Volume Two, Chapter Eight: Too Damned Grown

When I see over and over again how 58% of Americans support same-sex marriage, I always think of something my boss, Grady, told me during the election. Some poll on one of those damned cable news said 60% of Americans supported… something. Grady looked at me and said, “Yeah, 60% of the people they heard from, anyhow.” In other words, he knew these pollsters are not quizzing every American; in fact, the exalted 58% from a Gallup poll came from a total of… 6,000 people out of  a possible 300M. The stomp-down truth about this whole marriage war is that it’s really not integral to even half the U.S. population. The thing that makes this marriage war so intriguing is how the media, the key participants, and certainly politicians, are really trying to make this into some cultural Armageddon. It’s really nothing more than a backyard wrestling match, with the wrestlers botching their own moves over and over to the point of hilarity. And then comes the angst.

The staunchest “defenders of traditional marriage” attend churches packed out with no-fault divorces who remarry (in violation of Matthew 19:9), and homosexual choir members. Urban churches run on welfare money, and unanimously support a supposed pro-gay President solely because he’s “Black”. Fox News staple Bill O’Reilly and the Blaze Network’s Glenn Beck are aware, even in hindsight, that the “Bible-thumping” threats of hellfire and appeals to “traditional marriage”  just won’t cut it anymore. Preachers need not worry if they can preach against sin. They’ve been quietly condoning it for years.

And quietly condoning is why Proposition 8 passed in California. I’m sure a lot of people saw how aggressive the LGBTetc. activist mob is in encouraging young people to engage in the “free love” that saw a third-world STD kill half their friends. Can you honestly point to anybody else besides LGBTetc. activists and poverty pimps that would allow such self-destruction? Probably not, because normal people would seek self-preservation first. Prop. 8 would fail today, but only because the smart folks have got the hell out of California before another round of politically correct policies and taxes came around.

Now, facts such as the ones I just mentioned are anathema to these people. Any failure or ridicule they face is due to some vast conspiracy by… “them”. It’s never, ever just plain old common sense, and a clear perception of their delusions. They retreat ever deeper in their fantasies, where they’re most comfortable. The results are so sad at times. Following Bill O’Reilly’s slamming of “Bible-thumpers”, conservatives all over websites like the Daily Caller railed against him and swore they’d never watch his show again… at least until he said something they liked, anyhow. They then quoted the Bible, a book they discard when convenient, as an arguing point… showing why O’Reilly could afford to lose their viewership. The Advocate Magazine social media pages’ audience is college-educated, affluent men calling the daily featured, equally disturbed anti-gay conservative a “Bigoted asshole”! like some 12-year-old girl. Then comes an op-ed from the sexy HIV poster boy Tyler Curry crucifying those who don’t sympathize with his illness, despite the media’s best window dressing of HIV/AIDS. It’s like watching a hairy-legged version of Gilmore Girls. 

Here you have two sides of the same coin waging war over a prize neither give a sh*t about… unless it can be used as a weapon. For the religious right, victory can only be defined by a federal recognition of marriage as a male and female. For those advocating “marriage equality” (and I challenge anybody to show me where any two marriages have been equal), victory can only be defined by a federal recognition of marriage as two consenting adults. And how does the federal government show recognition of marriage? Why, a tax break and permission from it to include somebody in your will. That’s right, everybody, marriage is now defined by a federal tax break and “recognition”. The thing about it is, both the LGBTetc. activist crowd and the fundamentalists have all kinds of recognition. They just don’t like it, and nothing the government will ever do for them will actually help it.

Even if the manipulative, pouting, gay man was a married heterosexual, he’d be laughed to scorn anyhow. And if the two-tongued religionist was an atheist, he’d also be ridiculed. Most of these people at the forefront of this marriage war are educated, affluent men old enough to have children, and even grandchildren. They are no longer the dreaming child; they should be the realistic adult. But look at how they conduct themselves when they don’t get their way, or worse, realize most people could care less for either of their ways. At 37, approaching 38, I’m too damned grown for either of them. Besides, there’s no legitimizing emoting bastards or a vastly devalued institution. And wouldn’t it be just both of their luck if childless, single taxpayers got tired of footing the bill for those tax breaks? It sounds silly, doesn’t it? Almost as silly as same-sex marriage did twenty years ago.

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  1. Absolutely right! I think the next revolution should be led by single, childless taxpayers. We are the ones who pretty much foot the bill for everybody else — yet our day-to-day lives are made more difficult for us all the time. We don’t live as long, have more health problems, are less financially secure, and are constantly scapegoated for the disintegration of the family. Time married heteros stepped up at took some responsibility for that, themselves.

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