Volume Two, Number Two: The Two Phrases That Excuse Everything

For the last four or five years, the United States have had a very unstable economy. It’s partly the culmination of a century of government expansion that’s treated the United States Constitution as a malleable “living document”. Countless laws and legislation have expanded governmental scope… and costs. All these activities, however, are only a symptom of the problem. The problem lies in the one place no American wants to admit. That fact keeps them dependent on politicians who will shield them from the truth. You see, the problem is NOT ultimately in Washington, D.C. The problem lies in those who send people to Washington to enact policies. And who does that?

The American voters.

Elected officials represent the will of the voting public. But people love to bitch when the negative consequences to their will surfaces. They want a “safety net” to catch them when they fall. And so long as they can quote Jesus from Matthew 7:1 (Judge not, lest ye be judged) when their lusts come back to haunt them, or quote rapper Silkk the Shocka’s 1999 hit, “It Ain’t My Fault”, it’ll all work itself out. Only when somebody is out to pull some slick sh*t would the words of Jesus and a No Limit Soldier be used interchangeably.

On Tuesday, November 4th, 2008,  Americans elected Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America. The hope for many was that maybe, just maybe, the Black community would reignite the upward mobility that it saw under Bill Clinton, the original “first Black President”. They’d finally stop screaming “RACISM!”, and the self-destruction would at least subside a little. Four years later, Black unemployment is 14.3%, twice the national average. And a soldier in Afghanistan is safer than a young Black male in inner cities like Chicago’s South Side. But over and over again, it’s cried out: “We shouldn’t judge the less fortunate. You know how we do. We gotta keep it real.”

The Hindus and Asians that sell Black folks Newports and lottery tickets always start out “less fortunate”, but when’s the last time you heard of  Hindu gang banging? Do you see any Asian “baby’s mammas”. They usually get into college through their parents or grades, not affirmative action. Black people are holding “hoodie marches” for a Black teen killed by a “White Hispanic”, yet are quick to justify Blacks shooting each other. (BTW, do you know anybody anywhere who used “White Hispanic” prior to 2012?)  The election of the biracial Barrack Hussein Obama, who was raised as far away from the “Black experience” as one can get, is the most damning indictment on the whole “Afrocentric” mentality.

If you get through one comment thread on an LGBT website without the mention of the religious right or Republicans, you’ve hit paydirt. Yet many gay people see through the facade, and know where the bulk of fault lies.When it comes to light, here we go: “We’re born this way.” “There’s more AIDS cases in Africa than in America.”

Behavior (the content of one’s character, as Dr. King would say) is actually the best way to judge people. Liberal males often laugh behind the activists’ back after his emotional Harvey Milk speech. They know that there’s a high percentage of  “hate crimes” that are faked, or instigated by the “victim’s” harassment. Most legislators who pass  favorable LGBTetc. laws pull their children out of the public schools, away from the PC nonsense championed by the sick Dan Savages of the world. And what could the impoverished Africans and the preppy White boy on Grindr have in common? Indiscriminate sexual behavior. A while back, I knew of a guy who was spreading HIV and not disclosing his status, which is actually a punishable crime. I actually got cussed out for saying something to him. Nonjudgmental-ism and ZERO accountability in the LGBTetc. community can, does, and will continue to kill.

Congressman Barney Frank suggested that banks lower their credit standards for home buyers to prevent “redlining”, the real estate practice of over pricing a house to prevent unwanted buyers (i.e. minorities) from residing in certain neighborhoods. Those same people who bought the houses in the 90’s were losing them barely a decade later. In 2008, just months before leaving the White House, President George W. Bush pushed to save the banks that made the bad housing deals from financial ruin. When Obama took over the reins, he gave people just what they wanted: nonjudgmental buck-passing. “You had the right to enjoy your home. These banks had no right to put you in this mess. We’ll get you out of this.”

If we’re being brutally honest here, many of these buyers simply were not in a position to buy houses. The issue was usually their credit history, not racism. Bankers had to do some crazy number-crunching to qualify these high-risk people for a big loan. When you buy a house outside your means just to keep up with the Jonses, only to find out the Jonses are broke, too, sh*t happens. And for people to expect the President of the United States to protect them from their own ignorant, selfish decisions (and for him to actually DO IT) is outrageous. Yet it happens all the time.

Black leaders like Maxine Waters live it up while her constituents gun each other down. The gay rights movement is actually founded on the greatest self-inflicted plague of the last 70 years, and yet activists will let their people get literally d*cked to death. And people living far beyond their means have now had their chickens come home to roost. Yet those who have used government to come in and fix up their personal f*ck ups have brought EVERYBODY down with them. So the issue in this campaign is not actually Barack Obama or Willard Romney. They can only do what he’s allowed to do. “Judge not” and tell people “it ain’t their fault”, then leave innocents to suffer for things they never did.

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