Volume Three, Chapter Seven: American Ideologies

“When the praises go up, the blessings come down!”

“If we get more ‘role models’ on television, people will think because I look or act like them in public, I’m a good person, too.”

“I could never be friends with people that don’t tell me what I want to hear.”

“If we just elect the right politicians, they’ll pass the right law. Then, people will do what we want them to do. They’ll see us the way we want them to.”

“I’m different than others, so people MUST accommodate and acknowledge my uniqueness.”

“I only support celebrities who publicly (key word) support me.”

“If I make enough money, I can buy the friends I want.”

“I cannot share this country with people who don’t share my views.”

“If people would treat me the way I wanted them to, I wouldn’t act like a b!tch.”

“We must destroy those who don’t celebrate us.”

What are the common links in these quotes? For one, they are all the most common mindsets in America. And secondly, they all require the intervention of, if not absolute dependence on, others to make them work. The adherents are actually pretty passive in their own redemption. In short, they all seek a savior.

For more information on these and other popular ideologies, simply turn on cable news, any activist/religious website… or Elliot Roger’s manifesto.

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