Volume Four, Chapter Nine: Random Thoughts

I constantly hear people talk about 1/3rd of men in a certain demographic dare likely to end up in jail. Some use it as a criticism, others use it as an excuse. NEITHER side dares bring up the 2/3rds that never go. That’ll kill the conversation.

Depending on who kills you, you can matter a lot more dead than you ever could alive.

Incidentally, many who mourn the police brutality death of another demographic would never do so for one of their own. Why? Because they know to disdain their own criminals.

The ultimate “supremacist” move? Leave the thug worship to lesser beings, and feel sorry for them when they do. They can’t help themselves.

To publicly say what other people say privately has a 50/50 chance of getting you paid-or fired. Telling people EXACTLY what they want to hear, and holding your laughter until you’re someplace private, is job security.

It’s a damned fool who would trust a chef they just sued to cook anything for them.

If your religion prohibits you from doing something, another person’s religion may demand it.

Ever notice how selective “nonjudgemental” people are about what they eat and who they mingle with?

Truth and kindness are seldom used simultaneously.

There should be marked differences between self-described opponents. Otherwise, one of you is just a store brand version of the other. And that’s about the only thing you two can debate.

Next time, what two guys named Richard taught me about being a hero- or more specifically, NOT being one…

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  1. I like your snippets of wisdom here. Perhaps the first one means, that those who are talking about a particular 1/3 who end up in the clink are trying to make conversation from a negative topic. Unless they’re trying to backup the reason why a false narrative is an ongoing problem.

    Unless I’m in attack mode, I won’t compare the 2/3 to the 1/3 as survival is the most important issue to a human. Otherwise, if you hear people speaking about the 1/3 it’s not because they’re demeaning the 2/3; it’s because they’re vocalizing an attack at the 1/3 instead of physically subduing & destroying them.

    In another era, there would be no vocalizing – just swords, knives or pistols. I’m grateful to live now.

    • Exactly. When you bring up the 2/3 to some paleocon, that means they can’t damn an entire race, because the whole race isn’t doing wrong. If you bring 2/3 up to a “Pro-Black” Jessie Jackson type, they have to explain why the 1/3 are a minority within a minority.

      • Issues of race are unrelated to political ideology, except that most blacks have been duped into supporting the Libs.

        The demographic that is rioting isn’t doing themselves any favors by using a false narrative to excuse their behavior. However; you’d be surprised how many are united against police brutality & even a thug with multiple convictions doesn’t deserve to have his spine knelt on & snapped. Only wet noodles among the two main ideologies support everything that a cop does. Again however; because the particular demographic that is rioting doesn’t garner any sympathy whatsoever, look for more passive aggressive silence from Libs & hostility from conservatives.

        Meanwhile, Baltimore will be more worse for the wear & it’s been a pit for a long, long time.

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