Volume Five, Chapter Four: Beware of Bust Downs Conclusion

I’ll make the conclusion to the bust-down tribute short and simple. The only thing that rivals a religious hustler in terms of evil is a parent-for-profit. Their fruits are far more obvious in their children.

When a parent turns a child loose to let the streets and meds raise them, knowing they’ll never have enough time to learn decent conflict resolution skills, but wants to cry over their corpse, they’re not just bust-downs. They’re negligent, if not accessories to murder.

When you have a parent who refuses to provide a stable home, but lives better based on how that child dies, then no, that child’s life does/did not matter.

And when a person can live said improved lifestyle based on somebody else’s child dying after a self-incited confrontation, but teaches their own child not to do such things, that dead child’s life matters even less… if that’s even possible.

Next time: the invitation I had to turn down.

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