Volume Three, Chapter Ten: Another Day, Another Dollar

Volume One of this series was pretty much about me individually getting used to the access social media provides. I really said nothing I didn’t say on my old MySpace blog. Volume Two centered around the 2012 Presidential election, and the fallout thereof. The current Volume, Three, so far has concerned the horrendously needy emotional state of America, and how it’s led us to where we are as a nation today. And almost on cue, here comes Ferguson, Missouri.

Today, we had a “Love Your Community” rally out in the East Lake area of Chattanooga, Tn. We’ve had at least three this year. These events, are very much like those currently happening in Ferguson, but hey, they make for compelling television. By now we all know the script for these little exhibitions. It had the one outstanding university student, the positive rapper, the “concerned” White people and law enforcement and of course, the long, tearful prayer.

Rest assured, tomorrow morning, the Internet will be filled with more police brutality videos and jeremiads on “RACISM!” But to all of you there with the little Michael Brown hashtags and videos depicting police brutality, I want to ask you something. If it’s so hard to live with White people, why has the Black community never learned to live without them? The Asians, Jews and Arabs running the corner stores have.

When they collectively move in a place and Whites move out, do they go on CNN and mourn a “White Flight”? No, because they see that as an opportunity to establish themselves. They make their own money, and police their own people. And they don’t even want or need other people to do it for them, or want people to always feel sorry for them. As a result, they have a better relationship with others.

Oh, yes, all the cable news outlets are milking the Michael Brown shooting. Protesters are getting their chance to vent and clown. White people are getting to show how “concerned” they are, knowing those protesters will die if they violate them in any way. But they’ll gleefully leave the savagery behind once it’s no longer a headline.

When the cameras go off, all the pastors will go back to their mansions in mostly-White neighborhoods, paid for from Whites seeking tax write offs and greedy congregants.The protesters will go back to the hood, calling on White people to break up their fights, and foreigners to cut them a break in their stores. And some protesters may go to church, if they get up in time. 

And at the end of the day, the cameraman pulls out in his van, the storekeeper counts the money, and the policeman finishes his log. Meanwhile, the outraged African-American, regardless of his income or education, is just another dollar and story to make. He will need everybody else a hell of a lot more than anybody, including his own people, could ever need him. And the bad part is, he really doesn’t need anybody, either, but doesn’t even know it.

If you don’t want to police and run you own community, don’t worry. There’s always somebody else happy to do it for you.

Next time will feature the single greatest achievement of the current President of the United States.

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