Volume II, Chapter One: The New Avengers?

Perhaps as a nod to all these superhero movies coming out over the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of a group of people who seem to want to portray themselves as real-life New Avengers. They believe themselves to have super-strength or even a super-intellect. On the surface anyhow, it seems they are motivated by the desire to help their fellow man. Once you begin to familiarize yourself with these new guardians, however, you realize their antics are motivated by anything but humility and compassion; it’s usually the opposite. Many of these “heroes” go out of their way to convince others that they have no real personal weaknesses, that any flaws in their personae (which is their primary superpower) are conjured up by some enemy force. When you get down to brass tacks, these heroes are often more dangerous than the alleged villains they claim to defend the downtrodden from. Rather than empathy, those in the realm of “Occupying” “social justice”, and “equality” movements usually operate on one word…


Those who “Occupy” have the evil bankers and politicians as an eternal archenemy. Thing is, they’re not the disenfranchised Vietnam veteran panhandling in New York City they like to make their mascot; they’re mostly middle-class, college educated, White boys living off their parents, who oftentimes work in the very establishments they’re “occupying” against. Being spoiled, they can’t imagine that even with a silver spoon in their mouths, they, like their parents, will have to bust their asses to not only make money, but also maintain it.  And their egos can’t take the heat lashed out at their parents for being successful. The “Occupy” movement, at best, is simply the rich masquerading as the proletariat.

Those who engage in “class warfare” can take comfort in looking down on and exploiting the poor for their own gain. The thing that f*cks with them is knowing somebody can look down on them. Since the middle-class can’t have better than the rich (not that they don’t try; remember the housing crisis), they take on the class warfare mantra to present themselves as being better. The front line in class warfare is commonly called “social justice”. All these whale-savers, tree huggers, distributors of other people’s wealth, and fetus dumpers are not doing all this out of some endless fountain of compassion or liberality. They may want to be in Fortune magazine, but know they’ll have to settle for the local newspaper’s life section. One thing I’ve noticed about these social justices: it may be lonely at the top, but it must be crowded as hell in the middle. I say that because yeah, they’ll get some inner-city Black kid under the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program and take him to the mall and all that, but they never take the time to really instill in that child the values that got them where they are. These social justices, like the “Occupiers”, condemn the Koch brothers, but think about it, especially if you live in the Chattanooga, TN, area: who’s put a bigger dent in poverty, the Koch Brothers, who own a food processing plant here and hire often, or the local social justice orator? In one sentence, here is the definition of class warfare: the well-off  invoking the plight of bad-off (in particular minorities) to attack the better-off.

Then there’s the battle for gay “equality”. It’s actually ran more often than not on something besides envy: moral relativism. They (those who live their lives morally relative) make the rules as they go, and they change depending on what works best for them. ALL LGBTetc. people must conform to these very fluid standards; consciences are not allowed. While their neighbors may watch Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper on TV, they also know how morally relative Tom and Michael are about activists like Larry Brinkin and Dan Savage, and don’t and can’t trust their versions of right and wrong.  They know same-sex marriage is only an issue because of the “benefits” and tax breaks (which, with their affluence, they could use, but since tax breaks for the wealthy is “1%” language to social justices, they can’t say it like that), and a chance to give a big  “fuck you” to organized religion.

The saddest aspect of this particular breed of “New Avengers” is how well politicians can use the arrogance and  commonly-found “White privilege” mindset of these people against themselves. President Obama’s “historic” announcement regarding same-sex marriage on May 9th, 2012. stated he supported SSM… but was leaving  it to the states to decide for themselves, in which, again, many already have. Incidentally(or maybe not), North Carolina voted against SSM the day before the interview. All LGBTetc. advocates heard was the “I support” part; they pledged Obama over nine million dollars in the three hours following the ABC News interview. Conservative groups, who definitely heard “let the state decide” part, increased their donations to Republican Mitt Romney. The battle for same-sex marriage has made preachers, politicians, and LGBTetc. activists tons of money in the last twenty years. NONE of them want it to end. Nobody kills the cow for hamburgers on the Fourth when you’ve got six months of milk in her.

I’d like to thank evryone for reading, and as a bonus clip, here’s a prime example of how insane this sh*t can get. Here is class warfare/conspiracy theorist expert Alex Jones, discussing the evil antisocial subliminal messages found in the “Batman” movie franchise. Now, the average social justice advocate laughs at this guy, but they look every bit as crazy when they talk about the Koch Party. And LGBTetc. crowd is just as silly when they blame coservatives for their shortcomings in their lives. Good God…

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  1. Ok then what does Abe represent when he farts in his video game? We just watched Brave today and in one part one of the Clan leaders flashes his backside to the others, what I am I being programmed to believe? That mens rear ends are gross? I think I already knew this. The rest of your post is a great observation of the smoke and mirrors game so we don’t actually catch the dog and pony show.

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