Volume Three, Chapter Five: Random Thoughts

Alright, I realize I’m running way behind, and I apologize. I pulled the previous edition because… well, sir, I didn’t like it.  Since I’ve got a lot of stuff to choose from, I’ll just go with a “random thoughts” version.

Freedom to discriminate laws do not compensate for a lack of coping or social skills. The gay wedding cake baker may be cracking gay jokes or buying Chik-Fil-A with the money, or simply tell somebody they’re booked up. Another one just unknowingly baked a wedding cake for a drug dealer. And by the way, with such a law, a Church of Christ cab driver can refuse to take your grandma to choir practice. Business is tricky, isn’t it?

Chris Anderson, Chattanooga’s first openly gay City Councilman, is facing recall. In a room with ten people, would any of his district’s voters actually recognize him? He’s a Democrat, and that was all he needed to get their vote. How can he stop the shootings in Alton Park when it’s a voter’s grandson pulling the trigger? Everybody seems to want solutions, as long as they’re not named as part of the problem.

Kobe Bryant blasphemed against Afrocentric Groupthink. If Trayvon Martin was walking around in a hoodie marcher’s neighborhood, he’d have been arrested. Somebody Black would have probably called the police. The same culture that demands you defend somebody who looks like you will stand by and let you get killed by somebody that looks like you. Afrocentric culture has produced plenty of prisoners, and not a single President.

To be sure, Jesse and ‘em ain’t the only Groupthink slaves. In WWE, you don’t kill a story line if it’s still drawing money and ratings. Groupthinkers LOVE drama, and spend money on and for it. Politicians and the media know this all too well. It’s not coincidental same-sex marriage is being handled on a stately basis. Groupthinkers are naturally manipulative, but the media and politicians are much better at it.

ObamaCare reaches 6M enrolments… or does it? If this thing was such a resounding success, why is it the only testimonials in its favor are coming from anonymous Yahoo! comments? Or people with preexisting conditions? Or kids still on their parents’ insurance? And what constitutes an “enrollment”? It’s not “RACISM!” to ask things like this. I can’t imagine somebody buying a house without at least knowing the address.

Here’s the world’s surest weight-loss plan. The main reason I’m so late posting anything is because I recently purged the hell out of my Facebook page. (I use Twitter like twice a year, so it’s not an issue.) If somebody spends all damned day talking about Teabaggers or Libtards , I’m not trying to hear it. So how do I deal with my haters? No Dr. Farrah Gray meme or book needed; I just don’t deal.

I’m glad I grew up jugging. One good thing about being Black, gay, and having voted Republican is you can take some damned hits. You pretty much have to. If it weren’t for jugging (“Your mama” jokes), I’d only be able to surround myself with people who I unconditionally agree with. Having never met such a person, I’d end up with maybe three actual friends and a million Facebook ones.

Why am I a Deist? Because I like meat, especially pork. Atheists inexplicably believe and know the Bible better than Billy Graham or Jack Van Impe. Churches now worship either the so-called first Black President or the Founding Fathers (I seldom even quote Thomas Paine). And I can’t figure out which denomination is the right one. Besides, I refuse to pay monthly tithes for the MainStream News Believers’ Church of the Fellowship of Xtians.

“Do right because it’s right, not because you’re compelled to.” My late principal, Brother James Warren, said that everyday at school announcements. I can’t stand all this superficial symbolic sh*t that seems to be en vogue. Don’t do positive things for others in hopes of Facebook likes or admiration. Just be straight up with folks. It’s easier than keeping a lie straight.

All right, there’s the updated blog. Next time, it’ll be time for WrestleMania XXX. And that’s when I finally get to do the blog I’ve been wanting to do for a LONG time…

Volume Three, Chapter Four: Stupid Sh*t You’re Supposed to Think Sounds Cool

As 2013 comes to a thankful end, I’d like to look back at five of the most popular, and equally absurd, sayings of the year. These sayings got a lot of use primarily after people ran out of ways to justify their own or their pop icons’ questionable activities. Rather than face accountability, thereby disrupting the fantasies, the accused/guilty came up with what they thought were witty responses. Giving them a second glance, they’re anything but. Some are old, others are variations of old ones, but none are new. And just for fun, I challenge anybody to use the top (or bottom, depending on how you see it) two absurdities in court.

Honorable Mention: “LEARN OUR LANGUAGE!”- Actor Alec Baldwin knew and used all the LGBT activist catchphrases in public (“EQUALITY!””BIGOTRY!”, etc.), and did the mandatory Sarah Palin cussing. He was a mainstream darling. As is often the case with such “allies”, he had a different vocabulary in private. That’s the easiest way to pimp political correctness addicts: use their language on the clock, then turn off Twitter and use your home words. What folks don’t hear can’t hurt them. Notice, Phil.

#5: “(S)HE’S A GREAT AMERICAN!”- The requirements for such a title are dirt low. All you really have to do is slam a political or religious figure, and somebody will call you that. Even if you’re a Canadian reading Dr. Seuss.

#4: “STOP CORPORATIONS!”- This is the mantra of many of those who started Black Friday shopping for XBox Ones at 4 a.m. They feed the beast, and wonder why it lives. They’re fueled by envy over a corporation’s money or influence (especially if “their corporate guy” loses something); guilt for working in, or benefiting from, a corporation (Occupiers); or when their Mass for Christ shopping financially catches up with them. 

#3: “EQUALITY!”- It’s a cute mantra for insecure people, but a mathematical impossibility. Joe and David may make the same salary, but Joe’s taller. Joe and David are thereby not equal. No law can make David taller (or more popular with people), either. The closest they’ll ever get to “equality” is if they both die and go to Colab.    

#2: “JUDGE NOT!/ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!”- Try saying this in a courtroom. This is the late Tupac Shakur and needy f*cker anthem. The person saying this is usually trying to be provocative. The unwanted “judgement” is what they thought was going to be acclaim for their antics. Oh, and I challenge any “non-judgmental” person to grab the first homeless guy they see, take him home, and lay him.

#1: “THEY DO IT!”-  The person saying this can ultimately justify ANYTHING their pal does. All they need is somebody they don’t like doing it to justify their own participation. “So? White folks sell dope, too! I know pastors more sexually inappropriate than this guy! What about the Muslims?” (And yes, I’ve observed people going there.) Such a mentality lets anything go. And it usually does under such auspices. Only a hit dog would howl this to try to take the heat off themselves. Going by the lowest common denominator only works in math.

It’s sad that people aren’t more creative in covering their asses. This may sound odd, but it might just be easier to… well, stop doing it. Just a thought. Thank you for reading.

Volume Three, Chapter Three: “At least he ain’t Shawn…”

I was talking to somebody I hadn’t seen in a few years. I used to work with “Trish” some years back, and we were fairly close. So we went to lunch one day. The usual small talk commenced; then we got the talking about our personal lives.

Now, the last time I had seen Trish, she was dating and living with a guy named “Shawn”. Well, for the last four or five years, she had been dating “Bret”. They were engaged, and she was expecting. I congratulated her, of course, and told her to invite me as soon as they set a date.

“I’m not in a hurry, really”, Trish said. “After all the sh*t with Shawn, I want to take my time. Besides, Bret says he wants to get married. Shawn never even mentioned it!”

“Well, this Bret fellow seems like a good guy”, I said.

“Bret’s a good guy, at least better than Shawn. I knew that when I met him at Lita’s wedding. Shawn’s sorry *ss was there, too, and I started to leave until I saw Bret trying to talk to me. I almost let him keep me from a good guy.


“Shawn! Duh! I mean yeah, Bret might get out and about every now and then, but you know how men are. I can keep him in line, though. He knows I’ll throw his *ss out in a minute, just like I stepped out on Shawn after I caught him!”

“Well, you do what you’ve gotta. As long as you’re cool with it, it’s your world.”

“Oh, I’m fine with it, Douglas. We’ve got five years in this together. At least he ain’t Shawn.”

“Bret might get out and about every now and then, but you know how men are.” “We’ve got five years in this together. At least he ain’t Shawn.” 

And there you have it: a scenario that plays out somewhere in America hourly. Somebody right now is in love with a guy they can only defend by exhuming and blasting a relationship and ex from five years prior. Either that, or they have to use the lowest common social denominator to validate the new guy (“You know how men are”). He actually doesn’t have to be an improvement; somebody will convince themselves he is, regardless. The only requirement said somebody makes for said new guy is that he not have the same name as their ex from five years prior.

Sound familiar?

Volume Three, Chapter Two: How the Illuminati Got Whitney… and Other Things Tupac Told Me

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think the current paranoia in America began in 2008. At the very least, it started with the volatile 2000 Presidential Election. The last two elections, in comparison, are obviously smaller in impact than the aforementioned events. In fact, it’s safe to say that all the prior dramas left the door wide open for the current sh*t. And the origins of our current plight in America are varied but always… interesting. The main goal of these conspiracy theories is to point blame for all of mankind’s ills at some supernaturally powerful secret society. The last two U.S. Presidents are certainly lightning rods for conspiracy theories. But nowadays, anything unfavorable to somebody could be considered the work of some shadowy empire.

George Walker Bush is only the third President ever elected without the popular vote following the 2000 Presidential Election.  Following the 9/11 attacks, the Bush Administration declared a long “War on Terror/Islam”. Based on sketchy information that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, Bush also declared war on Iraq. The wars abroad and the housing market collapse in the U.S. left his Presidency and America a wreck. And with the public’s anger came the conspiracy theories. The “Truthers” claim 9/11 was not the work of Muslim jihadists, but of the Bush Administration to gain respectability and blame Muslims for the attacks. But Bush’s Presidential successor got it even worse.

After an incredible keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Illinois Senator Barack Hussein Obama all but vanished. His 2007 announcement of Presidential candidacy went unnoticed until he upset former First Lady and New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2008 Iowa Caucus. “Birthers”, egged on by Hilary, claimed that Obama was born in Kenya, thus ineligible for Presidential candidacy. Obama actually presented a birth certificate that stated he was born in Hawaii to a Black Kenyan immigrant and a Kansas White woman several times, but that didn’t stop the Birthers (or the media using the slave owners’ “one-drop rule” to deem Obama the “first Black President”).  Despite, or maybe even because of, the controversy, Obama was elected President in 2008.

Conspiracy theories have now taken over politics, whether people admit it or not.  When an election doesn’t go as planned, the defeated voters claim there was voter fraud, which they never do when their people win. Or they’ll blame villainous billionaires like the Koch Brothers or George Soros for funding the winner’s campaign, which, again, they never do when their people win. Look at what happened when we wound up with a Democratic President and a Republican Congress, BOTH publicly elected. This had to be the work of the International Bankers. Never mind that almost ALL Presidents have had opposing Congresses.

But this is not exclusive to politics. I recall when iconic singer Whitney Houston died. Not even a week later, there were videos of Dave Chapelle and Brandy, in some sort of way, alluding to Whitney being an Illuminati sacrifice ordered by her longtime mentor, mega-producer Clive Davis. Whitney simply overdosing and dying after years of drug use would be too… rational. Let’s get closer to home. The conspiracy theories start out early. You know, “the teacher doesn’t like me.” That graduates to “I’m sorry you misunderstood me”, “I couldn’t help myself”, and “he can’t hold his liquor.”  Then you get “a legacy of slavery”, “the Prison Industrial Complex”, and “blaming the victim”.

So what’s the point of all this conspiracy business? Simply put, they shift blame anywhere but upon ourselves… where it most often truly belongs. It’s easier to blame the current political state in America on some “powers that be” than the self-absorbed voters that elected these people, or the lazy whiners that never voted at all. It’s easy to tell where unpopular politicians got their dubious manner. They got it from their voters. After all, America has a REPRESENTATIVE government.

It’s easier to cope with some secret society controlling people rather than accepting that other people don’t share your opinions. It’s nobler to be a sacrificial lamb than admit somebody selfishly did themselves in. And it’s always easier to act as if it’s society that made you like you are, when the overwhelming majority are nothing like you… even if they do make excuses for you.

When things don’t go as we like, or we just don’t like facing something we’ve done, conspiracies are often comforting, if not entertaining. The thing is, whatever we use them to avoid will inevitably be waiting on us, nonetheless. Contrary to conspirator doctrine, yes, most circumstances in life ARE controllable, and only losers would really say otherwise. For those situations that aren’t, well, there are ways of dealing with them that don’t require some mysterious underground explanation. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Tupac and I have a Bilderberg meeting to attend. (H/T Dave Higgins) Thank you for reading.

Volume Three, Chapter One: Hip-Hop and the House Painter

Since the engrafted White man George Michael Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Black teenager Trayvon Brandon Martin, it is now time for another “discussion on race. Apparently, we still have… something to discuss. Seeing all these biracial families and Token Negroes in White neighborhoods, I can’t imagine what that “something” is. In 1992, with people watching in shock at the carnage in L.A. following the Rodney King/LAPD trial, people went for that. A LOT has happened since then. And most of the shifts do not involve race, but culture.

These days, Indians and Asian immigrants maintain their own communities, create opportunities for themselves, and send their children to excellent schools. And much like our Freedom Century ancestors, they all started out with virtually nothing. They do so often without a major political presence; they rarely go without, regardless of whom the President is. Their ethnic and cultural identities also include some level of achievement. That’s why you seldom see a call for an Asian “discussion on race”.

NOBODY can point to a single positive aspect of Thug culture. Its trademarks, such as Black misogyny, bastard children, and Black-on-Black crime, have never previously been a celebrated part of our history, not even during slavery. (There goes the “legacy” lie.) And yes, it breeds discomfort in those who know its uselessness, because most of the problems with thug life are internal, not external. Most history taught today only focuses on an oppressor/victim standpoint, and  rarely focuses on the actual anthropology or socio-economic models. Otherwise, the modern Afrocentrist would have to admit that the hip-hop culture takes its class structure from a very dubious source: National Socialism.

Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany had a small ruling class of intellectuals, politicians and celebrities. The working poor, mainly their voters and audiences, supported them. The Nazis were portrayed as protecting the people from their enemies and lifting them up from defeat. (It should be noted that the “enemy” was anybody against Nazism, and successful, non-Aryan groups like Jews. Also, it was the Germans’ own arrogance that got them into World War I, and the defeat that followed.) The Nazi leaders encouraged and allowed Germans to indulge themselves; after all, the people were impulsive animals compared to their superiors, and the superiors had an obligation to live apart from their contemptible subjects.

Germans soon believed that when their leaders prospered, so would they. In gratitude, many of them became “useful idiots”, as Hitler called them, crushing anyone who dared interrupt their joy. They were pretty much cut off from others to ensure their continuing loyalty to the Nazis. The few that did get to intermingle were to do so ONLY when it benefited the Nazis. Over 6M Jews were viciously executed by those they still thought were their friends. The Germans then had no great enemy to defeat, so they turned on each other. And then the Allied forces brought their entire existence down around their ears.  Adolf Hitler, the house painter turned dictator, died the way he wanted, something not even his subjects had the option to do.

The “hip-hop” cultural power structure is led by intellectuals, politicians and celebrities (Jesse, Dr. Eric Michael Dyson, Maxine Waters, and Hollywood, for example). They are supported by voters and audiences. These people claim to protect their followers from racism and are lifting them up. It should be noted that many of these Black people live in White neighborhoods and are in interracial relationships. They do this with the express purpose of distancing themselves from their wretched followers. Interracial interactions are encouraged for the masses ONLY if they can “keep it gutter”. And the biggest reason Black people fill prisons is violence against their own.

These same deviants were dead silent as over 3,000 Black people died violently at other Blacks’ hands in a year. They hate Black people more than the KKK or Nazis ever could. Trayvon Martin only matters because for once, somebody Black didn’t do a Black teenager in. If a Black man had shot him, you’d have never heard of him.


About the only time cable news is actually interesting is when cable news commentators themselves become the news .  Rev. Al Sharpton and his overseer, MSNBC, led the charge for this latest “discussion”. Fox News’ top commentator, Bill O’Reilly, responded with a rebuttal of  “African-American” culture embraced and exploited by people like Sharpton. As the featured host on the conservative Fox News, O’Reilly can afford to be volatile, as he was in March with his statements defending same-sex marriage arguments in the Supreme Court case. His most notable supporter in his comments, however, has no such leverage.

CNN commentator Don Lemon, an openly gay Black male, also opined on the matter. For this, Lemon was called an “Uncle Tom”. (People who throw that term around seldom know that Uncle Tom was the only honest character in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book.) He has stood by his statements, much to “hip-hop” apologists’ chagrin. CNN is not as indoctrination-oriented as MSNBC or Fox, but by taking a contrarily moderate stance, Lemon took a major gamble. And he deserves credit for that. Black people have been weighed down by “n*gg*dom” for too long. He said openly what many could only say privately.

While the hip-hop apologists promote a culture they promote but know not to embrace, Indians and Asians are sending their children to the best schools one cigarillo and weave at a time. Gays and lesbians are getting married and providing a stable home for children whose gutter parents never will. And the White power structure is fading. These other people have no sympathy for ghetto Blacks, nor should they. In the end, the Black man will have only themselves to depend on. And it’s better to do that now than later. 

Volume Two Finale: Vince/Austin 2016

In this, the finale of Volume Two, I’d really just like to add more perspective to many of the things I’ve witnessed.

I never, ever feel bad for mocking Afrocentrism. First of all, not everybody Black engages in it. Secondly, seventy percent of its apologists live in middle-class and mostly White suburbs. And they support Afrocentrism to keep inner city Blacks “in their place”. If you really want to know what White liberals think of Afrocentric culture, look no further than who they elected as the so-called First President: a biracial man raised everywhere but the “hood”. Even worse, look at the virtually any statistic for Black people since 2009.

A lot of my LGBTetc. activist animus stems from my experiences with Afrocentrism. Credit should always be given where it’s due; their rise to prominence happened pretty fast. But they, like Afrocentric peddlers, tend to exalt the lowest common denominator in their community. That’s why there’s so much “gift-giving” and domestic violence in a very small community. And allowing it to go unchecked can undermine any progress made. And no, people do not have to others solely because of who they sleep with. Hell, you don’t, so why should anybody else?

Presidential Candidate and former Illinois Senator Barack Hussein “The Long-Legged Daddy” Obama is, in my view, one of the greatest campaigners of all time. But as the 44th President of the United States, he’s one of the worst Affirmative Action hires in history. You know how AA works: find the first non-White you can, promote him like hell, set him up as a figurehead… and let everybody else lead from behind. As author Shelby Steele points out, “President Obama is more of a cultural phenomenon than a political one”.

Even when the Republican Party did not have a sitting President, they were often the steady, trusted, fiscally responsible hand in Washington. The terms of both Presidents Bush killed that notion. The re-election of Obama has sent them absolutely into chaos. The days of riding the coattails of Ronald Reagan and the Christian Coalition are no more. The Tea Party, touted as a return to the old school GOP, have proven to be anything but. They’ve been relegated to mostly state and local  politics, with their most prominent national figures just kicking back. Why not? They’ll be re-elected out of brand loyalty, anyhow… with the Tea Party in tow.

The Religious Right called Mormonism a polygamist cult for years, then claimed that a Mormon elder, as President, could “bring America back to God”. The same fundamentalist who condemns homosexuality can be found all over GayPatriot comment sections, and letting their near-nude preteen daughters hustle grown men at a church car wash. With no sin left to rail against (the same-sex marriage issue is summarily decided), the religious right is rapidly evaporating as a key force in society. 

And since Gay Conservatives seem to be the only ones giving religionists any sympathy, one has to ask: with same-sex marriages federally recognized, is refusing to get one with your lover make you “living in sin” and “shacking up”?

A young guy from Canada recently pointed out something about most American “atheists”. They are actually not atheists, who do not acknowledge an absolute final sovereignty. Because their worship is ultimately either their culture or, more than likely, an all-powerful government that protects them from their ideological enemies and themselves, they are, by definition, Statists. All religions and the main two political parties have embraced it as of late. And much like those who worshiped the Austrian house painter or the Chinese rice farmer, they’ll bring a whole nation down in the abyss.

If you really want to see if things like MulticulturalismBalkanization, or any form of identity politics has ever worked here’s an idea. Ask your local gay, Black, fundamentalist, Muslim, “atheist” and moderate the best time they’ve lived through in their respective movement. NONE of their answers will match.

President Obama is the best thing to ever happen to talk radio. What else would Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin do without him and the Democratic Party? The Advocate Magazine spends over sixty-five percent of its web space railing on Republicans or somebody else that hurts their feewings. But in the end their greatest and most prosperous weapon is… their biggest opponent.

The same people who swear by talk radio and MSNBC ridicule Vince McMahon and WWE. The funny part is, Vince is more honest than they are.When Vince McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin got done beating each other up, they both went out drinking, often to the same bar. But they both knew, and even now openly admit, they needed each other… to draw a happily paying audience. WWE fans know it’s scripted, too, but the whole point is to be entertained. Yeah, they get emotional at times, but eventually the match is over, and you’ve got to go home and get ready for the work week. (Shout out to Vince “Not McMahon” Smetana on that one) . And it’s fine to agree with people like Rush or Rachel Maddow, and buy their merchandise. But every so often, I think like other WWE fans. I can enjoy the spectacle, but recognize it as such… especially when it’s not on.

Volume Two, Chapter Eleven: MORE Senstitivity Issues

I though this was it for Volume Two, but the hits just keep on coming.

Last posting, it was all about Cultural Senstitivity Week. It began a news cycle centered around virtually every little niche of society airing their grievances with everybody else. Well, the beat goes on. White Hispanic George Zimmerman’s trial for killing Black teen Trayvon Martin is still drawing huge attention for some reason. The immigration reform battles in Washington are now full scale. In addition, the celebrity and scholastic realms have had some culturally insenstitive riptides, too.

The biggest meltdown is easily the trials and tribulations of Southern-fried Obamaite Paula Deen. Another white female recently sued her for racial discrimination. Soon, the press began to unveil years of Deen using culturally insenstitive language, the most recent occurrence being two years ago (the target of that particular “RACISM!” never sued, but now he probably will). Her teary, mascara-smeared apologies have brought her under the tutelage of identity politician par excellence, Reverend Jesse Jackson. Between the massive endorsement boycotts and departure from the Food Network, and Jesse’s toxic touch, Ms. Deen is now the entree.

Volatile actor Alec Baldwin recently called an antagonist male reporter a “queen”, which is  “HOMOPHOBIA!”  Conservative groups, among whom several are also gay, are demanding Baldwin be fired as a spokesman for credit card company Capital One. Their main beef is not the homophobic remarks themselves, but rather the blatant double standard of leftists, who crucify conservatives for anti-gay language. Little do they realize that an apology, a little spare change, and a collective hatred of conservatism heals all LGBTetc.  activist wounds inflicted by their fellow leftists. And nobody’s forgot how much cash they just raised and spent unsuccessfully fighting same-sex marriage while snubbing gay conservative groups. Such people are often their staunchest supporters, despite the vile flack they get from other gay people.

The Democratic Party is built on its multitude of victim groups. Afrocentric Blacks were the preeminent victims from the New Deal until 2008, when the Black community helped pass California’s Proposition 8, banning same-sex marriages. Since then, the LGBTetc. crowd has taken their victim status. On his and Tavis Smiley’s radio broadcast, Afrocentric professor Dr. Cornel West lamented the status loss. Despite LGBTetc. thought police GLAAD’s best attempts  to defuse the situation, Dr. West is actually repeating a refrain commonly heard in Afrocentric circles; he was just wise enough to temper his words to avoid GLAAD’s wrath.

Multitudes of subcultures only gather to fight a common enemy or exalt a common social deity, then revert right back to tribalism. Fundamentalists routinely dominate the conservative GayPatriot come time to rail against Democrats, and stick around to condemn same-sex marriage (If homosexuality is so wrong, you’d think they’d avoid a site called GayPatriot.) Blatant racists comfortably appear at gatherings for Black conservatives like those for Project 21. And because they’re seeking favor with even the lowest common denominator in a political party, they (as well as the Democrat subcultures) have to sit back and take all kinds of sh*t. The highest price of multiculturalism/identity politics of this type will always be your own dignity. 

Contrary to popular belief, most people are not like the MSNBC, Centric, or conservative talk show crowds, who are ultimately whores guided by political or cultural tribalism. Ask the Republican Party. Many White males, their most loyal voting bloc, refused to vote Republican on the 2012 Election Day rather than be associated with fools like GayPatriot’s token religionist, JMan1961. Ask the Afrocentric crowd, who have seen fellow Black people like Tommy Sotomayor and James David Manning become popular by ridiculing Afrocentrism’s guttural culture. Ask the LGBTetc. activist crowd how a guy like Kevin Dujan can openly take on the dubious antics of the “Great Society for Tolerance”.  And ask the Democratic Party if their inculcation is universal. According  to current multicultural doctrine, the Black Derrick “TMOT” Grayson and lesbian Lori Heine are default Democrats and “atheists”.  Instead, both are Christian Libertarians who tend to call out any problem on both far sides of the social spectrum.

In the 2012 Presidential election, 140M people voted. The total United States is 310M. In other words, not even half of the American population allows the political and cultural happenings to dictate their lives. If you’ve already got your mind made up to live a certain way, politics, especially identity politics, have virtually no effect on you. Blind adherence to a “great cause” has led to the rise of many dictators. With such behavior taking place in America,  it’s those who don’t unilaterally adhere to a political or social agenda that are the only wall between true freedom and Balkanization… or worse, apartheid.

Alright, that’s about enough of the whole senstitivity issue. Seeing as though I’m a Black, gay, moderate, Libertarian Deist, I don’t have all damned year to sort out my official niche. And that’s fine, since I tend to reason things out better as simply Douglas Wayne Tipton, anyhow. Next posting will ABSOLUTELY be the Volume Two finale. It’ll involve several guys called… Vince. But in closing, I’d like to bring back a 2012 op-ed found in, ironically, the New York Times, from one of the most universally insenstitive people of all time….

Volume Two, Chapter Ten: Cultural Senstitivity Week

June 26th, 2013 was the 38th Annual International Douglas Day Celebration. And wouldn’t you know it, it landed right in the middle of a (hopefully)singular occasion: American Cultural Senstitivity Week.  From June 21st until… well, actually it’s going on even as I post this, it’s all about identity politics, aka tribalism. Every little subculture is getting their opportunity to get the most coveted prize in America: a claim to victimhood. If you think about it, it only makes sense that everybody would want to get into the victim business. After all, nobody’s done anything truly great in a while.

Well, the coveted “victim card” is in all kinds of play, in several branches of government. For one group, their victimization will probably have more impact in the future than it does now. For another, their use of the victim card got them what they wanted, and probably more that they didn’t. And for another, well, the victim card has pretty much ran out. And it only took a century and a half to do it.

Regardless of how one feels about groups like the Tea Party, it should definitely be concerning that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted them for harassment. But now it’s been revealed that the last two Presidents have authorized through both the Executive and Legislative branches of the Federal government, massive surveillance programs on private citizens, under the banner of “terrorist prevention”. (Yeah, that helped in Boston.)  Of course, Obamaites see nothing wrong with this; after all, the IRS targeted their ideological opponents. Reason, a libertarian magazine, among countless others, has recently pointed out that EVERY single American has at least one prosecutable crime under their belt, regardless of their political loyalties. If this Democratic Administration was to successfully nullify its Republican and conservative opposition, it would have to make a new enemy. That enemy could be anybody. So what the Tea Party is enduring now could easily be a harbinger of things to come.

Recently, the Supreme Court did NOT demand all 50 states pronounce them Chuck and Larry, but did allow gay couples federal benefits… and additional taxes to go along with what you know is going to be a hell of a wedding.  (But hey, they get to show those Christians a thing or two, so they don’t mind.) Since “federal recognition” is the law, the massive money train carrying both gay activists and religionists from the “marriage war” is now running out of steam.  And how these two groups will rile up their minions over local battles has yet to be seen. Nonetheless, the LGBT dollar has been well spent, and the rejection of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) seemed almost inevitable. The federal judiciary branch, the Supreme Court, made it official.

In the same week homosexuals were extended “rights” to marry, Black activists lost the “right” to hold the sins of the fathers over their sons. A major provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act , which was to penalize states for past voting rights violations, was recently rejected by the Supreme Court. In addition, Affirmative Action is getting increased scrutiny as discriminatory (no kidding).  Further, Black intellectuals living in mostly White suburbs, who promote and encourage ghetto culture in the inner-cities, are now trying to justify it (again) after the ghetto-fabulous  Rachel Jeantel shamed herself during the George Zimmerman murder trial. If Afrocentric Black people can’t do any better than this with a so-called first Black President, with gays making more and Hispanics and Latinos working more, to hell with them.

Cultural Senstitivity Week in and of itself shows the biggest lie of multiculturalism: the “equality” of all cultures. The LGBT and Afrocentric swarms are only equals in excusing inner-community STD’s and crime, inherent victimhood, and absolute political loyalty, with a sympathetic federal Media branch to cover their *sses. But the LGBT community and political lobby are exponentially better organized and self-sufficient. The acceptance of same-sex marriage and the mocking of Jeantel, a product of Black intellectuals’ enabling, (knowing they’d be fuming if their child presented themselves like that in a public venue behaving like she did) highlights a vast difference  between the two groups… as well as others’ perceptions of them. And THAT is the one measurement which multiculturalism will never be able to accommodate.

I’m going to stop right here for this time around. Next month is the finale of Volume Two. And in it, I’ll tell you how it is that politics was so fascinating – and familiar- to me. I think you know where I’m going with this…

Volume Two, Chapter Nine: FINALLY Attaining the Holy Grail

You know, ever since the historic 2008 Presidential Election, the media has been absolutely obsessed with finding “The First”. It was during this election season that America was presented with the most diverse choices for the next Commander-in-Chief ever recorded. There was the first Mormon candidate (former Massachusetts Governor Willard “Mitt” Romney, Republican), the first major female candidate (former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat), and the first major “Black”, or actually Biracial, candidate (Illinois Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Democrat). The media’s ever-present identity fetish was in overdrive. After eight chaotic years of statist conservatism under Republican George W. Bush, the voting public wanted anything but another Republican, so Romney was out of the running early. The real battle was between Hillary and Obama. One of them would be “The First” of their kind. And when the inexperienced Obama had the White women voters in Iowa sighing at his every word, the “Long-Legged Mack Daddy” pushed Hillary out of the way. The media had their “First”. And the eventual GOP candidate, 72-year-old Arizona Senator John Sidney McCain, never stood a chance, even with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate, trying to woo female voters.

Well, we’ve seen several “Firsts” since then. Televangelist T.D. Jakes became “The First” Black Spiritual Counselor to a President. Eric Holder became “The First” Black U.S. Attorney General. And Sonya Sotomayor became “The First” Wise Latina Woman on the Supreme Court. But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the perhaps the most coveted “First” in modern “journalism”, which was handed to the media on April 30th, 2013. It was the announcement that Jason Collins, an obscure NBA basketball veteran, is gay. He is now “The First” openly gay male athlete in a mainstream team sport.

Don’t get me wrong here. I think it’s great that the NBA and America are welcome to an openly gay professional athlete. It’s very possible “The First” gay Michael Jordan could emerge from all this, with the focus he draws going to where it should, his talent, and not on his personal life. That’s assuming, of course, the media allows for it.

The Collins affair highlights the main problem with people steeped in identity politics, and people who center their entire life on one aspect of their life (or in the case of the media, everybody else’s). I’ve said this about online dating services for years, and it’s just as true in everything else: if all you want is somebody Black, pretty much anybody Black will do. It’s the same way with gay, White, blonde, on and on. It doesn’t matter that Jason Collins doesn’t average 4 points a game, went to three different teams this past season, and is not even currently signed to a team. It doesn’t matter that he was on the down-low for eight years with his blonde girlfriend (an everyday sight in Atlanta, and we know what’s happened to the Black community because of that). It doesn’t matter that something outside the game of basketball is pretty much the only reason to even sign the 34-year-old to a team, even if a more deserving athlete is cast aside. Jason Collins is “The First” openly gay pro athlete. The sacrifice required for a potential pro athlete’s love of the game is trumped by the love of the d*ck and a headline.

This is contrary to the legacies of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the guy Collins is constantly being compared to, Baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson. These two men broke barriers and SET EXAMPLES for others of all races to follow. As is the case with any major social movement, the few people who benefit from it will have to assimilate and validate themselves through the content of their character. Those willing to follow those examples were better off; those who didn’t were cut off. In a way, it’s wise for the media to pump up Jason Collins. Promoting a down-low marginal pro athlete presents a reachable standard. The LGBTetc. activist crowd is constantly looking to the media and celebrities to present for them the “role models” they’ve never been. By pushing Collins, there’s finally somebody to take the critical eyes of the general public off them, and somebody’s coattails they can ride. However, this will make the emergence of an outstanding gay athlete cumbersome. When this guy arrives, others will have somebody to compare them to on and off the field or court. People will now see there’s more than one kind of gay person, and will welcome the ones they like, and jettison those they don’t. It happened with Dr. King and Mr.Robinson, and will inevitably happen again. That’s part of the problem with pro sports, anyhow: we know more about their exploits outside the game (sex life, arrest record, financial dealings) than is really necessary.

I guess, as a gay person, I should be happy that President Obama took time out of his… busy schedule to personally call Jason Collins regarding his announcement. Never mind that the families of those in the Texas explosion or the Boston Marathon attack weren’t. And don’t get me started on his hometown of Chicago, the American murder capital. It’s all about being gay. Nothing else matters.

Volume Two, Chapter Eight: Too Damned Grown

When I see over and over again how 58% of Americans support same-sex marriage, I always think of something my boss, Grady, told me during the election. Some poll on one of those damned cable news said 60% of Americans supported… something. Grady looked at me and said, “Yeah, 60% of the people they heard from, anyhow.” In other words, he knew these pollsters are not quizzing every American; in fact, the exalted 58% from a Gallup poll came from a total of… 6,000 people out of  a possible 300M. The stomp-down truth about this whole marriage war is that it’s really not integral to even half the U.S. population. The thing that makes this marriage war so intriguing is how the media, the key participants, and certainly politicians, are really trying to make this into some cultural Armageddon. It’s really nothing more than a backyard wrestling match, with the wrestlers botching their own moves over and over to the point of hilarity. And then comes the angst.

The staunchest “defenders of traditional marriage” attend churches packed out with no-fault divorces who remarry (in violation of Matthew 19:9), and homosexual choir members. Urban churches run on welfare money, and unanimously support a supposed pro-gay President solely because he’s “Black”. Fox News staple Bill O’Reilly and the Blaze Network’s Glenn Beck are aware, even in hindsight, that the “Bible-thumping” threats of hellfire and appeals to “traditional marriage”  just won’t cut it anymore. Preachers need not worry if they can preach against sin. They’ve been quietly condoning it for years.

And quietly condoning is why Proposition 8 passed in California. I’m sure a lot of people saw how aggressive the LGBTetc. activist mob is in encouraging young people to engage in the “free love” that saw a third-world STD kill half their friends. Can you honestly point to anybody else besides LGBTetc. activists and poverty pimps that would allow such self-destruction? Probably not, because normal people would seek self-preservation first. Prop. 8 would fail today, but only because the smart folks have got the hell out of California before another round of politically correct policies and taxes came around.

Now, facts such as the ones I just mentioned are anathema to these people. Any failure or ridicule they face is due to some vast conspiracy by… “them”. It’s never, ever just plain old common sense, and a clear perception of their delusions. They retreat ever deeper in their fantasies, where they’re most comfortable. The results are so sad at times. Following Bill O’Reilly’s slamming of “Bible-thumpers”, conservatives all over websites like the Daily Caller railed against him and swore they’d never watch his show again… at least until he said something they liked, anyhow. They then quoted the Bible, a book they discard when convenient, as an arguing point… showing why O’Reilly could afford to lose their viewership. The Advocate Magazine social media pages’ audience is college-educated, affluent men calling the daily featured, equally disturbed anti-gay conservative a “Bigoted asshole”! like some 12-year-old girl. Then comes an op-ed from the sexy HIV poster boy Tyler Curry crucifying those who don’t sympathize with his illness, despite the media’s best window dressing of HIV/AIDS. It’s like watching a hairy-legged version of Gilmore Girls. 

Here you have two sides of the same coin waging war over a prize neither give a sh*t about… unless it can be used as a weapon. For the religious right, victory can only be defined by a federal recognition of marriage as a male and female. For those advocating “marriage equality” (and I challenge anybody to show me where any two marriages have been equal), victory can only be defined by a federal recognition of marriage as two consenting adults. And how does the federal government show recognition of marriage? Why, a tax break and permission from it to include somebody in your will. That’s right, everybody, marriage is now defined by a federal tax break and “recognition”. The thing about it is, both the LGBTetc. activist crowd and the fundamentalists have all kinds of recognition. They just don’t like it, and nothing the government will ever do for them will actually help it.

Even if the manipulative, pouting, gay man was a married heterosexual, he’d be laughed to scorn anyhow. And if the two-tongued religionist was an atheist, he’d also be ridiculed. Most of these people at the forefront of this marriage war are educated, affluent men old enough to have children, and even grandchildren. They are no longer the dreaming child; they should be the realistic adult. But look at how they conduct themselves when they don’t get their way, or worse, realize most people could care less for either of their ways. At 37, approaching 38, I’m too damned grown for either of them. Besides, there’s no legitimizing emoting bastards or a vastly devalued institution. And wouldn’t it be just both of their luck if childless, single taxpayers got tired of footing the bill for those tax breaks? It sounds silly, doesn’t it? Almost as silly as same-sex marriage did twenty years ago.


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