Volume Three Finale: Lordship Salvation

In 2008, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan referred to then-Senator Barack Hussein Obama as the Messiah. Four years later, the son of America’s most famous preacher, Billy Graham, insisted Willard “Mitt” Romney be elected to bring America back to God. Such statements were actually typical for Presidential elections. The difference this time around was that people actually believed them literally. They still do.

When Obama openly touted same-sex marriage on May 9, 2012, the Black church was issued a challenge. In order to re-elect the so-called first Black President, they would have to all but equally endorse homosexuality. If conservatives wished to be rid of Obama, they would have to accept a Mormon elder as their leader. On November 6, 2012, the church overall was forced to compromise. But the Messiah won again, so…

The single biggest draw to the three Abraham-based faiths is now the centerpiece of identity politics. No longer do they look to a book to find redemption from an invisible deity. Instead, they seek restitution in a man on television. Regardless of what party, ideology, or even faith they belong to, their hope lies in Washington, D.C. The greater portion of the U.S. believes in Lordship Salvation: Calling (or voting) on the name of a benefactor to make everything better.

Now, by “salvation”, I don’t mean protection from a scary afterlife, or the promise of a nice one. That’s the old definition. The here and now are the issue today, and the reward for faith is being able to continue in whatever lifestyle one wants to have. Apparently, said lifestyle can only be maintained with the proper final political authority in place. And that final authority will not only validate one’s lifestyle; they’ll destroy those who refuse to do so.

Where the Bible fails, the ballot prevails. When the ballot fails, and one doesn’t get what they want, they go back to the Bible, or some other ideology, for comfort. In either case, the people never find peace. As long as there’s one person out there who mocks their idol or mindset, they simply can’t rest. Things HAVE to line up just right. And they have to line up according to their Savior… which just so happens to side with their worldview.

Obama and Ronald Wilson Reagan, among other political figures, are indeed fascinating and charismatic. But much like Jesus Christ and Mohammed, their followers don’t know them personally from face-to-face encounters and interactions. Their greatest asset is that they embody the mindsets of their worshipers, who can make them into anything they want them to be. They need only be somebody in whose name they can do what they want.

That’s the whole thing behind the worship of such people and celebrities like Brangelina. They embody a certain holy  ideology, and therefore are saints. You can put Jesus Christ in a jar of piss and call it art. Refer to a Long-Legged Mack Daddy or laugh at a Senator reading Dr. Seuss on the Senate floor, and you’re blaspheming. And you’ll notice so-called atheists are the best about calling out such heresies.

Anytime a nation has left a church, it’s ultimately not become atheist. Instead, the worship is transferred to the state, and those who are executively employed in it, such as the former Soviet Union. Since most religions teach of an all-provident entity in heaven, said benefactor need only take up an earthly address to be worshipped. This is called statism today, but it’s ultimately socialism. Conservatives and progressives are only fighting over who’ll run things.

I became a Deist in 2011 to avoid the emotional and manipulative roller coaster of church. I could do like so many and just go along but I won’t. Following this blog, there will be NO further direct postings about politics, especially identity politics. I didn’t stop one form of worship just to be imprisoned in another.

Next time: Volume Four, Chapter One. This blog will now be going in a different direction…

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  1. Romney’s position in the LDS Church is that of a High Priest, a particular level in their “lay clergy”. His run at the presidency wasn’t about identity, but about his campaign theme of being able to fix things. Not him, as a person. The unaccomplished Obama was all about his identity, however. Being black & promising to alter the country, the promises of alteration being radical & despised in a country that has successfully achieved superpower status because of what it was before his attempts at alteration. People despise him because the implication is that there was something wrong with the country before he came along. There wasn’t.

    Romney’s run was all about “restoration” of the country to the stability & slow evolution of its society. Also, to restore America’s prestige on the world stage from a weak Obama & the tiresome wars of forced democracy, of Mr. Bush & the NeoCons, who no longer are in power & are long gone except for McCain who nobody listens to anymore.

    The problem with Romney was that, though he’s not one to wear his religion on his sleeve, the evangelicals & baptists were never, ever going to vote for him & even though Romney tried to get their vote a substantial number of them just didn’t vote. Shooting themselves in the foot was the better option, in their minds, I guess.

    In the setting of a church it’s naturally going to seem like everything is identity based & it is. Outside the setting of a church, it’s not going to settle with that naturally. However, Obama is all about identity, nothing about ability & accomplishment.

    Democrats (Liberals) have picked up on “identity-politics” because the Right has been speaking about it for a long time.

    I can understand your promise to forgo any further posts about politics, it can be a minefield. I partially focus on it because it’s all about power & politics affects us all personally.

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