only advocating commonsense, even if he ofttimes doesn’t communicate it well.

    • To be certain, Trump resonates with countless millions of people, no doubt about it. I even agree with some of his views (not all, but name a candidate I HAVE agreed with wholeheartedly, and it’ll be my first time hearing of them!) The DNC and MSM WANT Trump to win; they can tear him and that mouth out a whole lot easier than they can a Ted Cruz. They can play Trump’s sh!t over and over again- as they have- and make him into an unelectable boogeyman. And that’s exactly what they’re going to do, trust me.

      • Except, a lot of people right & left agree with Trump’s words on immigration, defense, muslims & whatever. I for one, remember seeing a lot of muslims shown on tv celebrating 9/11 & partying. A lot of people agree that it’s a good idea to restrict muslims from coming into the country at this time, that we should have seized the oil in Iraq & that we should build a wall on the southern border deducting the cost from the military aid we give Mexico (a failed state). So, you see; Trump isn’t as embarrassing a lot of people are trying to portray. The GOP Establishment doesn’t like him because he makes them look like the weaklings that they are & the Left is afraid his words will resonate, showing Hillary for what she is: a lying, inept & murderous hag. The GOP could field a potato in the election & it would win hands down. The Democrats dumped Hillary in a hot second in 08 to vote for a smooth talking big eared unaccomplished black man. Just because he was black, new & different from her. The most fringe liberals like that MSNBC Harris Perry don’t like her, she’s not supported across their spectrum. Again. Anyway, we’ll see what happens on the Right. My money is on Cruz. If Hillary thinks she’d have an easy go with Trump, she’s sadly mistaken. …& she has & does make lots of mistakes.

  2. And your money is very SMART money when it comes to Ted Cruz. Look, I’ve not said anything about Trump being an embarrassment. I’m simply pointing out that Cruz or Rubio CAN, will, and should defeat Hillary Rhodam “Rhianna” Clinton; Trump will not. And I’m very leery of fielding potatoes; that took place in the last two elections. Now so far as Perry and cable news go… well, unless another charismatic, exotically-named Senator with a Negro dialect comes along, they’re voting for their girl. Hillary’s only challenger will be from the GOP. BTW, her fellow party candidate is the subject of Chapter Six of this blog’s volume. I’m working on it right now.

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