The Mid-Term Report: The Story Thus Far

Having done six different blogs, I’m at the point where I can reflect on the things I’ve said, seen, and done, since then. It also gives me a chance to prepare for future subjects. I’m also opening up the floor for suggestions. Feel free to send any questions or ideas on the fb page or, if possible, the comments section. With that said, I’ll now begin the “Mid-term” analysis, beginning with…

The New Number One: Are Math and Biology REALLY That Hard?


The original first blog I did on Posterous was horrible. The original title was pretty cool, but I hadn’t done my homework like I should have. The repost, as you know, was about one of my least favorite “holidays”, Easter. The issue of Jesus’ resurrection has never been an issue, but there are several other things. One is Easter’s blatant pagan origins, and the way “Bible-believing” Christians enter the season with such fervor. I also don’t like the fact that people find it okay to tell their children lies like the Easter Bunny fable (beautifully illustrated above), and feel it’s alright for that time of year. If you’ll tell fibs like that to them in childhood…I’m just saying. But the real pet peeve is the “Good Friday” theory. Why is it the “Big Three” (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)  feel they can defy the laws of physics, mathematics, and plain, old common sense to further their agenda, and claim a person has a lack of faith when they don’t beleive such nonsense? Think about it. 2+2=4. Well, maybe if I have enough faith, 2+2 will equal 5, right? Reason trumps superstition, at least until you walk in a church building.

Number Two: The Three “H”‘s: “Holiness”

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Looking back, maybe this should have been the “Original Number One”. I thought nobody was reading, so I could say whatever (still do). I was dead wrong. My phone, email, and facebook page blew the hell up. Most people knew about the homosexuality part. What set a lot of people off was my requesting explanations for some of the Bible’s inconsistencies and the entertainment aspects of Sunday worship. If you’re a Christian, it’s not a question of if, but a matter of when, you’ll meet someone who wants to know what justifies those things. The day I left that church, I had a chat with a guy over the Eddie Long scandal, and he just couldn’t beleive a megachurch pastor could be a practicing homosexual. I insisted he could. Game recognizes game. That same Sunday, the leader for the worship service was so effeminate, people had to make him cut his permed ponytail off when he was 20. Rather than live a lie to please the masses, like he, among others, was doing, I left the church. And I don’t regret it one bit. Especially now, which I’ll get into later.

Number Three: The Three “H”‘s: Hulk Smash!


In May 2010, I ended up leaving the taxi business I had been enmeshed in for the previous three years. The spare time, and a whole lot of sh*t going on with my mother, gave me ample reason to begin writing a book about my life. I also decided the theme of the book would center around the similarities between my life and that of the oldest active character in Marvel Comics, Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. It sounds absurd, but I felt it would work…at the time. As a warm-up, I decided to analogize the lives of childhood abuse victims to the Incredible Hulk (pictured above). The fictional Hulk’s alter ego, nuclear phycisist Bruce Banner, endured a childhood very similar to real-life child abuse victims, yet went on to have a great job. But he was never free of the demons that were birthed in his youth, yet continues to try his best in spite of them. In other words, I was showing that comics were useful for a lot more than movie scripts and videogame themes, and that there are life lessons in them. They also help you learn to read, as they did in my case.

Number Four: The Three “H”‘s: The Final “H”


This one seemed to back me into a corner. I don’t feel it did. Relationships of any kind, be they straight, same-sex, interracial, whatever, are doomed if people are in them for ultimately selfish reasons. If you’re with somebody to prove how “different” you are, you’re wrong. If you’re with somebody to fulfill some plantation fantasy, you’re wrong. And if you’re with somebody to improve your status… you’re a prostitute. Marriage is two people for life. Even if those who claim to “defend” marriage fail to remember this, if you’re a same-sex couple seeking marriage rights, you WILL be held to a higher standard, because you have to plead your case, and heterosexuals don’t. And yes, your opponents are aware of the “couple seeking a third” ads on adam4adam. Hell, I got so many guys like that (among others, to be sure) trying to meet me on that site I closed my account. And for those wondering, the pic is of the X-Man Northstar, the first character in Marvel Comics history to come out (Alpha Flight vol. 1, #106, the best-selling book in the series’ history.)

Number Five: Cena Says…


Since that blog was posted, two NBA players, (LA Lakers phenom Kobe Bryant and the Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah) were heavily fined for calling heckling fans “faggots”. NBA legends like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, and David Robinson were more than just spectacular athletes; they were ambassadors of the sport, if not American achievement. They’d never lose their cool against their paying audience like these overpriced thugs and field n*gg*rs the NBA is overflowing with now, so yes, the fines were justified. Professional wrestling, by necessity, has always been the most politically incorrect entertainment venue on television. It’s thrived on stirring its audience. “Gorgeous” George Wagner was so good at infuriating his opponents that 19-year-old Kentucky boxer Cassius Clay began to taunt his opponents like Wagner. The backlash GLAAD got for targeting WWE star John Cena was intense. (Don’t wait for GLAAD to admit it.) Ironically, most longtime wrestling fans constantly complain about Cena’s gimmick, that of a buff, superheroic, White rapper, and his uncanny popularity with children, women, and yes, sissies (see above picture for explanation. Duh!). But they, like most people, hate politcal correctness even more.  

Number Six: Sorry, I Got the Wrong Number!


On Mother’s Day, my car was smashed to bits on I-75 by some girl texting on a phone and driving. I got out alive, got enough money to buy another car, which I’ve opted not to do, and was checked out as OK at the doctors I went to. If ever there was a time to realize how valuable life is, I’d say that wreck was it. Another thing that seemed bad but turned out to be very good was the conversion to Deism. It’s truly a blessing to find that a person can appreciate God without going to some absurd book to try to read about Him. What “absurd book”? The same one guys like Harold Camping (pictured) use to predict the end of the world. Tell me something: can you really find a difference between Camping threatening Armegeddon and the usual preacher threatening Hell? There is one. Well, more like one million, which Camping has no doubt already spent.

Alright, here are some potential future subjects. If something happens in the news worth mentioning, it’ll get some discussion, too, but otherwise, here they are…

Bible Inconsistencies 

The Mass for Christ (guess what that’s about)

“Gay Christians”/Why the “Down Low” is low down

Conservatism/ “Tokenism”

Lynda Carter (you read that right; it’ll make sense)

And just to make things really interesting here are three interesting things you’ll notice in future posts:

Reducing, if not outright eliminating, the use of the word “gay”

Reducing, if not outright eliminating, the use of the word  “kids”

Avoiding spelling errors

Thanx to everybody for reading.



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