Volume Two, Chapter Four: They Finally Got Him…

The 2012 Presidential election campaign is FINALLY over. Barack Hussein Obama will have four more years as the 44th President of the United States. He comfortably defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the final campaign of his career. It was a brutal,vicious campaign, one of the nastiest I’ve ever seen. But on November 6th, 2012, for the second time in four years, ethnic minorities who are pretty much now the majority fulfilled the ultimate goal of social justice. By re-electing the so-called first Black President, and the greatest identity politician of all time, they finally got Whitey.


The political embodiment of Whitey, the Republican Party, has lost to a symbolically prominent but politically mediocre President with a Black daddy. Free market capitalism (whatever that is, say some voters) is a non-factor, especially if it’s championed by a successful, older White man. This was the final time White males will be a major factor in an election. Everybody but him will decide the fate of  America, the world’s most powerful nation. Or so it seems. The civil, feminist, and gay rights movements were all inevitably geared toward the defeat of the White man. Now we have the biracial Obama as President, abortion and gainful employment for women, and the Supreme Court will soon hold hearings on federally recognizing same-sex marriages. The demands to make to Whitey, as well as Whitey himself, are drying up. And that poses a problem.

Back in 2008, I finally met my biological father. I agreed to follow him and his girlfriend to Detroit. It was New Year’s Eve, and snowy (I hate “ashy weather”). We were staying at a house on Iroquois Avenue. We kept warm with a space heater we took with us each time we went to different rooms. Most of the neighbors had electricity… borrowed through extension cords. There was only $5 cartons of concentrated orange juice. And the sound of gunfire was always imminent. How did Motown end up this hollowed-out war zone? At first, the jobs were there in the auto plants. Then the unions demanded more money from both employers and employees. The auto industries, unable to sell enough cars to meet both union and profit demands, sent labor abroad for cheaper costs. And the proceeding mayors were only required to be Black, nonjudgmental towards the skyrocketing crime and in the increasing ghettos, and promise to get Whitey, who was long gone. Today, Detroit is one of the poorest, and most violent, cities in America.

Multiculturalism emphasizes a minority’s stereotypical customs that make them different from others. Black men are to keep it real, homosexual guys are to be fabulous, on and on. White liberals and civil rights leaders heavily promote these things to “celebrate diversity” (and you better do these things if you’re a minority, or else). But the celebration only lasts as long as there are other people around to celebrate with you. Consider, well, the whole damned state of California. For years, various groups all prospered in the mid-to-late 20th century. The population boom also affected the poorer areas as well, where advancement was harder to come by. The only thing the different groups had to show for themselves was their cultures, the very thing that kept them in the ghetto. Soon, those in the affluent areas began the same trends. In a pattern all too familiar today, White liberals and race baiters stepped in to save them from themselves, but blamed the decay on, you got it, Whitey. As a result, the M-13’s, the Bloods, and the Cryps will go right on making babies that live just long enough to kill one another. Their cultures demand it, spectating liberal leaders condone it, and Whitey has steadily left them to themselves.

Getting Whitey for some is a religion. I’m a Deist and noticed that. It gets ridiculous, and possibly violent. You’ll get “saved” at a strip club sooner than you will at a Black church. On election night, I had several Black friends praising God for Obama’s victory, knowing half the things he advocated are un-Biblical. Then Jamie Foxx, and the audience at the Soul Train Music Awards, honored God and the Lord and Savior Barack Obama. Not one Black pastor appeared on television to chastise Foxx. Apparently, they believe it, too. Muslims don’t believe in Jesus, either, but they’ll shed blood to obey the Qur’an. All these gay atheists better find a God to pray to that the Supreme Court NEVER decides to force mosques to perform same-sex weddings. It says in the Qur’an to execute homosexuals. They’re both key in American liberalism, but if it comes down to Islamists against LGBTetc. activists, liberals will throw the activists under a bus.

There will always be a conservative movement in one form or another. But the Republican Party will probably never be as powerful as it was before; the demographics won’t allow for it. They’ll have to watch the tragic, inevitable crash and burn of America. On the other hand, the victors will also have to readjust. Yes, the coveted redistribution of wealth is inevitable, but once Whitey is gone, who will that leave to redistribute from? With no conservative scapegoat, the Obamaites can’t blame others when they make babies they can’t support, infect each other with HIV and AIDS and kill one another. And they can’t get mad when union bosses talk them out of a job, either. Of course, if you’re on the LBGTetc. or hip-hop websites, you’ll notice most of the people on them don’t see anything wrong with any of that to begin with; it’s all they know. This is perfectly fine with those who make a living saving people from themselves, but disastrous for their clients. Ask people who left Detroit and California. They saw the foolishness of chasing a bogeyman, rather than building and maintaining communities. It’s a young man’s America, and the young man will just have to learn through trial and error, whether he’s prepared or not.

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